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JustCloud are a fresh and exciting online backup company offering a fast and reliable service, although new to the industry, these guys know what they are talking about! What sets JustCloud apart from the more distinguished service, is the simplicity of their service.
We Rate JustCloud highly, and really believe that they soon be challenging for our number 1 spot once a few tweaks are made.
When it comes to choosing the right online backup service for your needs, it can be a little overwhelming to discover just how many providers are out there vying for your attention, each one differing just a little bit in the features it offers. Online backup providers tend to either offer unlimited storage space at a flat rate, or incremental packages tailored to suit different storage needs.
Online backup providers differ in how they expect you to use their services; some will ask you to install special software, while others allow you to use your web browser to access your data. When finding the right online backup, you’ll want to be sure that the security protocols used to protect your data while it’s being uploaded and while it’s being stored are top notch. Since the Cloud Storage was introduced, many IT professional are still wondering how to use this technology and which provider works best for their needs. Cloud Storage is new remote technology that lets members store data, such as files, movies, videos, photographs and other important documents.
Our Cloud Storage review process uses a multiple checkpoint to ensure our recommendations meet or exceed what you are looking for in a Cloud Storage provider. We invite you to search through our reviews, read our articles and give us feedback on any Cloud Storage topics.
While there are several cloud storage review sites, our site is independent, as well as uses objective professionals to conduct our research studies.
Before deciding to use a Cloud Storage provider, you must consider certain features before buying the best service.
Since the cost of storing data online has dropped considerably since the introduction of Cloud Storage providers, many businesses are reconsidering backing up and moving their computer records to a online service. There is so many security risks while online that you can easily get your connection hacked or loose data off your systems.
Before selecting a Cloud Storage provider, you must determine how reliable the service is and whether it remains stable. Never select a Cloud Storage service that takes forever to recover your data or upload your new files. You must consider whether the provider offers automatic backup service to ensure that your files and data are instantly backed up when you upload them to your account. Amazon cloud drive is an online storage that perfectly fits the life of all internet users. Comodo Cloud is software that enables online users to keep their important files safe on the web. Advancements in technology have enabled us to pack virtually anything into our smartphones and rely on them the way we used to rely on our PCs. Fortunately, Android developers have made quite a few efficient services to help you out with managing your backups. This is one of the favorite free cloud backup services among Android users that enables them to protect all types of data. Another functional and easy-to-use online service that lets you set up automatic backups for anything on your Android phone. Titanium backup offers you an opportunity to backup your files to Dropbox, Google Drive or Box, and its basic version is free on Google Play. App Backup and Restore is another free service that will give you full control over your Android data. Chandra Bhushan is Science(IT) Graduate & is pursuing his further studies in Science Technology.
While Apple has been reporting great profits year after year, there’s no denying that Android phones have sold way more successfully than their expensive counterparts.
Credit for this fact can be given to Android’s high customization or affordable pricing, but the fact is – Android is here to stay and it will be very difficult for any mobile operating system to take over Android’s market share. While there are many cloud backup services that can selectively backup data to the cloud, an app that can take your entire phone’s backup and move it to the cloud is a much easier alternative for smart device users. A backup app isn’t just useful for pictures, media and contacts, but also comes in handy for APK files and app data.
IDrive’s Android app provides a perfect balance of features, backup options and simplicity. To test out IDrive, I backed up a few photos and videos from my Android tablet and was really impressed by how fast they got backed up. It has an auto-upload option for photos, and can sort through which photos to backup based on quality, automatically freeing up space on high definition pictures. The Settings menu featured many interesting options like backup scheduling, checking latest backup activity, battery saver mode and using mobile data for backup.
IDrive can also auto-upload videos, but the option must be activated via the complicated Settings menu. With a free 5GB plan and private encryption, IDrive is definitely one of the best cloud backup options for Android.
IDrive has a separate sync folder where files can be uploaded and they will be synced with your other devices. SugarSync provides good file syncing and backup on Android, plus some collaboration perks and an easy-to-use app interface. SugarSync essentially has the same features as IDrive, but comes with an easier-to-use interface.
If you don’t want its syncing services, head over to the Settings menu and uncheck the ‘AutoSync’ option.
