You have finally reached the point where you realize you need an experienced data recovery service if you’re going to ever get your files back.
First, you might be thinking about finding the cheapest data recovery service, the most affordable. Alternatively, you probably have not considered how much your data is actually worth to you in your situation. Data recovery service prices can vary, but shouldn’t necessarily be what you base your decision on. TIP: More than 90% of the companies that claim to do data recovery do not, or are not qualified to, repair a hard drive for data recovery purposes. Hard drive recovery is one of the most expensive parts of data recovery, and is the next stage after a diagnosis has concluded there is a mechanical problem with the disk.
The device actually has to work the way it did before, especially in the cases with laptop, desktop hard drives, and SSDs. The cost of data recovery is based on the process a company has to follow to successfully get the data off your device. Here at SERT, your recovery price will depend on the size (storage capacity), type of device, problem, and if the device needs to be temporarily repaired.
SERT Data Recovery is rated one of the nation’s top data retrieval services, because we cater to each of the needs of our clients. We understand that your data is important, and you need it back so life can get back to normal. Finding a service like SERT Data Recovery, who follows HIPPA regulations means they take your privacy seriously. Additionally, our customer service department will provide regular updates during all stages of your recovery.
Our data recovery process includes utilizing the latest technology, engineered by the leaders in data recovery development World Wide.
Every process and procedure is performed by a qualified SERT data recovery specialist, in house and onsite, where we have the ability to safely open your drive in a clean room environment in order to give you an accurate assessment of your drive. The best data recovery companies will provide a level of service and reliability you can count on.
Our service has successfully recovered data for many types of clients ranging from residential, government, education, business, and large corporate entities. When your information, files, and folders are inaccessible you need the best data recovery center with the right technology and experienced engineers, to recover what is most important to you. SERT expert data recovery services provide solutions for almost all types of media and devices that have suffered mechanical, electrical, and logical damage on a wide range of operating systems. Evaluation of the device: An audible, visual, and mechanical inspection of the media is performed and documented. Imaging Process: Your media is safely cloned on a bit level to ensure 100% preservation of recoverable data. Although many professional data recovery companies have limited or no experience working with multiple types of storage devices and computer configurations, our trendsetting recovery engineers have the ability to recover data from any hard drive or storage system you bring us.

SERT’s RAID data recovery services are especially effective in recovering and rebuilding failed arrays. As you are now well aware, Apple is a company that does not do data recovery, or even back ups of their client’s data for that matter.
Despite being one of the most reliable ways to store data, USB flash storage is not immune to unexpected loss of file, folders, information and data corruption, including physical damage. Companies like Staples, Office Depot, Apple, Dell, and Best Buy do not do actual data recovery themselves.
They do not have the certifications, nor the equipment required to do repairs and other procedures professional recovery companies do which give you the best chances of getting your files back. They simply have the ability to connect it to a computer, and see if the computer will recognize the drive in order to do a software level recovery.
SERT has all the latest disk recovery technology, and a team of world class engineers familiar with all configurations, servers, hard disk drives, and any USB Flash removable media. No matter what’s wrong with your storage device, our recovery specialists have the experience and technology to handle the situation quickly and securely.
No matter where you are in the US, our process of recovering data is very straight forward.
All SERT hard drive and RAID recovery services are performed onsite in our lab, and CLASS 100 ISO 5 clean work bench, located in Florida. One of the most important yet neglected services in todays world of technology is a companies PC Backup or Server Backup. The Doc understand this and provides the relevant services so that when the worst does occur, you are covered and can be happy with the knowledge that your business can continue to run un-interrupted and with minimal loss and down-time. Best practices for backups and disaster recovery aren’t tremendously different in the cloud than from a managed hosting environment.
Your database tier is typically your primary datastore, so it’s backups are often the most crucial. S3 stores objects as private by default, however it makes sense for particularly sensitive data to also encrypt those backups.
A MySQL slave or passive master database can be a great way to offload backups away from the primary database server. You’ve asked enough questions, and seen enough data recovery videos on YouTube to understand your hard disk is in trouble, and you need help. There are two main stages of data recovery services that will greatly affect the outcome of your recovery.
We’re honest, and have a high success rate in recovering a wide variety of data recovery cases and situations. When choosing from the many recovery services available, choose one that is sincerely concerned with how this loss has affected your life.
Through our ticket, live chat, phone, and email support system, you can rest at night knowing you will stay informed during each phase of your case.

SERT’s free evaluation and shipping to our facility (on standard cases), gives you the up front advantage and confidence in trusting SERT to successfully recover your data each and every time. You can fill out our secure form for a free online quote within 12 hours, or visit our service center. If you are not local, we will help you pack your drive safely to mail to us just as easily.
Attempting recovery yourself is a good way to make your situation worse and cause data loss which no amount of money can reverse.
RAID is a data storage scheme that replicates data among multiple hard drives, and is commonly mistaken for a “back up” solution. SERT is able to retrieve your files, folders, documents, pictures, iTunes, videos, and any other files that you may have stored on your Mac products. With many years of experience, we are the name you can trust with the most difficult data recovery cases. In most cases only after severe data loss, theft or when disaster strikes do users and business owners decide to invest in backup systems. One of our services ensure that all backup media is swapped out on a weekly basis and stored in a secure offsite facility ensuring you always have peace of mind. At the moment, there’s no technology made by any data recovery company that allows your files to be saved directly off the platters. SERT recovery engineers will safely recover files from any logical problem (deletion, corruption and bad sectors), electrical damage (PCB damage, internal circuitry damage), and mechanical failure (motor damage, platter misalignment, head crash). Our geniuses are able to help you get back your memories, and restore your work so you don’t have to go without, or start all over. Our flash drive recovery service engineers have spent countless hours researching to find a lasting solution to flash data loss and the good news today is that we offer comprehensive recovery service from FLASH storage media.
Years ago costing and infrastructure played a major role in this neglect however in current times many of the these systems have become affordable for the average user.
We can handle any kind of Mac data recovery service you might need any year, and model, you don’t have to worry about losing what’s important to you. In addition there are many different ways and many different formats in which users can resolve the issue of the PC Backup. SERT specialists are experienced and proficient in all manner of RAID issues from RAID 0, RAID 5, and on to RAID 10. Nowadays It often boils down to a matter of taking the time to invest in these systems however this time is more often spent on more pressing endevours. Contact us today to discuss available options and pricing so that you can have peace of mind when disaster strikes..

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