As a Microsoft Online Services Partner SOS can advise you on the best cloud based solution for your organisation. If you are looking at implementing or just investigating cloud based solutions then do not hesitate to contact us for a no obligation proposal.
Cloud solutions offered at Springwood Technology allows your business to have an access to dynamically scalable and virtualised resources.
Springwood Technology cloud solutions is characterised by a dynamic consolidation of IT capabilities to create a stable, scalable, and resilient web-based platform of IT services. Springwood Technology also provides latest online cloud technologies like Microsoft office 365 and Google Apps which is suited for small businesses and offices.
Based upon the size and needs, we customise the cloud solutions to fit your business requirements allowing you to get on doing what you do the best.
Seventy-two percent of UK medium-sized firms are investing more in analytics to improve operational efficiency, with 70% adopting Cloud technologies, according to an IBM’s global study. The study reveals companies are hoping to better understand their customers, make improved business decisions and become more efficient by improving their technologies. The main benefits of cloud computing cited include cost reduction, better manageability of IT, improved system redundancy and remote access. Of the 100 UK survey respondents, 62% expect their IT budgets to increase over the next 12 to 18 months, compared to just 11% of the respondents in the 2009 survey. To achieve business objectives, 74% plan to pursue a consultative, versus a purely transactional, relationship with their primary tech provider. The main obstacles to IT adoption mentioned in the survey were cost, difficulty in acquiring and implementing technology solutions and lack of IT skills and resources. Comparisons between this recent study and those from 2009 reveal a shift from a predominant focus on cost control and efficiency, to greater emphasis on growth initiatives; today, the majority (81%) are concentrating on customers, growth and innovation.
Overall, of the 2,112 midsized companies surveyed, more than half are planning to increase their IT budgets over the next 12 to 18 months. With many businesses still reluctant to entrust their data to web-based 'clouds', can perceptions be changed? David Mytton founded Boxed ice when he noticed a dearth of server management services for small businesses. Cloud-based technologies are fast becoming a top choice for small business owners looking to cut costs, improve productivity, and gain an edge on the competition. Like FreshBooks, Kashoo offers anytime access to your vital accounting information via browser or iPhone App.
A perfect marriage between simplicity and powerful programming, SmartVault offers a compact solution for accountants and small business owners. By far one of the most powerful cloud-based business solutions on the net, Tallie isn’t a financial accounting program. If you’re not ready to make a financial commitment to cloud-based accounting solutions but are interested enough to give the cloud a test-run, Wave Accounting might be just the solution to introduce you to the benefits of cloud-based accounting.
The above list is not a comprehensive list of all the great cloud-based accounting solutions for small businesses. Concerned with your Data Security, Data Integrity, Data Privacy, Speed etc… let Digital Network Associates help you make the appropriate migration and manage your cloud applications and data.
Get enterprise-level Cloud solutions that are right for your business at affordable small business prices.