Speaking of backing up, I also found out the app cannot backup contacts and messages separately (like IDrive). The backed up files can either be openly shared through a link across all major apps, or privately shared, but I noticed the private sharing option was deactivated for me, so I am guessing it’s a premium feature. Technically speaking, SugarSync is a file syncing and backup service, but I like to think of it as getting the best of both worlds. You can also increase you free Android storage limit by downloading its desktop app and using referrals. SOS Online Backup is one of the most secure cloud backup services around and comes with 5GB of free storage space (which does not expire after a due date). SOS definitely seems like a great service, but in all honesty, the Android app does have a long way to go. One major issue I faced with this app was the inability upload a single file or app, because, apparently uploads need to be in bulk.
This seems like a truly massive oversight, but the ability access internal storage and upload media or app files does provide a silver lining. I found a unique feature while scrolling through the settings menu; you can also select which files to backup and schedule them. Overall, if you want to securely dump away 5GB of Android data, SOS Online Backup isn’t a bad place to do so. SOS Online Backup can restore all backed up files to their original location, which can prove to be extremely useful to anyone who’s actually lost data. It also has private encryption, which means users can specify their own encryption key, a key that even SOS staff (or anyone else) won’t have access to. I think it’s a great app if you just want to backup an entire phone and forget about it till restoration time comes calling.

OneDrive asks upon login if you want to upload photos and videos, and like Google Drive, OneDrive too can make files available offline.
The interface is very similar to Google Drive’s, except for the stark Windows color scheme. While trying to upload files, I noticed that OneDrive can also access and upload files from Google Drive, if you have it installed and logged in. OneDrive gives 15GB of free space, which does sound alluring if you are a Microsoft Office fan, but the offsetting lack of privacy can definitely be a big issue for some. Microsoft doesn’t provide private encryption and it has an open door and open heart policy towards the NSA. Though if you want to open and edit a .doc file in Microsoft Office,  the respective app must be download. If not, it will just open the file through Google Docs, which comes pre-installed in most Android phones. Since it already comes installed in any new Android device, and it’s interlinked to your Google ID anyway, most people use it as their primary backup on Android, without a second thought.
Photo backups are synced with Google Photos and its powerful search algorithm can find old photos hidden deep in several sub-folders. Since Google Drive is mainly a cloud storage and syncing service, but with backup features, it’s actually more of an all-round cloud app. But of course, this is Google, so that means no private encryption and the company probably knows everything about you there is to know.
Google Drive’s YouTube player integration means backed up videos don’t have to be downloaded, every time, you just simply check them out on the YouTube app.
Which sports real time collaboration which gives users the ability to work together as a team. Whether you want to save a backup to secure cloud providers via the app itself, or you just want to move data from Google Drive to OneDrive, it’s all up to you. Best Online Backup Services Updated 2016If you're looking to backup your files in the cloud, this is the list you need to choose the best service.Best Cloud Backup for MacYou need to backup your Mac? It's gonna be a tough fight between Dropbox and Google Drive, but we've got our top two contenders facing off in five rounds, just to see who's the best all-round cloud storage provider! Mobile cloud storage is becoming a big time business these days, and Android users are set to snap up some pretty sweet deals with these top 5 affordable online storage plans for Android we've got lined up.
ADrive's 50GB free accounts are going to be cut from the program on November 16th, essentially forcing customers who use that plan to either pay up and upgrade to premium, or simply transfer their data to another provider. Yunio is here to answer the calls of all those who need massive storage for free, with 1 TB of free data on offer, the Chinese company is posing a serious threat to more miserly Western cloud companies.
We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. We are using the pen drive and the extra hard disk for the backup of the important data but it may be crashed or need to worry about lost or breakup. I am writing the post about not for any devices but the future will be changed by use of the online cloud storage or virtual drive for you pc and its not limited to the pc only but once your data upload on cloud storage server it can be access from any where and any devices like mobile or any tablet. This type of technology will be very popular after some years when internet speed increased to high  MB (megabyte) per second. Just cloud is an online cloud storage website that allow us to store any kind of file like document, photos, music files and video files. Just Cloud account has all features like mobile apps to access the files, share files with friends and online control panel access, technical supports.
Data BaGG is also cloud storage application but to use it required to  download and install application in desktop or mobile.
After upload you can access your data from online cloud storage into any pc, desktop and mobile or tablet.
SurDoc is also a good cloud storage provider that give more privacy, more features and it allow up to 100GB Free storage capacity.
Hubic is cloud storage application that provide to storage for all types of file document, music, videos and photos.
