As more convenient modes of communication multiply in the enterprise, many organizations are seeking solace in cloud-based telephony and unified communications (UC) services to stay abreast of the latest developments. What is cloud computing technology and what attributes of it make them stand out against the license-based on-premise software applications?
Different variants exist of cloud computing definition, but the most simplistic would be that it’s a type of grid-computing where the unused processing potential of a number of computers in a network is used to derive computing impetus for a standalone computer. All applications and services receive automatic updates from the centrally managed data centers of the vendor. Entrepreneurs can revitalize their cloud-based CRM, ERP, e-Commerce or other applications from time to time by pushing new developments to users. Features, benefits, costs and discounts – no doubt these are important in the world of marketing. Getting a VoIP partner with a positive track record is essential and can be reassuring for your business endeavor. Business to business communications (B2B) is the most important industrial marketing search term in the present scenario. B2B cloud telephony opens the gateway of unified communications, and more importantly, the services can be used over the ordinary PSTN phone lines. Irrespective of the revolutionary evolution pursued in the field of digital marketing and substantial increase in channels like email marketing, affiliate marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, etc., voice communication or business phone systems play a dominant role, and as of now there is no substitute for it. Mobility, BYOD, work-from-home and real-time intuitive communication, among others, are key requirements which a business needs to adapt with to keep their staff and customers tied together even when they are physically apart. Cloud based phone system being administered remotely by data centers relying on latest redundancy and backup architecture and design is immune to human-led intentional vulnerabilities and natural calamities. As there is no physical cabling akin to conventional phone system, setting up cloud based phone system doesn’t demand much technical expertise.
So far you have concluded your requirements and VoIP solution, now it’s time to zero in on the right cloud telephony vendor. From adopting the best CRM software to choosing the most effective cloud contact center suite and then integrating both to drive operational efficiency abiding various compliance norms, including TCPA, or Telephone Consumer Protection Act, the path of getting started with a telemarking-based contact center and then deriving sustainable profit from it, is not without hackles.
Make sure that the chosen call center software or service is capable of filtering out contacts based on busy signals, DNC (Do not call registry), numbers not reachable, or numbers getting diverted towards fax and answering machines, and others. Effective dialer-CRM integration makes sure that every interaction between prospects or customers and telemarking executive is getting recorded. Though the feature is explicitly considered to be the domain of inbound call centers, but it holds its significance in the context of telemarketing as well.
Being the head of a telemarketing agency, it’s your onus to monitor the productivity of the workforce and take effective measures to drive it further to reach business objectives.
Besides recording calls, your quality team should be privileged to listen an active call on the fly. Cloud computing discards the need of owning and maintaining expensive data centers and servers. End users can get uncompromised speed and agility to keep their business performance at peak.
The onus of data center maintenance has shifted from clients to cloud computing service providers. Your business is your world, and today the success of your world depends on the business communications systems that you have.
Whether it’s conducting group meetings, discussions or offering training or solutions, all can happen with Fonebell business communication system effortlessly. Hence, smart business telephone systems for business communications offered by Fonebell are instrumental in diminishing distances between people and stakeholders. Abandoned calls, disposed calls, average hold-time, average handling time, agent productivity, and much more – get a 360-degree graphical representation of all on a single dashboard.
Cloud telephony services don’t ask for hundreds of thousands of upfront hardware equipment and technology setup investment. Cloud telephony services are helping businesses to bring on their dispersed offices and mobile workforce on board. Exotel, a Bangalore-based virtual business telephony company, has acquired Voyce, a company which allows businesses to get real time customer feedback, to strengthen Exotel’s customer service offerings. Varun Raj and Nikhil Kumar, two of Voyce’s five co-founders (Arun Raj, Satendra Singh and Sushil Shah) will join Exotel and lead partnerships and alliances at Exotel. Croak acquisition: In February this year, Exotel acquired the voice-based media startup! Exotel was founded by Shivakumar Ganesan, Ishwar Sridharan, Siddharth Ramesh and Vijay Sharma in 2011. The company deploys cloud-based telephony solutions to replace communication hardware systems, to reduce costs, space requirements and maintenance efforts. Asmaa Mubita is a Kenyan journalist of international repute with over fifteen years of experience in broadcast journalism. While many cloud telephony companies might argue that hosted IVR or Cloud Telephony is the future and everyone should embrace it, but are we actually ready for it ? With existing Indian Cyber Laws and its implementation ( or lack of it), how can one ensure data security while using a hosted IVR Service or Cloud Telephony Service?
