You have finally decided that using a cloud storage service is the best way to backup your files and share those files with others. Even though most cloud storage companies know that iPhones are a popular device, not all of them work well with this Apple product. You must make sure that the cloud storage service you choose for your iPhone offers top quality security features. Not everyone you know uses iPhones, so you want to make sure that the cloud storage service for iPhone you are using can connect to multiple operating systems.
The best cloud storage apps for iPhone and iPad that helps in accessing files from anywhere, can take back up, share and even collaborate.
If you use Google Docs on your PC then it is a mandatory app as it permits you to view the work and make some modifications from your iPhone. Verizon launches latest Dropbox-like app for all the iOS devices that permits users to copy and access files in cloud. SugarSync, it is an easy way to search, access and share documents, files, photos, songs and movies. All the vital documents can be easily accessed by the users wherever they go and can share them with friends. Box, this app handles file sharing perfectly by permitting users to log in and select files on your system same as you attach files to email. Dropbox, it is considered as the daddy of all cloud tools as it assists millions of users to store files in the cloud securely.
March 31, 2016 by Yogesh Khetani Patel Leave a Comment Need suggestion on Cloud Storage for iOS devices? One of the most important things to note about the cloud storage services is that they are good to keep you synchronized; moreover, they can be shared, collaborated and backed up from anywhere.
The app is available for iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC and other foundations where you are offered with lucrative plans. Cubby cloud storage app offers 5 GB free storage while the chance of accessing your files on iPad or iPhone. Sugar sync is good for those who have special concern regarding uploading through email or special outlook storage.
Google Drive is nothing but an ultimate app that works on iOS and possesses some new features for cloud storage of files. The MS cloud storage service to sync MS office with the online world is known as One Drive (earlier Skydrive).  As the app is supported by Microsoft itself, it has a significant identity in the world of cloud storage apps. Box for iOS possesses a new UI and navigation feature along with updates for media and documentation. The best cloud storage apps for iPhone and iPad to help you access your files anywhere, collaborate with work groups, and stream your media more conveniently than ever! Looking for the best iPhone apps and best iPad apps to help you store and access your files from anywhere? If you need a cross-platform option that's widely supported by third party developers and has great versioning support, get Dropbox.
If you want to be able to collaborate on documents in the cloud, with outstanding search, and reasonable prices, get Google Drive. Copy by Barracuda may not have been around for as long as services such as Dropbox, but their offers are extremely competitive. If you're looking for a dependable cloud storage service and share a lot of files, you may find you'll save a lot more space with Copy due to how they allocated shared storage. If you're looking for a corporate or workgroup solution at a reasonable price, Cubby is worth a good look. OneDrive, formerly known as SkyDrive, is Microsoft's own cloud storage service that ties into Microsoft Office Online and the full desktop versions of Microsoft Office. If you are already an Office 365 subscriber, the 1 TB of free storage OneDrive gives you makes it a no brainer. In addition to the typical folder sync and backup, SugarSync lets you upload or sync through email, which is a feature no other services currently support. If backup is of special concern, or you need to upload via email, or you want Outlook specific storage, check out SugarSync.
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Being an iPhone or iPad user (maybe both), the first viable option that you would want to try out would typically be an Apple product isna€™t it? Google Drive is a favorite among all users looking for a robust cloud storage service, irrespective of the platform they may be using a€“ Windows, Mac, and Linux. For a corporate set-up, Cubby is a good choice especially with its up to 5GB free storage capacity and a referral program that earns you lucrative points.
As simple as the name, Copy allows you easy means to copy all your iPad contents on to its cloud storage service and enjoy free upload of up to 15 GB data.
After each week-end celebrations, I got fed-up with the message “Low storage memory” in my iPhone 5s.
Your iPhone keeps saying “Insufficient storage space” and is limiting your camera addiction? Cloud storage services not only retain us by sync our files wherever we are, whenever we need them, but they can be a great way to backup, share, and collaborate as well. Another limitation of those Apps are individual file size, they offer only 2GB per file size. Consider one cloud application which gives you storage service of about 100GB, You might be able store 100GB in the cloud absolutely free…!
Otherwise you may download this best free online storage for iPhone application from the following link and Sync with iTunes. First of all Yunio is cross platform service, means Yunio tools are available for Apple iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Windows etc.