Depending on your circumstances Cloud Computing can be a highly beneficial technology to either replace or complement solutions in your existing network. SOS is renowned for its professional technical experience, reliable services and first-class support.
By having a virtual platform we provide you access to lightweight server, software, and data storage resources over the internet. The survey found less than 20% expect their IT budget will remain unchanged in 2011, and 19% think they will decrease or are unsure. This is reflected in the increased adoption of analytical technologies that have become more affordable and available for medium-sized companies. These companies are investing in various analytics, including cloud computing, collaboration, mobility and customer relationship solutions. The companies involved in the study each employ between 100 to 1,000 employees and represent over 20 countries.
Unfortunately, a lot of entrepreneurs are flocking to these cutting-edge utilities for the wrong reasons. With a powerful system that can bank your deposits, pay your bills automatically based on a custom schedule that you create, and even invoices your customers, this online tool can save you hours on paperwork and free up valuable time that you could be spending building your business. Though not as robust as some of the other cloud-based accounting solutions on this list, SmartVault made the cut for one simple reason: it offers small business owners and accountants a simple platform with which they can store, securely share, and access. Rather, it helps automate expense reports and seamlessly feed data into your financial accounting software. It features tools for generating reports, expense tracking, invoicing, and even a payment gateway that allows you to accept major credit and debit cards. If you want to get the best value for your money, follow the links provided and do your homework.
We pride ourselves on utilising our extensive technical knowledge to constantly improve the level of service provided to our clients. You shouldn’t be taking advantage of “the cloud” simply because top business insiders recommend it.
If you’re looking for a cloud-based accounting solution that won’t break the bank, Kashoo definitely warrants more than a passing glance.
By using Tallie in conjunction with one of the above cloud-based accounting solutions, you can establish a system of record that’s audit-ready and fully automated. Aside from the service fee associated with accepting payments through their system, 2.9% of he transaction plus 30 cents, Wave is completely free to the end-user. Since every small business is different, no software package or app will fit the unique demands of every business. Users access cloud based applications through a web browser or a light weight desktop or mobile application device while the business software and data are stored on servers at a remote location. You should be interested in using cloud-based applications because they offer the benefits of virtually unlimited storage space without the bulky – and expensive – hardware that goes along with it, because of the enhanced accessibility cloud applications offer to a company of professionals on-the-go, and because of the often lower operating costs that accompany utilizing cloud-based software. FreshBooks is the perfect solution to some of the most time-consuming and complicated accounting responsibilities small business owners face. If you’re wondering how Wave Accounting can afford to offer this powerful accounting solution for free, it’s no big mystery: Wave is supported entirely by ads. With a guided step-by-step wizard that walks you through even the most difficult accounting tasks and a options for everything from online payments to expense tracking, FreshBooks offers a robust array of services in a simple, easy-to-use package.

Our current IT support system is definitely meeting our needs, and we would recommend SOS March 2016Medical Services, Newcastle NSWOur client manager is brilliant and very likeable. Below are 5 of the top cloud-based accounting tools that can be best put to use by – you guessed it – small businesses.
2015 SeptemberCommunity Service Provider, Newcastle NSWOur Client Manager's product knowledge is unreal and he is very clever.
2015 SeptemberCommunity Service Provider, Maitland NSWOur Client Manager is knowledgeable and very patient with me.
We feel we are receiving value for money with the great service and we go through our Client Manager for everything we need. We deal with our Client Manager for everything and he always offers a resolution for anything that comes up. August 2015Fire & Rescue Equipment Supplier, Newcastle NSWOur Client Manager is a fantastic representative for SOS! The most important thing is response time and we are definitely getting a great response whenever we need it from him.
August 2015Manufacturing Industry, Cardiff NSWOur Client Manager is great and very helpful. He fixes any issues straight away, has really good knowledge and calls out to see us regularly. The monthly reports are great and we are receiving value for money, especially if something breaks down. August 2015Community Transport Provider, Northmead NSWOur Client Manager is excellent with his service, he is on the ball, listens to our needs and is quick to resolve any problems. SOS did a great job when we were expanding and needed additional equipment and the system works very well. May 2015Transport Industry, Heatherbrae NSWWe are very happy with the service and our Client Manager always responds quickly to any problems we might encounter; we wouldn't have anyone else! Our Client Manager makes sure we have the right equipment for our needs and he understands our requirements. May 2015Renewable Energy Industry, Newcastle NSWOur Client Manager is by far the best person we have worked with from SOS. We have total trust in our Client Manager to make sure we have everything we need for the business and we are receiving value for money from the service. April 2015Mechanical Contractor, Hunter Valley NSWOur Client Manager’s service and support is wonderful and he's slowly but surely teaching me some tricks.
The system is great and everything works as it should.  SOS are one of the companies I have no issues with, I don't know what I'd do without you! February 2015Electrical Contractor, Newcastle NSWOur Client Manager is wonderful with his support, product knowledge and problem resolution skills.

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