Here is an example to ponder about, if hotel A hosts its incoming IVR with a hosted IVR Service provider XYZ Communications Pvt Ltd.
So, is cloud Telephony worth the risk f losing your prospective customer to your competitors ? While many hosted IVR or Cloud Telephony provider may argue that cloud telephony is easiest and low cost way of having smart IVR system for a company.
If Linux is too intimidating for you, you can buy Donjin boards and use IVR Development tools like Osidial, VBVoice etc. Can cloud Telephony provider give you IVR Service on your existing business phone number which you have been promoting in your yearly calender, business cards for years ?
Also, none of the cloud telephony service providers in India are large enough to give local phone number all over India. While I like Cloud Telephony in India, but I still think on premise IVR is useful for many companies. The only place I could recommend having in house solutions and people working on asterisk and doing it in house is when it is your core competency ,else why waste time on this? I have seen some engineering student developing IVR apps using a four port Analog Sangoma card and Asterisk in couple of hours!
As for umber portability, I will quote which I already posted in Linkedin “India has 22 telecom circles and inter circle call forwarding is not allowed. I use Knowlarity’s products for my business and they have given me local number in even remote towns of MP and Assam. I agree with you, I am also using the service of Knolarity, which is also very useful for me. I have been using Knolarity and the experience not really pleasant, biggest problem they have is they change prices when ever they want and then your relation ship manager says take it or leave it. While many cloud telephony services exist for SMBs (such as Broadsofts's UC as a Service and Verizon's Virtual Communications Express), I wanted to highlight the cloud service providers that can handle enterprise-grade deployments.
If you reside outside of the United States, you consent to having your personal data transferred to and processed in the United States.
And, what is more interesting is, this power can provide a substitute for the needs of servers, storage and applications, and can be availed by users over the Internet against a flexible pay-as-go subscription model. All users of an enterprise can stay at par in terms of the versions of the running applications, they don’t need to wait for IT to come and perform the updates. Is this not what as a business head you would be most interested in being in the quest of the best VoIP phone service? Is your business dispersed – globally or locally, – or consolidated in a single building or on a floor? Interestingly, the market is abundant with their different alternatives, but what about the reliability aspect.
On Google alone, the phrase B2B communications was searched by 610 users this month till last week.  Many companies are planning to invest in b2b sectors in India, and some are still trying to figure out the best b2b partner. Advanced soft phones are required, but considering the long term benefits with their enhanced features, that shouldn’t be a worrying matter. Whether it’s getting started with a new business, relocating it, extending its branches and offices, incorporating new employees, or matching with the changing business needs, or replacing the existing phone system, the situation may bring you on the verge of choosing a new business phone system or holistic telephony solution.

Identify the right product and the right features to align with your business objectives.  Here is a peak into some of the salient features available with Fonebell business phones systems and telephony solutions.
Thankfully, cloud based phone systems make it happen seamlessly as it provisions multiple communication channels including voice, data, and video.
Hence, you can expect higher degree of service availability to uninterruptedly run your business operations. Entire things are managed on the background by the vendor, and being a user, you just need to plug and use your phone devices. To get started, talk with different vendors offering cloud based business phone systems to companies that are similar to yours, in terms of nature and strength. In the current blog discussion, Fonebell pursues the solutions that can help a telemarketing agency to increase the number of contacts, workforce productivity and ROI (return on investment), and check idle times.
More talk-time with the right prospects will certainly help you to monetize the marketing opportunity.
This helps in effective case follow-up for quick closure of deals as the later executive can learn as how far the progress was made till last interaction.
Make sure that the call management software that you have presents details like: completed calls, hold time, average call length, agent productivity, and much more in a graphical way that can be easily understood and interpreted.
Are they following the standard protocols as required by your business and regulatory compliance?
