ThinkComputers Podcast #73 – Tt Water Cooling Kit, Gigabyte X99-Ultra Gaming, SIGGRAPH 2016, Gaming News & More! ThinkComputers Podcast #72 – Thermaltake SPM Platform, New Titan X, Skylake-X, and More! The Amazon Cloud Drive also offers 5 GB for free, although you can purchase more space for approximately 50 cents a gigabyte. Dropbox popularized the cloud-based storage sites before any of the big companies got in on it, and the service is still going strong. Google tried out Google Docs and Google Music first before finally jumping into the cloud storage world with Google Drive. With more companies realizing the value of cloud services, more and more of them will begin to offer their own. For me, my favourite cloud storage with synching is SkyDrive because I was able to snag the 25GB storage for free.
Cloud storage is a particularly beneficial service for small businesses, where operating cash is often limited and infrastructure less sturdy, especially in a company’s earliest days. Technology is an expensive investment and the very best technology available is often well out of the reach of a fledgling small business. As your business establishes itself, you and your employees and colleagues may find yourself travelling often to meet with suppliers and potential clients.
This article is to help you choose the best cloud storage service for your photos, documents, files and more that serves your need and affordable for you.
As define in Wikipedia, Cloud storage is an Internet hosting service specifically design to host users file in such a way that it allows users to upload files that could then be accessed over the internet from a different computer, tablet, smartphone, or other networked device by the same users or possibly by other users after a password or other authentication is provided. You can organize your files and photos in Google Drive but there is no way to automatically upload photos from your phone directly to the Google Drive. OneDrive is a good choice for people that uses Office frequently, OneDrive works excellently with Windows devices since it’s baked into the Windows operating systems running on PCs, tablets, and Windows Phone.
Is Clear that OneDrive is meant for windows devices though there are its apps for other devices but OneDrive doesn’t look good in other device unlike the microsoft devices itself. And to use OneDrive, you must sign up for a Microsoft account, which gives you access to Outlook, Xbox Live, and other Microsoft services which you might not even have interest in.
Dropbox gives its users plenty of opportunities to get extra storage to add to the normal 2GB you get when you sign up. It’s cloud offers you 5 GB of free storage, but media purchased from iTunes does not count against that 5 GB limit.
Access your cloud drive from anywhere you have an Internet browser, such as a computer or a tablet.
It also allows you remotely access files on computers associated with your account and bring them into the cloud – no need to worry about forgetting important documents on your home desktop. Choose a cloud service now from the companies that are pioneering this technology and you’ll be guaranteed the best possible options. Cloud storage for small businesses can tangibly help you succeed – it offers access to sophisticated technology without the need to employ an IT department or spend thousands of dollars on infrastructure such as software, servers and storage devices. Instead of relying on less impressive alternatives, cloud storage for small business allows you instant access to top-of-the-range storage options and collaboration opportunities.
It’s a necessary part of any business that can affect employees at any level but, without access to the documents you’ve been working on, it can make life rather difficult. If you’re creating a product for a client and your server should happen to fail, all the work you’ve done so far will be lost – which can amount to thousands of dollars in lost profits. Thus, we can easily add, remove, share access, open, or edit files and rest assured that the storage would backup and synchronize all our changes. He loves sharing his expertise on popular software, apps, services, and general digital technology.
You get a little bit of everything with this service, including a word processor, spreadsheet application, and presentation builder, plus 15GB of free storage space.

