The latest Microsoft Office 2013 has all the best features of the previous Microsoft Office editions and is not much different from the previous Office 2010, however integration with the Cloud brings it to a whole different level.
The latest edition of Microsoft Office is Office 365, which is a subscription- based service, that allows users to choose the most suitable solution, meet the needs of every user starting from personal users and small businesses, to enterprises. Sign up now for Office 365 Free Trial: for a whole month all the features included in the plan you choose, will be available with no limitations. Typical Office 365 migrations cost between $500-$5000 on top of the price you pay per user. Choosing to move your office to the cloud is a smart move and doesn’t have to be expensive.
Simply purchase an Office 365 E3 Plan for 25-750 users through us and you will receive a free migration! You don’t need to spend a fortune on software – from office suites to photo editors, there are plenty of excellent applications available for absolutely nothing.
A new PC can be had for around £200 these days, but you can spend far more than that on the software needed to make it useful. The big names like Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop are incredibly useful, but they are also pretty expensive.

To find out about the different types of free software available on the internet and what’s safe for you, click here.
Although it lacks many tools, Gimp is a powerful alternative that does just enough for the average user. Most people instantly think of Microsoft Office when it comes to word processing and spreadsheets. Instead, you could get many similar features for free using Libre Office, which includes a word processor, spreadsheet, database, and presentation and drawing applications.
Keeping Windows in tip-top shape can be a chore, which is where system maintenance utilities come in handy. The application will clean unwanted files to free up hard drive space, optimise Windows to make it a little nippier and general keep your computer fighting fit. Better still, it uses feedback from other users to make recommendations about what to keep and what to delete, dramatically reducing the risk of deleting an important file - which is always a risk with this kind of software. We encourage you to try out Microsoft Office 365 which is the latest edition of Office that Microsoft is offering. A subscription of Office 365 provides the user with a Microsoft account and applications that are included in the plan.

In most cases, when moving over to Office 365, a migration has to be done to retain all your current data. The applications are also compatible with Microsoft Office, so you can exchange files with Office users without any problems.
Try OpenOffice instead, which comes with six reliable applications to match up with Microsoft’s offering.
You can leave the app running in the background and it’ll back up your things automatically, meaning you can quickly access photos on a different device as and when you need to. Microsoft Office 365 Trial gives you an opportunity to choose from several plan options and use it for a whole month to try out all the features it offers. Different Office plans have different features and applications - choose the plan that suits your needs the best. The Trial version has all the features of the chosen plan, it is fully available for a month and does not require any payments or your credit card data*.

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