The feature must be flexible to let you assign permissions to different groups involved with barging calls in different queues. In terms of adoption, technology analyst firms to the likes of Gartner have predicted a bright future for it. Cloud computing service providers host and maintain the entire set of hardware, network equipment and IT capabilities including  servers, storage, databases and application services at their data centers, and end-users can access them easily through their Internet connected devices like tablets, smartphones and PCs from anywhere, anytime, after successful validation or authentication.  Now, after understanding the infrastructure architecture and modus-operandi of cloud computing, you might have got that what sorts of benefits it would entail. In lieu of making hefty IT investment to run their operations they can find the desired IT capacities and resources against an affordable subscription that could be payable monthly or annually.  The crux of cloud technology adoption would be to lower the TCO (total cost of ownership), and let entrepreneurs have the flexibility to pay for what they need and when they need. Bulk manufacturing is always profitable than small-scale ones and the rationale is simple as the total ownership of a manufacturer gets divided among more units, hence, per unit cost reduces drastically. Clients enjoy privilege to scale up and down the demand of cloud computing services as per the changing business needs. Moreover, addition, modification and abandonment of services are just a matter of few clicks, hence, they can access whatever they need anytime, and from anywhere to stay competent in the dynamic and ever challenging marketplace.
Hence, entrepreneurs can have big savings, and more focus on their business processes and customers. Reckoning the significance of real-time communication and information sharing, presence of diversified business communication ecosystem, and digitally-empowered consumers, Fonebell presents an inclusive communication solution.
See how Internet Protocol (IP)-based telephony and IVR systems can help a business to run smartly. Callers simply need to press certain numeric key-pad buttons to reach the right department, staff or person.  Calls can be forwarded to off-site locations, and more as per business preference. Yes, people work in groups or departments, and even inside that there exist hierarchy and distinctions based on type of work or responsibilities they have.  Hence, to connect and interconnect them efficiently, Fonebell presents flexible extension groups. Hence, routing them to different departments would help you improve the delivery mechanism.
Individuals have their own strength and weakness, but being a manager your responsibility is to derive the best from each and lead the team successfully to meet business objectives. Track the status of call volume and call resolution on hourly, daily, weekly, monthly basis.
Early adopters say that as compared with an on-premise PBX, it saves 50 to 60 percent in the first year. Greater collaboration eases information sharing across different processes and improves customer service. This is helping businesses to drive employee productivity, as users are more competent and comfortable with their personal devices.
Voyce claimed to work with over 20 enterprise hospitality chains in India and was founded in 2014. It provides cloud telephony services for small and medium enterprises including virtual phone numbers, IVR greetings and call routing, call centre setup and cash on delivery verification among others. It also offers a virtual dashboard that offers various tools to help businesses manage several areas like sales, marketing, customer support, business intelligence, and analytics. Asmaa Mubita began his journalism career at the Kenyan state broadcaster (KBC) and later worked at the KTN owned by the Standard Group and Citizen Television, the flagship brand of Royal Media Services. Finally, I thought, I would share my views why it is not an easy decision go for hosted IVR or cloud Telephony. One may argue, Asterisk is not mature technology, can not be scaled up, all I can say is, as far as I know, many of India’s cloud telephony companies use Asterisk or other Linux based Free Scripts for their hosted IVR platform!
Lets look at a scenario of how many companies can afford to specialise in spending time on building on top of asterisk ? On data security and number portability, for example with us at exotel we have it as part of our tos what can be ported and what can’t , some companies have done transfers and also data wise it is of great importance when building any business your clients data is secure hence as part of our tos we give it in writing.
So, I would say, there would be many free lancers who would do a Asterisk based IVR with a fixed call flow for affordable one time cost!
So, if hosted IVR provider happens to be based in Delhi, Bangalore client for that IVR service provider has no option but to take a Delhi number! So, as long as people believe in the cloud, then can also trust cloud telephony ?? It is really not in the best interests of any company to play around with user data. While every one of them their own strengths and weaknesses, given a choice, I would have opted for OzoneTel at this time, as they have built infrastructure in Mumbai too. I have tried banging my head for 4 months to get a simple parallel call forwarding to multiple numbers on the same extension number and they havent been able to do it. Hence, while discussing the benefits of cloud computing applications, we can’t ignore the allegiance that the technology gives to achieve collaboration. Besides performance updates, security updates do make a significant impact as business IT heads don’t have to apply extra effort and money to protect their network against emerging threats or unauthorized access or breaching.
