To eat smart on the road during the holidays, or anytime of the year is no small feat, but add in travel and it becomes downright impossible.
Even with the best of intentions, getting on the road usually signals a time to finally let your hair down and chill out on the way to your destination. The key to eating smart on the road is to have solid strategies to help you avoid temptation before you hit the road! Allow for at least fifteen minutes per hour of extra time so that you won’t feel pushed, and also to handle any unexpected obstacles. Realize that when you grab the bag of candy at the gas station that you’re not buying it because you’re hungry, you’re buying it because you are bored or stressed. No matter how you’re travelling, staying active makes holiday eating easier by keeping your body on board with the process.
That whole myth that you need the caffeine to keep you awake is really just that – a myth.
Drinking water will not only help you to stay awake, it will also naturally force you to stop more often, which again is such a good thing!
Stephanie Dodier is a Clinical Nutritionist, speaker and creator of the Dodier Protocol, an integrative approach which incorporates therapeutic foods, nutrients and mind-body connection. Let me know what you think, or ask question and I'll respond personally.Your email address will not be published.
I'm here to teach you how to listen and observe your body in a curious and compassionate way and make necessary changes and heal. The CommunityGet free access to The Mind-Body Connection Community: A loving space filled with support, guidance & friendship.
As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. Je tiens cette recette d’une grand-mere basque, Amatxi, et je peux vous assurer que le gateau est excellent et a toujours du succes aupres de tous, y compris mes etudiants amateurs de patisserie ayant voulu la realiser avec moi. Petrir le tout; ensuite, partager la pate en 2 parts egales, puis chaque part obtenue en 2, une des portions etant legerement plus grosse car le dessous du gateau sera un peu plus grand que le dessus une fois abaisse.

Si la creme n’est pas assez epaisse, delayer encore un peu de maizena et rajouter a la creme. Une astuce est d’utiliser une feuille en plastique de patisserie ou comme moi, un bout de toile ciree coupee en rectangle de 25 cm, je connais ainsi le diametre de mon disque de pate et c’est assez facile a manipuler en glissant la main gauche dessous, je retourne l’ensemble sur le moule en ajustant  bord a bord a gauche, puis je pose la pate et souleve doucement la toile cote droit, la pate se depose parfaitement sur le moule.
Commencer par les 2 dessous, les rouler en un disque au bon diametre et les deposer sur les moules. I like this recipe I have from a Basque grandmother Amatxi, and I can assure you that the cake is excellent and always a hit with everyone, including my students who want to make it with me.
Knead the mixture, then split the dough into 2 equal parts, then each part again in two, keeping one portion slightly larger because the bottom of the cake will be a little bigger than the top once flattened. Break the egg yolks in a saucepan, add sugar, flour and gradually mix in the cold milk, cook over low heat, stirring until the cream thickens. One trick is to use a silicon baking sheet or, like I do, a piece of oiled cloth cut in a 25cm rectangle. Start with the 2 bigger portions of dough, roll into a disk of the right diameter and place into the cake pan. I am a certified native French teacher who also speaks Spanish, English & Japanese, and offers immersion stays in my home near Bayonne. This Fabulous Minecraft Cake was made by Cake Central Member Itty Bitty Bakery.   These are some of the best Minecraft figures that I have seen.
You’re already feeling rushed and overwhelmed with your to-do list – gifts to buy, work to do before vacation, decorating the house, balancing the budget, and everything in between.
No matter how well you plan or how strong your willpower is, getting stressed about your timetable will make it infinitely harder to stick to that plan and eat smart on the road. Even if you plan to stop somewhere to eat, pack extra healthy snacks and more for holiday travel then have them within easy reach at all times. It will take a few minutes to pull it together before you leave, but a sandwich that’s made from good quality protein wrapped in lettuce instead of the bun and then tossed into in a cooler bag will tremendously ease your temptation for that burger hut with the snowflakes in the windows.
You’re going to be sitting for long, long periods of time while you’re getting from point A to point B.

This will help you to hit your mental reset button because when your body is active you’ll be craving those bad foods much less and keep up your smart eating on the road.
The burst that it gives you is only temporary and really has more of an effect of raising your anxiety than your alertness.
Join Stephanie in a free 30 days program to start your journey in understanding your own body messages. Bien faire jointer les bords des dessous avec le dessus en les rabattant et en les roulant. I’m passionate about my region and it’s culture, and love doing hikes and cooking regional specialties. Your email address will only ever be used for French Today News and you can easily unsubscribe with a single click at any time.
For the cake itself, all of the squares were individually cut over several days and then later placed directly onto the cake. The squares along the sides and top were placed to match at the corners. This bonus time will allow you a few minutes to pop into a grocery store for healthy snacks rather than pulling into a gas station full of holiday junk food, or eat your meal at a sit down restaurant with healthy options instead of a fast food joint.
This means unsalted nuts, dried unsweetened fruit, or homemade jerky to continue to eat smart on the road.
If you’re at an airport and have a long layover, spend that time walking around the terminal instead of sitting. If you want to learn French in France, click for more info about my immersion home stay classes.

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