CCloud is also Free cloud storage provider and it provides upto 10 GB free backup for first 90 days.This can be used if you want to backup your data for limited period with your free account. We provide the web development service like PSD To Html, Core Php Development, WordPress Development. With just the click of a button MyPCBackup will optimize your PC, remove potentially privacy risks and free up disk space.
Although many may not have heard of JustCloud, its clear to see that although JustCLoud is a new and vibrant service, it does match up well against others. Tagged with Best Online Backup, free Cloud Storage, FREE Cloud Storage Unlimited Storage, free online backup, justcloud reviews, Unlimited Online Backup Storage. Before you get lost among the comparison tables, you might find it useful to figure out what your priorities are, how much storage you need and what you’ll be wanting to use your online storage for.
If you’re an individual who’s hoping to keep safe their family photographs, music library and financial documents, your storage needs will obviously be different to those of a small business with many computers’ worth of company documents to keep safe.
Either way, the right online backup for you will have an interface that you find intuitive and easy to use. Your data should be encrypted at all times and your provider should have backup sites, storing your files in more than one place just in case something happens to one of them. It has become easier than ever to store movies, videos, documents, photos and any other important information with the use of cloud storage services.
The technology is remote, so it does not use up any space on your servers, but can also be access from any operating system and from anywhere, at any time. However, you must consider the cost efficiency of the Cloud Storage service you choose to use.
You want a Cloud Storage provider that offers the best security features available and continues to upgrade those security features. You want providers that offer the fastest recovery time available, which can be found through review sites or testing centers.
It is available for a transition period so that users are not interrupted during their work. Yet there is a major difference between the two and it refers to security of the data we store on it. If you’re afraid of losing your favorite photos, messages or system settings, here are the best five online apps that you can use to prevent accidental data loss or erasure from your Android phone. With G Cloud Backup, you can back up the most important messages, contacts, calendar appointments, music or other data, and easily restore it to another device in case you lose your phone.
You can choose to backup your data on either their servers or another SD card to make sure your contacts, call logs, messages, attachments or system settings will be at your hands in case you decide to switch your phone.
The pro version is $5.90 and comes with several advanced features that definitely make it worth buying. It lets you set up a Full Backup which includes almost any piece of data from your SD card – SMS, MMS, apps, alarms, system settings, contacts, music, photos, etc. It is a simple and not particularly feature-rich application but it does the job very well. The only thing I would want is a simpler interface and a better way to handle all the features. The service can set private encryption keys, a great way to protect sensitive data on Android. While most people think it’s only powerful on a Windows platform, I found it equally useful on Android too.
Most of us now rely on fast broadband and mobile broadband, so cloud computing is getting stronger by day. The company's clients were recently targets of two different attacks, both coming in the form of emails. Among the updated features, you also have Google Drive access, although no streaming is available, and easy to use touch-screen controls. After some year I think use of pen drive or any media backup devices will be very less or may be no one use this kind of devices. Do you think when which device we will use to backup the data?

In very few country high data speed available but in future it will be done in many countries and at that time online cloud storage will be widely used for personal or business purpose. Data Bigg has also easy share option of the your files with your family or friends and any people you want share your content. I know when it come to price then no one interested except the business person  but some time it can be helpful to store the personal information files that be updated automatically. It also work same as other and has the same features like upload file and access anywhere and any devices.
If you want to more features like according to your storage capacity and long time you need to buy the plan. It has same concept as the justcloud and that is to upload the files and access any where using any device. However, its real selling point is the vast amount of additional features offered, File Versioning, Automated backup, File sharing, as well as a strong syncing option. Incidentally, if you want to be able to access your data from your peripheral devices, such as your cell phone or tablet, you might be better off with a web-based online backup because, even though they tend to offer less space, they can be accessed from any device. Will you be expanding your business or taking up a hobby, like photography, that may increase your storage needs? These are remote storage servers that protect your information and lets you go online to view anything saved. You go online and access your Cloud Storage account, then retrieve your data or upload your data.
The comprehensive checklist our specialists use weed out any providers that offer services that do not meet our quality standards. Unlike desktop PCs, mobile devices stand more chances of being broken, lost or stolen and this is why you must make sure your valuable data is always safely backed up.
The free account lets you secure 1GB of files and applications but you can expand this space through their referral program.