Did you get an advertisement yelling out the same, but good enough to rope in beginners in the world of illusion? Also learn about what kind of VoIP business communication system your competitors have in place. Certainly, there exists no alternative to it.  Hence, on doing a litmus test, you would find fewer cloud telephony vendors to serve as the right fit. For instance, features like instant messaging chat, call recording, voice mail, 3-way calling, drag-and-drop calling and call waiting options, among many others, which are important for one business owner can’t necessarily be your cup of tea. All the rage that we witness today holds rationale as India is a rapidly growing economy and the net worth of B2B is estimated to be around $300 billion, which is likely to reach $700 billion by 2020. Moreover, it thwarts away the ongoing equipment maintenance budget, and gives freedom to entrepreneurs from mammoth telephone bills that plague them every month. Though there are different vendors in the market promising business phone system with tangible and non-tangible features, which may lead to explicit or implicit benefits, choosing the right business phone system or telephony solution is bit challenging. Such dialer software are often marketed with the predictive dialer tag, however, being a telemarketing agency, confirm the potential of the dialer system before making the investment with. Yes, you should know it well.  Make sure that the call management software leverages you to capture recording of calls based on agent name, extension, date, time, Caller-ID, DNIS and file size. Apart from listening the calls they should be able to whisper active agents to ensure adherence of protocols. Considering India as a prospect, Gartner is quite optimistic about the adoption of cloud computing services.
They can access as much or as little as they need, and without any prior information to the vendors. It brings a universal platform that bridges workforce, partners and customers, and let them connect internally and externally in a quick and easy way. Interestingly, the participants could be either your people or customers, or a mix of both.
Stay glued with us, Fonebell presents a gamut of out-of-the-box cloud-hosted contact center services and IVR systems. Restrict call volume and hold time, route calls efficiently, and provide real-time assistance to your agents to help them provide the right information to your callers. Do share your suggestions to help us improve our products and services to better match your changing needs.

With $25 a month per user or even lower cost, it also reduces the operating costs drastically. Adding more offices or stores in a chain doesn’t entail any problem in terms of collaboration, as cloud services are scalable and flexible. Mobility has raised the level of collaboration as mobile workforce and staff can seamlessly connect with their on-premise counterparts and deliver services to customers as per their expectation. Exotel said that this acquisition would help it improve its services, adding that it planned to acquire more startups in the voice space.
In 2012, Exotel had raised Rs 2.5 crores in its Series A funding from Blume Ventures and Mumbai Angels in return for a 25% stake. These exploits together with his reporting experience with the Voice of America, CNN and BBC have been rewarded with local and global recognition. Now, if the cloud telephony company, XYZ Communications Pvt Ltd, finds out (its easy, just write a small query and run it) all incoming calls to that number whichever had pressed 1 for speaking to reservation and prepare an excel sheet, then give it to Hotel B for say, Rs. And a typical IVR hosted at cloud telephony provider for similar 30 channel setup would be Rs. A techie , half decent will cost 35k a month to work and + 35k of your mentioned expenses, his cost of saving 35k for the year is gone in getting one techie to work on the platform. Well, I am also available for such work where I might build complete Asterisk Based Outbound IVR for cost of a Canon EF 400mm F5.6 lens!
There is of course a solution to it ( eg by taking up a toll free number), but with some recurring cost. That apart there are a number of such issues which has blocked the deployment in my company. While the proceeding sampler of enterprise options doesn't begin to represent the thousands of vendors and providers busy at work in this services arena, we wanted to highlight the top seven most well-known and reputable cloud telephony service providers in the industry.
And obviously, before making any investment they would like to know the ins and outs of the cloud computing model.
With just an Internet connected device, an employee has the privilege to access to business information from anywhere around the globe. Were you not disappointed with the companies calming to offer the best VoIP business solutions in India?
Think of collaboration features and tools that are easy-to-use, can reduce the operational cost and maximize the workforce performance by allowing effortless sharing of information on the real-time basis.
