This is the first app of this type I started using and I can say that this is indeed one of the best Android backup apps.
Making bakcup copies of documents, messages or contacts is as important and useful as making copies of apps you use on your Android phone. I've started testing this app only recently but I must say it also deserves to be called one of the best Android backup apps. How to Recover Data From Nexus 4 or 5 Broken ScreenMangania v2.4 Apk – Best Manga Reader Application Ever!
Cost – Backing up your data is not always cheap, especially when you factor in the cost of any equipment needed to do so – think external hard drives or backup tapes.
Invisibility – For all intents and purposes, cloud storage is invisible; with no physical presence, it doesn’t take up valuable space at home or in the office. Security – Storing confidential or sensitive information in the cloud is often more secure than storing it locally, especially for businesses. Automation – The biggest issue most consumers and businesses have with backing up is follow through; it simply just doesn’t get done. Accessibility – From tablets to smartphones, netbooks to desktops, we’re using more devices on a daily basis than ever before, and toggling files between each of these devices can be cumbersome and complex.
Sharing – Whether you want to share a single photo or an entire folder with hundreds of documents, online storage services allow you to easily share files with just a few clicks. Protection – Cloud storage serves as an added layer of data protection for your precious and irreplaceable files.
Recovery – In the event of catastrophic data loss, you’ll have backups of all your original files so you can restore them with zero downtime. Well I have said Box the best cloud app because of its user friendly interface is very easy to use and the deals it is providing are worth a try,The deal is for the 30 days.
Most of us want to use a single account to manage our e-mail and social media profile and have a backup storage associated with it.
G-Cloud Backup has an improved UI and provides an efficient way of automatically backing up contacts, messages, photos, videos, music, documents, call logs and more. July 30, 2015 By Nevil Patel Leave a Comment Electronically saved files and documents are not always safe. Backup and restore was introduced in Windows Vista operating system which was later applied to the upcoming systems and programs, including the cellphone operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry OS.
Today in this post, I will tell you about how to take a backup of your Android phone and restoring your Android system. Apart from the in-built backup option, you can use the third party backup Android phone apps on your Android device which supports login in from your Android account. Easy backup and restore app stores all your sms, mms, call logs, bookmarks, calendar and contacts and helps you backup Android phone to Google. Helium is an ultimate app to backup Android phone apps and data to SD card or in cloud storage. I have been personally using Titanium and I’ve found it the best way to backup my Android phone.
SMS Backup+ is specifically developed to backup sms, mms and call logs by using a separate label in Gmail or Google Calendar and you can easily restore them back to the phone. GCloud is a free Android phone backup app which is safe and keeps your private data secured.
CM Backup is a safe and simple free backup and restore tool for Android that stores all your mobile data into the cloud and it is considered as the best app to backup Android. My Backup is a free and the good backup and restore app for android devices that securely stores all your Android phone data. Ultimate Backup is a free and the best Android backup app that performs multiple tasks like backup and restore, freeze, uninstall apps, sync data to the cloud, kill tasks and includes lots of functionality.
GO Backup and Restore is a professional tool that stores all your Android phone data including system settings, apk files, app data, sms, call logs, etc. AppMonster is a free and the best backup and restore app for Android phones and tablets that offer features like batch backup and restore, uninstall apps from SD card, share and do lots with it.
The app that is commonly known for Windows users, is now made available for Android users as well. Apart from just storing your data, the app acts as the best thing for your photos, videos, documents and other files. The apps that supported cloud services of My cloud are Dropbox, Google Drive and One Drive. One of the interesting feature of the app is that, it backs up and restores your contacts with the avatars, contact images and birthdays that you might have saved. The free (trial) version is limited only to 30 days after which you have to buy MyBackupPro for 4.99$. If you use many different apps (like calendars, wallets and so forth) you may find it very hard and time-consuming to restore all the apps after you reset your phone or restore factory settings.
It allows you to quickly backup your SMS, call logs, contacts, photos, music, documents and video into a secure cloud storage.

I just wanted to inform you about my new website - MobileGuruLOL where you will find everything about Android (and tons of tutorials). On this site, the Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License. With online storage services, data is encrypted both during transmission and while at rest, ensuring no unauthorized users can access the files.
Online storage services make the tedious process of backing up easy to accomplish through automation. This way, the latest version of a file you saved on your desktop is available on your smartphone. And it appears to be 50GB for life, instead of one of those introductory deals that disappears in a couple of years.
There are two types of backups- the first is the manual backup that stores a selected number of programs and files that you choose and the second is the automatic backup that keeps a periodic backup of your system completely. A large number of Android users have complained that their phone crashes at times and they lose their phonebook contacts and files.
On opening the app, you’ll find a backup option within the app which will give you the choice to back up the entire user data on the device or choose from a list of programs which are required to backup. With this app, you can backup the apps in your SD card or any cloud storage platforms like Dropbox, Gmail, Google Drive, OneDrive or Box. With this app, you can sync app data from additional Android devices and schedule automatic app backups without losing any data.
Although the automatic backup feature might not work if the SMSBackup+ app is installed on your SD card.
You can even easily migrate to separate devices and expand your storage by saving everything in the cloud. This app allows you to save space by removing the apps which are not required on your phone.
With Super Backup, you can restore apps, contacts, sms, call logs, bookmarks and calendars to your SD card, as well as to cloud storage platforms like Google Drive and Gmail. You can also schedule automatic backups with truBackup and backup your data to SD card, Google Drive and Dropbox. It securely stores your data without letting you worry about them and easily restores them without any changes. We have a lot of important stuff which we save in the form of files in our digital devices like laptops, computers, tablets and even our smartphones.
