Whether you’ve got a B2C, B2B, not-for-profit or solopreneur oriented blog, you have five major options for generating money from your blog.
To maximize your blog’s sales generation, test a variety of options to see which is most effective for your target audience. What forms of revenue generation have you tested on your blog and what was your experience? The Actionable Marketing Guide participates in the following affiliate marketing programs to bring you great products and services. To ensure that your blog generates sales, it’s important that this is one of your top goals since it focuses your strategy. Jay Baer of Convince and Convert blog made the point that it took him over three years to receive any revenue directly from his blog.
This doesn’t mean blogging promotion after promotion unless you’re Woot, an Amazon owned firm that built a reputation on its twenty-four hour sales and quirky content.
Blogs provide a great forum for selling products in a contextually relevant, targeted environment. Often referred to as information products, these offerings are associated with your blog’s focus and may even incorporate content you published earlier on the blog.
To this end, integrate a contextually relevant call-to-action, use a unique promotional code to track results, and streamline the purchase process because your blog can be great at attracting prospects but if the website doesn’t close the deal, you won’t make any money.

This was new to me, but I got very interested when I learned that 28% of all website visits are happening via a mobile device of some sort. This underestimates the blog’s contribution to helping Jay get a publishing contract for his book, The Now Revolution [Affiliate Link], written with Amber Nauslund. Rather use your blog to answer your customers’ questions, teach your prospects how to utilize your products, provide recipes and patterns to enhance product usage. Create a blog that’s a platform for describing your area in a way that attracts your audience. Affiliate marketing where you sell products for a share of the revenue that’s often regulated by a third party.
Actionable Blogging Tip: Build an email housefile to help you to communicate and sell your product. Advertisers want their products associated with your content brand since you target similar audiences and your media offers an implied endorsement. Discovery, Animal Planet, Science Channel, HD Theater, ID, Velocity, Travel Channel, TLC, Destination America and their respective logos are trademarks of Discovery Communications.
Example: ePromos, an Ad Age 150 blog, does a great job of showing prospects how to use promotional products. By sharing your insights about your area of knowledge, you attract potential customers to your blog that can act as a website to promote your personal or business brand.

Example: Copyblogger, one of the top content blogs, sells a variety of different content products.
The services offered can include consulting or other professional work, public speaking or content creation. Actionable Blogging Tip: Understand that you must label links related to affiliate sales since it’s an FTC requirement. While prospects interested in hiring you will contact you directly, having a targeted sales page streamlines the process. You can sell your advertising inventory directly or use a third party such as Google or BlogAds.
Actionable Blogging Tip: When adding ads to your blog, it’s critical that they not obfuscate your content since it’s the main reason people visit your site. Example: To extend the visibility of your services, make sure you incorporate it into your navigation like Mack Collier and Peter Shankman.

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