4191Our lives have gotten so dependent uponA computers that it has become imperative that we have access to our data all the time. Carrying our desktop PC everywhere is obviously not possible.A Even laptops are often left home. OneDrive apps are available on all major platforms, including Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. Dropbox really needs no introduction, but its business offerings do, because theya€™re unlike any other available in the market. Another key advantage of Dropbox is that ita€™s available on all platforms, even more than OneDrive. Dropbox also has publicly available APIs, which lets developers tap into the storage service to sync data across different devices. Mega cloud storage service was a result of a long drawn battle between Kim Dot Com and the FBI. 31 cloud storage providers 2016 reviewed & rated, Cloud storage cloud storage is probably the overarching term for all of those services listed in our comparison and reviews. Online storage, A guide to online storage solutions any and every computer user knows that backing up data is absolutely vital to maintaining the integrity of their files and. 10 cloud storage backup services small, The cloud is an increasingly viable (and inexpensive) storage and backup option for small businesses. Copyright © 2012 Rachael Edwards, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
CriptoNube is a middleware that brings you all the advantages of HSMs (Hardware Secure Modules) as a service and makes easy their integration through a complete REST API. With CriptoNube you can have a safe place in the cloud where to perform operations with sensitive data.
With a HSM you can generate and store keys safely in order to perform operations with them whenever you want. The HSM has specific hardware that lets you perform very fast encryptions and decryptions..
The functionalities of the HSM and its security certification FIPS 140-2 help to the accomplishment of regulations and data protection laws. You don’t need to buy a HSM, you have it as an external secure component,  so you don’t need to worry about the hardware maintenance and software updates. You have the possibility of using a cloud storage seamlessly to store and retrieve your encrypted data through the HSM. CriptoNube’s architecture shows how to access the HSM service from a client using the API which allows to send encrypted data.
Another option is to make use of CriptoNube from applications already deployed in the cloud (SaaS). Many businesses believe that their data is more secure on cloud storage then on their own server backups. The biggest advantage of cloud storage is its remote access; thanks to cloud storage, your data travels with you wherever you go.

The protective measures for your data on cloud storage come into play when you transfer your data from your servers to the cloud.
The significance of data will help you verify if you have to back it up, in addition to how and when it is supposed to be backed up.
For sensitive data, you will have to make sure that the backup data is actually encrypted or secure.
The regularity of change can have an effect on your choice on how frequently the data ought to be backed up.
In suchA situations a service is needed that lets you access all your personal data from anywhere there isA internet access. By default you only get 15GB of storage, but upgrading to 1TB cloud storage will only set you back $9.99 per month. So if you use Google’sA email servicesA or you have lots of photos uploaded on Google+, all that space will be consumed by the space you have on Drive, which is something to think about before you sign up for the service. There are no apps for Windows desktops or tablets, and wea€™re not holding our breath for a Windows Phone version. This makes it one of the few services that are available practically everywhere, a key advantage in this business. Mega calls itself the a€?privacy companya€™, and that is one thing the company really does strive to protect. You can follow files from other users, set permissions on your own files and folders and track downloads. You can also subscribe by Email and recieve latest articles directly in your inbox for free. A tech geek at heart and technology journalist at well established blogs like AddictiveTips and GSMNation. In this case the client can send the encrypted data to the application so that it can manage the interaction with the HSM through the API. This is true, but it doesn’t mean that cloud storage doesn’t come with its own security concerns; there are many ways your data can be compromised on the cloud. For example, if you are going to use Amazon Cloud storage, then you should read their service agreement carefully; paying special attention to their security practices. Most people still use simple passwords, like “password” or “12345678”, which makes the hacker’s job easier. The data should be encrypted in the best possible way so that it remains secure during transfers and when it is stored on the cloud. They will help to ensure the highest level of protection possible for your data stored on cloud storage. You will have to discover what information must be backed up, how frequently the data must be backed up, and more. For important data, for example a database, you will desire to have superfluous backup sets that widen back for more than a few backup periods. For less significant data, for instance the day to day user files, you will not require such a complicated backup plan.

To act timely, you may require quite a lot of backup devices along with numerous sets of backup medium.
Therefore, the kind of information that the data contains will help you decide if you have to back up all the data, in addition to how and when, the data is supposed to be backed up. So signing up for any of these cloud services will ensure you can keep all the data you can possibly have in a single safe place.
Of course, if this isna€™t enough, Google also offers options for 10, 20 and even 30TB of cloud storage. However if you choose one of the subscription based models, you will get up to 1TBA cloud storage. Microsoft claims its service is superior to the competition due to the several social features it has baked in that makes sharing easier and intuitive.
The company claims you will get a€?as much as you needa€™, which is another way of saying ita€™s practically unlimited. The prices are considerably higher than the competition, but that is what you pay for if privacy is your number one concern. The offer is only for a limited time as part of a promotion the company is running for the launch of its desktop apps. We regularly publish app reviews, previews, how toa€™s, and other cool stuff that aims to make your life easier, entertaining and more productive. Additionally it is possible to ask the HSM to store or retrieve encrypted data from a cloud storage service. This remote accessibility also presents a considerable security risk for cloud storage; you can utilize VPNs or Virtual Private Networks to ensure your data communication remains secure. You can utilize third party software, like CloudBacko, to protect your data with military grade encryption. And for effortless backup, restore operations, and highest level data encryption, use CloudBacko. However, you will have to back up the data on a regular basis and guarantee that all the data will be recovered with no trouble.
To accomplish this, you may have to change the backup plan, based on its speed and efficiency. This means your data is encrypted and decrypted by your client devices and never by Mega themselves. In your research, you should look to see if your chosen cloud service follows these industry standards. Come up with a secure, possibly random, password for your cloud storage and instill the importance of password security in all your employees. Criptonube’s middleware communicates with this appliance to provide the service in a transparent way.

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