Amazon has just upped the ante in the cloud-storage arena by announcing Thursday a pair of disruptive cloud storage plans, with a new Unlimited Everything tier available to store as many photographs, video clips and documents as you possibly have, for a flat fee of sixty bucks per year, a massive price reduction over previous prices.
Another, lower-priced tier called Unlimited Photos will keep an unlimited number of photos backed up in the Amazon cloud, and up to five gigabytes of videos and files, in exchange for twelve bucks per year, or just 99 cents per month. Both new plans store your files securely on Amazon’s Cloud Drive services and are available now on the web. Just to give you a feel of these deep price cuts, Amazon used to charge ten bucks per year for 20 gigabytes of Cloud Drive storage and a whopping $500 for 1TB of cloud storage. Quickly, do the math in your head — that’s right, the new Unlimited Everything tier at sixty bucks per year undercuts the previous flagship tier by a factor of nearly ten, while at the same time upping storage capacity from 1TB to unlimited.
By the way, new customers get three months of Amazon Unlimited Photos and Unlimited Everything at no cost. And of course, members of the $99 per year Amazon Prime service, as well as Fire device owners, are already enjoying the Unlimited Photos package at no additional cost. After the Lollipop Os phones, it is now the Marshmallow OS phones that is reigning users’ hearts. But along with out favorite OS, there is also the budget that we need to see while picking up our phone. Lava Pixel V2 will be coming with inbuilt storage of 16GB which will be expandable upto 32GB through SD card. Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro is powered by a 1.8Ghz Octa core processor coupled with a RAM space of 4GB.
The phone will come with internal storage of 32GB which will be further expandable upto 128GB through SD card.
The phones that have taken the market by storm, is one of our pick amidst the best Marshmallow phones.
Hardware for the phone is accompanied with a 1.5Ghz Octa core processor coupled with a RAM space of 3GB. The phone has internal storage of 32GB which will be expandable upto 128GB through SD card. The recently launched Gionee S8 is clad with the latest OS, and is also marked with a list of impressive features.
The phone will come with inbuilt storage of 16GB which will be further expandable upto 32GB through SD card. The company that’s just getting its feet wet in the market, is already loved by quite a good number of buyers.
Internal storage for the phone comes with 32GB space which is further expandable upto 128GB through SD card. Hardware features for the phone will include a 2.1Ghz Quad core processor coupled with a RAM Space of 4GB.

On the hardware front, Xiaomi Mi5 will be powered by a Quad core 64-bit Snapdragon processor. Xiaomi Mi5 will be available in two different variants in terms of its RAM space and internal storage. So which one do you find convincing from our list of  Best Android Marshmallow phones 2016? 2015 bmw 4 series gran coupe with m sport package – youtube, The new bmw 4 series gran coupe offers a choice of five engines. 2015 bmw 2 series convertible will flip its lid for $38,850, The bmw 2 series is dropping its top next year in the us with the new 228i and m235i convertible models.. Bmw 2-series coupe receives 1.5-liter 3-cylinder engine, Bmw has introduced a series of improvements for the 2-series coupe model. Apple blew away the competition in hard drive—based music players with its standard-setting iPod, and the industry is still playing catch-up. In shrinking the controls, Apple relocated the iPod's four buttons, placing them underneath the scroll wheel (now called the Click Wheel). Unlike the "any color as long as it's white" iPod, the Mini comes in five metallic colors and has a smudge-proof, anodized aluminum body that should prove more resistant to dirt and grime. The Mini's 25-minute skip protection worked flawlessly during a jog, and the $29 neoprene arm band held the unit securely.
Signing up for either plan will download a Cloud Drive desktop app which lets you upload your photos, videos and documents. The enhanced home screen and lock screen features for the new OS is one of the goodies that users are loving. So if you are on a hunt for a new Android phone running on the Marshmallow OS, probably you can pick one from these.
Camera combo for Infocus Bingo 10 will have a 5MP rear camera and the same goes for the front camera.
Hardware features for the phone includes a 1Ghz Quad core processor coupled with a RAM space of 2GB.
The phone that was just launched the other day, is all set to lure the market with its features.
Where the original iPod is about the size of a deck of cards, the Mini is more like an Altoids tin.
This is an improved layout that's easier to work using just a thumb—an enhancement we hope the iPod picks up.
Alas, as with the original, the battery is not user-replaceable, and will eventually (after a few years for typical users) stop holding much of a charge. Syncing with either a Mac or Windows PC is easy, and you can view your library by song, playlist, artist, or album.

This plan also includes 5 GB of additional storage for videos or other documents and files. Being a budget phone, this one is a perfect pick for everyone looking for the latest OS at the best budget price.
The LG Optimus M+ LM695 steps up among regular Android devices by offering a 5 megapixel camera, free cloud storage, NFC technology, Wi-Fi, Mobile Hotspot and GPS navigation. Sized and priced somewhere between the original iPod and less expensive, lower-capacity flash-based players, the Mini retains much of what we love about its larger sibling and one thing we don't: a premium price. The LCD display has shrunk from 2 inches diagonally to 1.7 inches, which produces a tighter but still readable six-line display.
Apple has started a replacement service ($99) for iPod owners, and third-parties can handle the swap as well (typically for $50). The Mini can also store contact and date book info and comes with four preloaded games (Music Quiz, Solitaire, Brick, and Parachute). They do come with three different-size caps for the best possible fit, but their sound is shallow, light, and completely lacking in bass. The Mini costs considerable more than a typical flash-based player, and it costs $50 more than the Creative Nomad MuVo 2 (which is based on the same 4GB drive).
Released in 2011, the LG Optimus M+ is available at firm price from third-party vendors.Buying new phones from third-party vendors is a good alternative when you need a LG Optimus smartphone at a cheaper price.
That's a far cry from the 15GB iPod's 3,700-song capacity, and that larger player costs just $50 more, so you are paying dearly for the miniaturization.
The iTunes utility's tight integration with Apple's iTunes Music Store is another strong point. Of course, the iPod seemed similarly overpriced when it launched, yet its superior style and performance found plenty of takers. Find reviews about the device.Download User Manual for LG Optimus M+ - Learn more about the LG Optimus M+ by downloading free user manual. Ask the seller whether the phone comes in retail box or bulk.User manual may not be included if the phones are offered in bulk packaging. Name (required) Email (will not be visible) (required) Website Yes, I want to subscribe to the newsletter.
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