It doesn’t matter which operating system you belong to, carry your files wherever you go. It will provide you some options like Create New Folder, Upload photos and videos directly from Camera roll folder, access camera right away from the app and save the taken photos to cloud right over there.

By tapping at the top left corner options you may access Files and folders, recycle bin etc. It will allow you to sync Camera Roll directory to Yunio cloud, which is really an awesome feature.
File sharing is another added advantage of Yunio; How to share folder between other Yunio users? Once you shared your cloud folder, it will be visible under shared folder area in the Yunio control panel. We all should make backups of all our important data files with personal or work, useful to avoid losing the valuable information in case of technical failures, theft of the device, etc. One of the most effective ways to keep a copy of your data is upload them to sites of cloud storage.
In our today’s top selection, we present the best cloud storage apps for iOS at no cost, chosen for reliability, safety and quantity of space for storage of your files. By registering an account you will get 15 gigabytes of free storage, easily expandable for free. As with Google, the cloud storage service of Apple is closely linked to other services – Calendar, Contacts, iTunes music, photos, etc.
It offers 50 GB free storage space and focusing on the privacy of users and their documents, all the data are in fact encrypted end-to-end.
If you know other interesting cloud storage solutions, you can use the comments to share the name with us and we will put them on the list.
Having a copy of your data stored offsite can make all the difference in a disaster, and your data becomes accessible from anywhere, too, without the hassle of maintaining local storage hardware.
You have to ensure that the cloud storage can be downloaded to this smart phone and works well when you are on the go and need to look at a file.
You don’t want to find their dashboard to be complicated and your files hard to find when you need them. This is also important to you because you may use an iPhone, but have a PC at home that has different operating system. We want to offer readers the best possible providers and have compiled a list that makes sure every reader finds the service that meets their important needs. There is wide range of options while selecting cloud storage apps so pick the best one that suits your needs.
This app is on the top in the cloud storage app list for iPhone as it provides unlimited storage space. Users can send public links through Facebook, Email, SMS or Twitter to big folders and files. Users can share files, upload photos, add videos, manage files or can check out recently used documents on their mobile. It is a simple platform and usage is very easy and it is the best choice if you do not download other software piece that syncs your files automatically. The main reason for the Dropbox success is its accessibility – usage is incredibly easy and available on different platforms. Like most of other providers, users will be offered some 5 GB of free cloud space with Dropbox. If yes, here is the list of awesome and featured cloud storage apps which are becoming popular for their ultimate performance. The user gets 2GB free and the chance of earning 500 MB for every reference it gets over 18GB. The special feature of the app is that it is updated with a visual overhaul and far efficient search bar. Apart from getting 15 GB free space, one drive is good to offer the chance of upgrading up for extra storage.
Cloud storage services not only keep us in sync and let us access our files wherever we are, whenever we need them, but they can be a great way to backup, share, and collaborate as well.
This means you can not only access and collaborate on all your documents and spreadsheets from any browser, but from the iOS app as well. For free you get 5 GB of storage and can access your files on iPhone, iPad, and on the web. You get 15 GB to start you off for free — existing Office 365 users get 1 TB free — and can upgrade to additional storage for a monthly or yearly subscription.
SugarSync also offers a Microsoft Outlook plugin which makes it easy to upload and save attachments and documents.
Why did you choose the one you did and why does it fit into your workflow better than other available services?
So, besides your data on your iPad or iPhone, you could also entrust Google Drive with all your sensitive data that you have on your Windows or Mac machine as well. It allows you storing up to 2 GB data for free and for each referral you make, you can earn up to 500MB up to 18GB!
It offers a simple design and sync options that let you share files and collaborate with others and even different computers that you own. Your data a€“ text, videos, images and so on are sensitive and require care so as to remain available to you for long. This way you can have them available anywhere and at any time, and you’re sure it will not be lost.
Files can be uploaded and managed directly from the web browser or by downloading and installing the client for iOS. OneDrive is great for its integration with other Microsoft products and has a decent support for third-party applications.
This means that the data loaded on the device is encrypted before being sent to the server of Mega and downloaded data is decrypted only after they have been downloaded to your computer. Download MEGA App Here. It is suitable for file storage but not for use as business and does not have all the features offered by other services like Dropbox or Google Drive. Download MediaFire App Here. It allows you to automatically upload photos taken with your mobile devices directly on the Amazon cloud. Download Amazon Cloud Drive App Here.