And also if you use google mail services Gmail, it’s easy to save attachments from your e-mail directly to Drive with just a few clicks.
So,  Instead Google has an Auto Backup feature in the Google+ mobile apps, which sends your photos to your Google+ profile. And One last note; Microsoft has a stricter code of conduct for the files you upload to OneDrive than any other cloud service. Beyond the basic cloud storage setup, where you can store just about any kind of file, Box lets you share files with colleagues, assign tasks, leave comments on someone’s work, and get notifications when a file changes. It refers to that magical place on the Internet where you can store all your documents and access them from anywhere. If you want to store all your music on the cloud, you can use iTunes Match for $24.99 a year to easily store it without it taking up your storage space as well. There is a mobile app that allows you to upload files, but currently you cannot access files from the app.
Google Drive automatically syncs with the cloud so no matter what device you use to access the files, they will be up to date. It also helps everyone within the business collaborate effortlessly on documents, wherever they might be at any particular moment. Rather than add an IT employee or department to the payroll, you can trust in the support and help of an established, knowledgeable staff that can remotely fix almost any problem with your technology. Cloud storage for small business makes all your data available to you from any device, anywhere in the world. Instead of relying on cheaper storage hardware, cloud storage for small businesses offers the very best in storage solutions, located far from your original files and vulnerable hardware.
You can also preview attachments from Gmail in Google Drive, and save those files to your cloud.
You may not be able to store any file that depicts any kind of nudity, or that incites, advocates, or expresses pornography or racism, and the likes which are not part of the Terms of Service you agree to when you sign up to use OneDrive. Those apps store in your file system so that you can easily move files from your computer to the cloud and vice versa by dragging and dropping them into your Dropbox folder. And if you urn on the automatic photo upload feature on any of the mobile apps, you get total of 3GB of extra space but not per device. It’s not magical at all, of course, just a simple matter of a good file hosting service, and there are plenty of them to choose from. If you’re taking a trip to China with nothing but your tablet, you can still access the spreadsheets and Powerpoint slides you need to win over a new ally. Should the worst happen and a hard disk give up the ghost, or thieves break in and steal your expensive technology, you don’t have to worry about the work you’ve been doing: it’s safe and secure and you can get back to work immediately.
However, more advanced users are constantly finding new ways to benefit from certain cloud storage options.
You can organize all of your files in the desktop app, and they’ll sync with the cloud so you can get to them anywhere.
The service automatically and quickly syncs your files across all of your devices, so you can access everything, everywhere. Also, if  you invite a friend to Dropbox who actually signs up for the service, you earn 500MB per referrals. Here is a look at the top 5 best personal cloud storage services to help you decide which cloud service is right for you. Even better, your colleagues can continue perfecting those documents while you travel and make the finished product available to you as soon as you land. For example, we all can take advantage of the fact that most cloud storages are cross-platform. And like other cloud storage services, Drive has apps for iOS and Android, so you can manage your files from your phone.
With the launch of OneDrive, Microsoft updated its Android app to add automatic photo uploads, so that when you shoot a photo with your phone, it’s automatically saved to OneDrive.

Another great strength of Dropbox is that it works equally well on PCs and Macs, Android and iOS. Indeed, there is a handful of clever ways to use cloud storage services, which you may not have thought of. Ease to upgradeTraditionally, if your hard disks start getting full, you’d have to buy new ones. Have a look at five most non-standard tricks you can do with your Dropbox or Google Drive.Stream Multimedia on Any DeviceBuying tracks and videos for your iPhone or Android phone is quite costly. Otherwise, it is possible to stream any multimedia files on your device with a cloud storage.
The great thing about cloud storage is the ease in which you can upgrade to a larger storage plan. Note that big size files are not good for streaming, so you would better convert long videos to smaller files with Freemake Video Converter and then upload it to a cloud folder on your PC.
That means you can instantly get GBs of extra storage at the push of a button, rather than having to order more storage and wait for it (and then install it). By default, iOS and Android apps will try to play your files with inbuilt multimedia player. Remote workingThis is one of the most important benefits associated with cloud computing-you can allow your staff to stay at home more often and work remotely. The reality is, providing a desk for a full-time member of staff can be expensive, but now you don’t have to. By changing the default location where your browser stores bookmarks to your cloud storage folder, it is possible to synchronize bookmarks across all devices.
Once set, any new bookmarks will be automatically added to your browser across all devices.Start Torrent Downloads at Home from Any GadgetIf you are a regular uTorrent user, you may want not to stop your downloads when you just leave your home PC and add new torrent streams from any device.
Just tell your BitTorrent client to track a specific folder in your Dropbox or Google Drive for torrents.
Then, when you are out of home PC and want to download a cool new torrent, just copy that file to your designated cloud storage folder. Make sure your DropBox is fully protected and start enjoying the benefits it can bring for your business. So if you have your PC, laptop or mobile gadget stolen, you have all chances to find it with the help of Dropbox.
Once the stolen machine is connected to the Internet, you can track your computer’s last IP address through the Dropbox account security page. Chief editor and author at LERAblog, writing useful articles and HOW TOs on various topics. Just create a special folder in your Dropbox and simply run the following script on your home PC. Particularly interested in topics such as Internet, advertising, SEO, web development and business.Do you like this post? The script will check out the specified folder for files, print and delete them afterwards. You may also like:Advantages of Virtual File StorageModern businesses need to integrate the latest forms of digital storage technology into an office network.
You can think of using cloud services for making your business better, if you are an internet-savvy person.

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