Choosing and Buying a domain name is a particularly essential part of designing your website because that it will become the brand name of your online business.
Tip: Before deciding the domain name you can find the best match of the domain name with the help of domain suggestion tools. They will show you the domain extensions, and you can choose any of the TLD(top level domain) from them. If the domain name you are looking for has already been taken, GoDaddy will give you some possible alternatives that have not been registered.
Note: You will notice at the bottom of the page, there are also some domain names that have been registered but are up for sale.
As it’s not mandatory to buy a domain name from alternate choice, If none are right, just do another search until you find one you like. On the left, you can see all the personal details like address and phone number are available.
If you don’t want your personal information to be public, you can choose privacy protection option, and the result of whois will appear with that on right. Note: The advantage of using their web hosting or e-mail is that DNS will automatically be updated to point to these services. If you scroll down, you will also notice that a search for additional domains has been performed. Anuradha is a full loving person who enjoys her work thoroughly and has a keen interest in writing. Our Mission: to impart information and train web hosting shoppers about the world of Web Hosting.

You can directly purchase the domain name from your Web Hosting provider or separately from the domain name registrars(a recommended option for those using their servers) too. Put in the domain name that you want to register and see if the domain name is available to be registered or not. You will also notice that the cost of these domain names is quite high compared to the cost of registering a new domain name. If you scroll up through the alternate options, you might find the domain name that is similar to the domain name you want to register it. If you like the domain name from alternatives or domain you want is luckily available then add that domain name to your cart to be registered.
When the domain name is added to cart, some additional options appear which can also be included in the cart. Anyone using whois, which is a DNS tool that is freely available can quickly look at this information. And the requirement for registering a domain name is that your personal information should be accurate. Normally when a domain name expires, it is available to be registered, and if someone registered before you, they could take your domain name.
If you want to create your site using the domain that you registered, for a monthly fee GoDaddy will host your site.
The next screen is the review screen where you can review your order and can change the term for a domain name which itself has configured for two years. When you press the continue button, on the next screen, you will get the chance to confirm the details.

If you haven't already, you may want to subscribe to Hope Ink's blog updates so you don't miss a thing. Hopefully, the domain name that you are after is available, and you will not have to pay top dollar to buy it from their owner. It put additional security on the domain which prevents the user from accidentally moving the domain name to someone else.
If you don’t choose any options here, you are always free to choose these services from someone else. If you want to use someone else, it is just a matter of changing the appropriate DNS Records to point to the other host that is providing that hosting service. In her free time she loves eating new foods , reading books and spend time with her family.
I'm also a member of various affiliate programs, which means that if you make a purchase through a link here, I may receive a small commission (which in turn helps support my handmade business and our non-profit ministry) --so, thank you! It is up to you if you want to pay the extra money to keep your details being known to the public.
In this case, I will add the option for privacy protection which will keep my details secure. If you leave this option ticked, any future purchases that you make will be automatically with this credit card.

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