When choosing a cloud storage, you need to look for several things, but here are a few items that you want to ensure these services have when connecting your iPhone to these online backup storage services. You want to make sure that your files are safe during transit from your cloud storage account to your smart phone.

If you see something you like and want to take a picture, then share it with your family or friends, then you want to be able to do that and you will not be able to if that cloud storage service is limited to one or two operating systems.
After thorough research, these 10 providers will give you better security, easy use and not cost you a lot to join.
It is considered as the best cloud storage app as complete data can be effectively synchronized with all your devices.
The best thing about this app is it provides some free storage up to 15 GB per referral to both. It just works as an app on iOS while as a folder on Mac and Windows from where you can use it for uploading pictures for storage and back up. Google drive is becoming popular for offering the link of file for sharing apart from well working feature of renaming, starring, moving, copying and deleting the file.
Dropbox also offers paid plans that start at $9.99 a month for 1 TB and go all the way up to enterprise levels. Google Drive also supports several file types such as Photoshop, Illustrator, several video formats, and more. Copy can also move all your files from another service automatically which makes the transition simple.
While there are no free plans for SugarSync, $7.50 a month gets you 60 GB of storage, and higher options remain reasonable. And as always, if we missed something great, be sure to let us know that too in the comments!
This cloud storage and cloud computing service allows you to effectively store all your iPhone, iPad, and Mac data for future use, up in the cloud.
This service also allows you to upload up to 15GB data (like Copy) for free and supports a host of programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop and a number of video file formats.
Once you sign-up on Dropbox, a folder will be created on your Mac device or if you have opted for the Dropbox app, you can look for the app icon on your screen and tap it to upload all your contents and secure it instantly. Apple i devices offer limited storage space and there is no extensible memory card facility. While selecting a cloud storage service, what’s the most crucial feature that you look for? After many more experiments I found the best cloud storage iPhone app which offers free online storage for iPhone photos and videos and here I’m sharing it for you.
Sync folders lets synchronize your files always regardless of whatever device you have PC, Mobile etc. The files can be uploaded and managed from any device and will also be accessible through the web portal service.
The configuration of the service does not require a great mastery and knowledge of the world of information and very easy to use. And this is perhaps one of the greatest limitations of iCloud: unlike other storage services on the cloud, gives its best when it is used in combination with another Apple app or service, allowing synchronization and sharing files and settings immediate and reliable. If you are looking for a good solution for enterprise-class cloud storage, Box is certainly a possible choice. Download Box App Here. Since iPhones customarily use an unsecured wireless network when traveling, you do not want your files to be intercepted during transit from your account to the smart phone.
You can use our selection tool or even the comparison tool to see which ones best fit your needs. Expectations are there that the app will be upgraded with bookmarks, air print support and video saving feature soon. There are a lot of great cloud storage options to choose from, and almost all of them have apps on the App Store. Dropbox acts as a folder on Windows and Mac, and an app on iOS, syncs everything between your devices, and stores backups - with versioning!
This means work projects can be fully accessible across a group of users who can see any edits or notes left for them. The data stored here can be easily accessed and shared among different users so as to collaboratively work on a project. So, with this service around, you dona€™t have to bother about the security of your uploaded files at all. With the lowest wait time and the highest resolution rate, our technicians have set high standards.
Upon enrollment, users will get a storage space of 2 gigabytes, easily expandable for free.
In other cases, however, it’s up to you to choose whether and how to synchronize files and content. Those using Cubby on a business level can also monitor activity on Cubby and who shares what. Offering you a similar interface to that of Google Docs, Google Drive is simple to set up and use. The files and folders will be synchronized automatically with selected devices, facilitating tasks and life of the people using it. If you use other Google services like Documents, it could be the right choice for you. Download Google Drive App Here.
You get 15 GB for free, 100 GB of starts at $5 a month, and additional plans go up from there. Instead of a 4 GB shared folder being counted against everyone in the group, Copy 'splits the bill' since technically it's only hosted once. We make friends with our customers and they trust us.Choose from one of our solutions and experience high quality support for your home or business needs. There's no built in document editing or collaboration, but Dropbox has a great API (application programming interface) which means lots of iOS and Mac developers have integrated it into other apps. Collaboration is the killer feature, though third-party app support is not as robust as Dropbox.

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