Cloud computing lets you work from virtually anywhere and on almost any device no matter what the size of your business.  We have partnered with Microsoft, Google, and others to bring you the best cloud offerings. The University of Nottingham has over 50,000 students across the United Kingdom, China and Malaysia campuses, and a large number of permanent and visiting staff. Shaping Cloud were engaged to deliver an SC:Initiate on the messaging, calendar and email archiving services across the institution including China and Malaysia.
Shaping Cloud delivered an SC:Initiate presenting the University with 3 separate scenarios to migrate the messaging services across the three countries over the next 4 years.
Brief solution overview and costings per option, showing the risks to the University, costs and high level transition timelines.
How global email users could be handled from an Active Directory perspective, particularly in respect to China based email users with respect to privacy laws and potential impact on service. Whether moving to a cloud based email solution was the correct direction for The University of Nottingham.
It also included full cost-benefit analysis and various factors such as growth of student & staff numbers. As a follow up to the initial IIA, Shaping Cloud then engaged with another technology partner to do a deeper analysis into how the University could migrate over 13TB of data from the TransVault archives up to the Office 365 tenancy. Shaping Cloud are seen as a strategic partner and are working closely with the leadership team.
This page has information about Solar energy development — both industrial and residential. Make sure to look at the rest of this website (see menus above), as there are several hundred studies and reports about the economic, environmental and technical consequences of renewable energy.

A Photovoltaic (PV) System directly converts sunlight into electricity using a process known as the photovoltaic effect. This is based on using a feature of materials known as semi-conductors.
Photographer and storm chaser Kelly DeLay was in the absolute right place at the absolute right time, and he finally caught his unicorn.
DeLay was chasing a tornado under a supercell thunderstorm through the Colorado plains a few days ago when he spotted a second tornado growing out of the same system.
Although the tornadoes look tiny in his image, he got close enough to shoot a video in which you see the tornado on the right is quite large. Senior leaders within the University are focused on ensuring technology is continually update to deliver the best student experience and enable staff and research group to be uninhibited and perform to a world-class level. This would include a 4 year business case, architecture, cost-benefit analysis and delivery schedule.
These two key pieces of business intelligence gave the University a full business case for their migration to the cloud.
They have been able to use their extensive experience in the Education sector and strong ties with Microsoft to add value to the University’s decision making process.
If you have questions about any of this, or have other material that should be included, or find any errors here, or would like to be on our email list, please email independent physicist John Droz. Passive refers to such actions as opening a window shade to let sunlight in to heat a room. PV can be used from small applications (powering a calculator) to commercial electricity production.
Additionally please review our list of forty legal and economic concerns for landowners signing wind leases, as many of these are marked to also apply to solar.

Even more surprising, one of them appeared to be rotating anticyclonically, or clockwise, a rare occurrence in the Northern Hemisphere.
DeLay was parked on Highway 24 between Matheson and Simla, two to three miles from the storm. DeLay saw another weird sight just after his killer shot—a double rainbow and hail in the same storm. In a larger utility scale operation (Concentrated Solar Power: CSP), solar heat is concentrated and collected and then can be used to drive a conventional steam generator — which produces electricity.
The last section discusses some concerns of residential solar (which is typically on home roofs). NC Cooperative Extension has some good observations on their two solar reports: Landowner Solar Leasing and Contract Issues Explained. He purposely stayed back and shot with a Canon 5D Mark III and a wide-angle 16-35mm lens so he could see the entire supercell. He got as close as he could to continue shooting, but the wind and skies grew so ominous that he hightailed it out of there. So, add us to your ad blocker’s whitelist or pay $1 per week for an ad-free version of WIRED.
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