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This is also accounting for the collapse of the mini notebook market."Businesses approaching their replacement cycle for aging desktop and notebook PCs are asking whether they can move to tablet devices. With the trend towards 'bring your own device' taking hold, employees increasingly want to use their own personal tablets and smartphones. With so much choice it's important to clearly understand how the portable technology in your business is currently used and, more importantly, how this will change in the future.
Your checklistOften, tablet PCs and notebooks are not mutually exclusive, but offer complementary devices that can be used for specific purposes. Attempting to configure a tablet PC like a notebook computer will ultimately deliver a disappointing experience.
A better approach is to ask how each device can be used efficiently with its own specific strengths. It's worth taking a number of issues into consideration.One is whether a touch interface is appropriate for the applications in use. Can you justify the cost?As notebooks have developed their price has tumbled, and fully featured notebook PCs come at a significantly lower cost than some tablet PCs. Integration questionNext is to ask whether your business can integrate what multiple operating systems into the IT systems it currently uses? As tablets use operating systems designed for mobile devices, these have to be maintained, supported and integrated into your businesses other IT systems. Carefully assess the impact tablet PCs could have before moving to these platforms.Then ask if the storage capacity of the mobile devices you are looking at is adequate for your business's needs?

Tablet PCs cannot compete if you need masses of storage capacity on the devices needed to run your business.
A new category of ultra thin and light notebook PCs has been developing over the past couple of years. They are lightweight, have a compact design, a full keyboard and the other features you'd expect on a notebook.
Costs are still quite high, but Ultrabooks offer a halfway house between traditional notebook PCs and tablets.Screen sizeAlso ask if you need larger screens. In the past, laptops were often used as desktop PC replacements, as they typically had 17-inch screens.
It's likely that in future the market will be dominated by tablet PCs with hybrid devices following closely. Tablet PCs are developing at such a pace that they will soon have similar features to their notebook cousins. However, their ergonomics still makes them a poor choice in some business scenarios in which a notebook PC or even a desktop would be more appropriate. It's critical to avoid being blinded by the bright light of tablet PC development and think through your business's IT needs before making your buying decision.Decided which one will be best for you?

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