There are lots of apps available in PlayStore to the job, but the app we are featuring has security and is trustful. And talking about cloud storage, many users have a notion that the Cloud storage is limited to only for windows users. So for all Android users, if you are looking for some storage apps, here is something that would interest you.
To start with, this cloud storage app will work wonders for users who have just started up with the Android OS. And adding to its regular updates and features, the app has been famous with many Android users. My cloud does not just have its own advantages, but it also further integrates with other cloud services, that are providing a centralized location for all your content. So if you are happy with Clean master, you might be comfortable with the performance of the CM back up app as well! So that could be one additional feature with the app that you might not get with the others listed! The app is supposed to work on most Android devices regardless of their version and whether they have root access or not. GO Backup Pro allows you to back up and restore user data (contacts, call log, SMS, MMS, browser bookmarks, calendar), system settings (in rooted devices) and user applications.
Online storage services reduce much of the cost associated with traditional backup methods, providing ample storage space in the cloud for a low monthly fee.
You can access your account from any internet connection, whether you’re on a mobile browser or your work computer.
Your phone might crash anytime accidentally and this will make you lose all your important files and folders.
When the system crashes and your files are lost you can restore your system from the backup taken last time. This is why it is very essential for Android users to keep a periodic backup of their phone in order to keep their files and contacts safe.
According to your choice, you can back up the data to your SD card or onto the cloud storage platforms like Google Drive or Dropbox, whichever is supported by the app.
With Titanium, you can backup your data and apps which include system apps and protected apps plus the additional data on your SD card. SMS Backup+ does not include the most advanced features like the other apps but still you can use it for taking the basic backups on your Android device.

Not only this, you can organize your files and easily access them without searching too much for any file. CM Backup is a secure app that won’t let you worry about your data and you can avail them even if your device is lost or stolen. All you have to do is select the type of backup you want to make and click "backup." You can also send your backup files to e-mail and, of course, restore them any time you want. The app lets you back up apps, photos, system settings, music, videos, contacts, SMS, call logs, calendar,  home screens, playlists, alarms and many more.
The app also allows you to effectively manage backups or use the option of schedule backup.
And this is why it is very important to keep a routine backup of your phone so that you can restore the files if your phone crashes anytime. The files will be securely stored over there and while restoring, you can easily retrieve them into your Android device. The backups work without interrupting any services or any ongoing operation on your Android device.
In case of any mishaps like freak accidents or thefts which test the sensitivity of your data, the backups you keep will be very helpful in regaining access.To help this cause, many app developers build what we call backup apps.
The G Cloud Backup app which is developed by the app maker Genie9 is one of the best apps for creating backup and restore the device.This app is very much helpful when the device is lost or stolen and  you are very much worried about your data from being wiped off. There is also the schedule option and possibility of storing backup files at the developer's servers or on your SD card.
Most Android users have often questioned about “How to backup my Android phone?” And the easiest way to do this is to use a backup application on your phone or Google backup for Android so that you can store your files safely. You can even browse the app details and backup the files without interrupting any other ongoing functions on your phone. Helium also offers a premium version of the app which includes automatic backup, backup schedules and cloud backup and restore from popular cloud storage services like Dropbox, Box and Google Drive. Fortunately, there are many apps designed just for that and I'm here to show you 4 best Android backup apps. Now, let’s end the fate of lost data on Android with the help of this Android Assistant software. With it, you can backup all data from the device to your desktop computer with one simple click.Be able to export contacts, text messages, apps, photos, music, movie, books, etc.
It has been in the market for best android backup apps for a long time and thus its veteran status adds a certain advantage. Backup is easy as all media and app data is moved from internal storage to rerware cloud servers.
The whole process is manual where you need to plug in and initiate the process.5) Ultimate BackupI have to say that Ultimate backup has one the best designs in the market of best backup apps for android. Created by Genie9 Corporation, the G Cloud Backup app syncs all your contacts, messages, photos, phone settings, and a lot more to the cloud.
The app will also automatically upload your files so you can go about your day without worrying about losing your files.In case you lose your phone or accidentally delete a file, just load the G Cloud Backup app and you can restore the lost file straight from your cloud-based backup.
You can even use this app to instantly restore files and data from an old device to another brand-new device.
Otherwise, the functionality is great.7) Super backupAn excellent application to backup and restore phone data as well as applications and settings, and automate backups with scheduling backups. To be able to use the app, you will need to create a G Cloud account.  After getting an account, you will select which type of data you want to sync to G Cloud. You can sync your contacts, call logs, messages, browser data, videos, photos, music, document files, and system settings. These could have been a good addition to an app so you can automatically restore your apps on another device. Once you have determined what data you want to sync to G Cloud, the app will automatically upload your files to your cloud account. The upgrade will only remove ads from the interface.8) Gcloud BackupThis is the favourite app for people who have a major chunk of the data as dynamic media like photos, music, videos etc.
You can view your entire gallery in the cloud account.9) Mobile Backup and restoreThis is another very famous app in the market for best backup android apps. Developed by the Avast team, the free version allows you to backup contacts, SMS, call logs. You can also save photos, music, videos and apps but only with an upgrade to a paid monthly subscription.I hope you like these android backup apps, do  you want to share more backup  apps please do let us know in comments .
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