Accounts can be protected with secure passwords, forget the headache to remember passwords and pin codes by using password managers. It is a simple app to manage passwords and private information of all devices which includes Android tablets, phones, computer and your web browser. One should not take any chances with private information and passwords, and make sure to keep data secure and safe with this app.
Also, it is possible to ensure app itself with a master password which can be used to access rest information.
Password Safe Pro, it lets you to store their web access information, documents and credit card numbers securely.
The most exciting feature is its ability to perform data backup to SD card or Dropbox, so it is helpful for people who change their mobiles frequently. Keep all your credit cards, email and web accounts, logins and passwords in a 256-bit AES encrypted database. Pocket, this app allows you to store confidential information like passwords and bank account details on your mobile. Keep your web logins, insurance document numbers and credit card pin numbers on your mobile and take them with you all the time.
This password manager helps in storing your passwords in the most secure way on Android without revealing to the web. SplashID, it is a sensitive data vault, which stores your personal information like credit cards, web logins, email settings, PINs and more securely using 256-bit encryption technology. This app helps in storing your credit card information, passwords, web accounts, e-banking credentials and other customer data securely. This app helps in syncing across devices, autofills logins and keeps PINs, secure notes, credit card details, bank account numbers, tasks, contacts and bookmarks securely as in vault. The complete data of the user is encrypted using password-based, strong and government-grade 256 bit AES cipher. It is an official release of 1 Password reader that is recommended for all the Android users.
RoboForm, it is the best form filler and password manager app for Android that permits you to use logins. 12 paid iphone ipad apps sale free today - yahoo, Yesterday's list of paid iphone and ipad apps on sale for free was our biggest of the week but size doesn't always matter, right?

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First of all, you have to know about iPhone that is considered a smart phone which was made by Apple multinational Company.
In this article you will find the steps that you have to follow in order to use the iPhone App Store which is considered one of the main features that makes this gadget so spread among people.
You will be at high risk from hackers when you let browser remember the passwords or keeping them in mailbox.
Check out the best password manager apps for Android that ensures top security for sensitive and confidential information. You can even access private information, passwords and website logins securely from anywhere. When your mobile is lost or stolen then you can be with peace of mind as mSecure app helps in safeguarding website logins, credit cards and bank accounts thereby protecting finances, identity and reputation. This app helps in storing URLs, usernames and passwords in the app without giving up implementation of keen internet access, securely and simply. The app makes use of 128 and 256 bits AES encryption to delete information remotely with SMS.
Encrypted database can be synchronized with clouds like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box or DkyDrive.
Also, pocket helps in remembering all the bits of information in one place from flier numbers. All the passwords are perfectly guarded by master password and effective cryptographic algorithms. This app secures and takes back up all your passwords, registration codes, credit card numbers, PINs and more. The app comes with built-in editor for changing or developing new data categories using custom icons. Thus, your confidential information is highly protected from unauthorized access by hackers, thieves, malware and hacker.

The app lets you access your accounts, logins and other information developed on PC or Mac and perfectly syncs your mobile with your PC. Automatically, you can log in to favorite sites in RoboForm with the created logins on PC or Mac. This app is a secure and reliable keeper for confidential information such as credit card numbers, passwords, phones, pin codes and more. You have to know about iPhone App Store that is a location from where you have the possibility to download different applications and programs. The exciting features of this application includes: built-in browser that fills login information for saved LastPass sites. It operates as vault permitting you to see secure data developed on your PC or Mac on mobile. Now, you need not remember many passwords, pin codes and other vital information, just remember the master password to access NS Wallet. You have the opportunity to make phone calls with it, write text messages, play games and surf on the Internet.
In order to download a selected program you have to pay a fee but the others are for free.
You will find the searched application easily because they are categorized in different types such as “Entertainment”, “Games” and “Social Networking”.
In order to create a user account, tip number one is to launch iTunes from where you have to select “Store” applications. Soon appears a window from where you have to click on “Create Account” button which is situated on the screen’s top side. For this process you have to click on the button which is located on your iPhone’s bottom side. After this process you have to open the program by tapping your finger on the App Store’s icon.

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