A business is based on mutual trust, and in today’s highly dynamic business ecosystem, communication helps in building and nurturing that. Obviously, communication is an essential tool that we highlighted in the beginning, to keep a business actively functional, however, there is a brusque shift from PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) to ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) and VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), which has given birth of a new phrase, viz., Cloud Telephony Service, and IT heads and business administers are considering it as the real future of business communications. With cloud telephony in place, a business owner doesn’t need to resort on in-house technical support team for system administration, inventory management, security management, and more as entire obligations remain on the service provider. After all, it is a lifeline of any business, and hence should fulfill its needs at different stages. Look for complaints, reviews and satisfaction index relevant to them across various online and offline media portals. It should check pauses between any outbound calls, as it diminishes the trust factor, and ends your effort in vain.
Your quality audit team should get the details right on their computer speakers, or over the browser. Across all segments, cloud computing has secured 33.2 per cent of CAGR (compound annual growth rate) from 2012 through 2017. Hence, they distribute IT capabilities or services at much lower cost than what would be possible if a client does it by itself. And also how a business head can keep a control on all communication to better drive business objectives. Hence, maximize first-call-resolution and customer satisfaction rates while reducing the overall operational cost. Assign each agent a priority, and your calls will get routed accordingly in the queue to your star performers and underperformers and everybody in between. S-a-a-S (Software as a Service) segment dominated the growth, followed by the I-a-a-S (Infrastructure as a Service).
Hence, businesses can reallocate such investment in other business processes to innovate their products or services and gain advantage over competitors. Office administrators can tie together multiple locations in minutes as they don’t have to solve the mystery of clumsy, complicated and expensive PBX. Dailybouncer report from september states that Exotel plans to hire 130-150 employees by the end of next year, after seeing a demand and adoption of its services. For example, if you look at CRMs, the cloud CRMs have a lot more data threat as you are storing the complete details on the cloud and can easily be shared with competitors.
But when doing the comparison, we have to take into account the server cost, UPS cost(power is a big problem in India), development cost, card cost etc. However, the non-availability of perfect cloud computing basics tutorials sometimes disappoint their inquisitive minds. This favors more collaborative working as multiple people can view and edit the same information at once. Understanding the crux of the complexity involved with decision-making, we are presenting an industry insights on how to select the best VoIP business communication solutions provider.
Thereafter, keeping the objectives of your mission and vision at the center-stage, generate a list of VoIP service providers which are capable of offering viable solution within your budget.
Cancel those, if you really don’t need them, and ask your vendor to customize the VoIP package for you. Why are the companies aggressively investing in b2b marketing strategies related to communication?  Here are two prominent driving factors. A leading analyst firm has quoted that 42% of the total call costs (on Local and long distance calls) made through a customer-owned IP PBX is spent on owning and maintaining the phone system per se. Moreover, a business can be up and running with cloud-based phone system within minutes or hours as it just requires an activation from the service provider. They can monitor entire operations remotely and provide guidance to their people to achieve business objectives. Now, Hotel B being a competitor to Hotel A, would call up those phone numbers and pitch in for their hotel rooms! Similarly, it might be cheaper for a company to just download Sugar CRM or vTiger or something else and manage it themselves instead of going with Salesforce or Zoho.
Save money, rather utilize it on other essential features that would improve team collaboration and drive the operational efficiency. However, many  more milestones are yet to be achieved by it, as industry experts to the likes of Gartner still consider the cloud-based services market to be in infancy here in India. Users have to just plug in their phone devices and configure the services over the Web-based console as per their business needs. Scalability and flexibility will keep you going smooth to embrace the changing business needs.
And watching the lead taken by the telecom services in terms of garnering IT investment volume (which currently hovers close to 50 per cent globally with worth of $ 1, 725 billion), we can say that cloud telephony will be the next big thing not just in India but on the global stage. The setting and configuration is pretty simple and can be done easily without having any IT expertise.
If your business is in a place not covered by our reach, you will have to choose a different number. Focus on the availability of the quality service, but do confirm whether the selected vendor has a responsive customer support to handle urgent situations. With greater availability and improved responsiveness, cloud telephony services are becoming instrumental in increasing employee productivity, improving customer service, and lowering IT costs. Also, we are very particular in education users about number ownership and most of our customers own their own numbers. Does it have the capabilities to adjust with your changing business needs in future, say in 5 or 10 years down the line?

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