Pro version lets you encrypt your backup, convert user apps to system apps or create unlimited automatic real-time backups. You can choose to backup your data to cloud storage services Box and Dropbox or to an SD card for a local backup. It can backup or archive specific data from your phone or enable you to quickly uninstall or restore the data you (don’t) need. Even with a 128-bit encryption in the cloud, it just leaves you wanting for more in the encryption department. This is being facilitated by price wars and continuous upgrading of various cloud storage services.
Once you configure the your account and upload your file to the cloud server then all files can be accessed any where from any desktop or mobile devices.
Once you download and installed you need to upload the your data to the Data BaGG application.
Data Bigg online data storage application can be integrated seamlessly on a desktop or PC and Android mobile platform But not available for the IOS devices.
Automatic folder synchronization across the computer and option to share files and folder with just share link.
Some eventually make the jump to paid plans, while others intend to obtain the maximum amount of  possible storage without spending a single dime.
You may also be interested to find out if your online backup provider is able to perform automatic backups at intervals of your choice; in some cases, you can even set your online backup to back up your data when you’re still working or to keep historical versions of your files. If so, you might want to choose an online backup provider that gives you scaling options, either by giving you unrestricted storage options or allowing you to upgrade your package as you need to. Our purpose is to provide all the information you will need to assist you when it comes to finding and using the Best Cloud Storage providers.
Our goal is to provide our readers with the best advice when it comes to selecting and using Cloud Storage services. You can schedule automatic backups and edit or delete files taken into backup, which is pretty much what every Android user wants.
Probably the best thing about this app is that it’s very easy to install and set up, while the intuitive interface makes it a no-brainer to use. One of its major perks is that it can restore the market links or even data about WiFi access points. If you think this would work for you, you can get the app from Google Play for $4.95 or first try it free for 10 days. In addition, it allows you to send an APK file to yourself by email, so you can monitor your side-loaded applications. The whole  process of uploading and synchronizing from desktop to other devices is automated. It allow up to 25GB for the free usage of the cloud storage and after that you need to purchase the offer. Free, simple and safe, App Backup and Restore is definitely one of the nice ways protect your Android data. Meaning we won’t cover services that only offer free trials, nor will we mention services offering time-limited accounts.
As a side note, free trials are a great way of test-driving a potential cloud storage service.
For example, some may just want as much free cloud storage space as they can get, while others may prize enhanced security, and others still will be looking for the ability to play videos or open documents directly in a browser.
One downside of MEGA is the highly simplistic web interface: all you can really do is upload new files or download older ones.
Other strong points of Google Drive include the ability to preview music, videos, and images directly from any browser, and the ability to create permissions for the people you share files and folders with.On the downside, many experts have criticized the lack of any security guarantees from Google. Dropbox uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to transmit data between server and machine, and AES-256 bit encryption to encode the actual data. Furthermore, Dropbox users can opt to implement a two-step verification feature for added security.When it comes to the amount of storage Dropbox offers for free, most users will probably need more than the 2 GB offered right out of the box. Fortunately, there are multiple tasks you can do in order to increase the free storage quota, out of which the most important one is referring your friends. For instance, you can use Google Drive for your documents, and Dropbox for other files.Do you know of a free cloud storage service that deserves to be on this list?
Drop us a comment and we’ll see if it makes the cut!Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.
And for now, it’s already the time we started relying more on cloud storage services.Best 5 Linux Cloud Storage ServicesPeople are now more interested to back up their data in the cloud storage – which is practically a very affordable data store at the moment. Many of the enterprises around the world along with many individuals use Linux built directories for storing the company’s credible data and information.
A good cloud storage service that supports Linux can help them back up their huge volumes of data. Check out the Top 5 Linux Cloud Storage Services here!Cloud Storage vs External Hard DriveOkay, so you have a huge dump of files and you’re looking for an external hard drive to store them.
Now you’re weighing your options whether it would be a good idea to go for an external hard drive or a cloud storage. Why don't you check out this article comparing the best of the two before settling on a decision?What Is Cloud Storage?We hear about it all the time, but what is cloud storage exactly? Throughout this article we'll explain what is the cloud and how cloud storage differs from other cloud services.How to Backup Your Data in the CloudA cloud storage system is the most modern form of data storage. It’s actually a data server on the internet and companies own these servers offering different services to the users – mostly data storage and sharing directly on and from the internet. We warmly invite you to our Top 10 Chart that we've crafted carefully for our friends and we thought: hey, why not publish our finding on the web!ComparisonStop looking for the right cloud storage service - Use our comparison chart!

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