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Get enterprise-level Cloud solutions that are right for your business at affordable small business prices. As a Microsoft Online Services Partner SOS can advise you on the best cloud based solution for your organisation. If you are looking at implementing or just investigating cloud based solutions then do not hesitate to contact us for a no obligation proposal.
Cloud Computing is quite possibly the hottest, most discussed and often misunderstood concept in Information Technology (IT) today. In short, Cloud Computing proposes to transform the way IT it's deployed and managed, promising reduced implementation, maintenance costs and complexity, while accelerating innovation, providing faster timeto-market, and the ability to scale high-performance applications and infrastructures on demand. When it comes to Microsoft's public cloud offerings, they are fairly well known and publicized: Dynamics CRM Online, Office 365, Windows Intune, Windows Azure, SkyDrive. To summarize - how would a sample Private Cloud based, System Center 2012 infused environment conceptually look like?
Cloud computing and Microsoft private cloud solutions - these are voluminous topics, but I hope you get the picture. Depending on your circumstances Cloud Computing can be a highly beneficial technology to either replace or complement solutions in your existing network.
SOS is renowned for its professional technical experience, reliable services and first-class support. First, there's Amazon, arguably the largest cloud computing platform out there, but being a market leader is both a blessing and a curse - others are constantly trying to dethrone you.
I think it fairs quite well, thanks to its strong foothold in the Enterprise and the breadth and depth of its cloud solutions. So, I wanted to spend some time highlighting the features and benefits of Microsoft's private cloud offering and its cornerstone - System Center 2012. Private cloud can provide a healthy mix of usual cloud incentives - such as agility, focus, and economics - along with enhanced abilities to control, secure, and customize the environment. To learn more please, follow the links, read through the datasheets, and do some digging of your own.
Users access cloud based applications through a web browser or a light weight desktop or mobile application device while the business software and data are stored on servers at a remote location.
We pride ourselves on utilising our extensive technical knowledge to constantly improve the level of service provided to our clients. Whether it is a traditional on-premise deployment, highly virtualized datacenter, private cloud, or public cloud offering - Microsoft has a compelling solution, great integration story, deep corporate pockets, and strong technical expertise required to further enhance and support it. So far we have only covered the foundation - infrastructure, process automation, management and monitoring - necessary to establish a solid platform for applications and services; after all, this is what business users and consumers alike are typically after - I guess it's not all about the cloud, it's about the apps.
Time will settle the score; meanwhile, there's nothing wrong with variety and a healthy competition is always good for the consumers of cloud services and platforms.

Our current IT support system is definitely meeting our needs, and we would recommend SOS March 2016Medical Services, Newcastle NSWOur client manager is brilliant and very likeable. The article takes a quick look at the definitions and differences before these types of cloud computing going on to explain what kind of cloud is best suited for you and your organization.Public Cloud vs Private Cloud differenceA public cloud is basically a service offered by a third party.
It can be used by programmers of different companies to build and execute their code at the same time, without interfering with each other’s activities. In a nutshell, the public cloud is open to all subscribers and can be accessed by different customers at the same time. A same server can be catering to different customers and can be housing data of different customers.In case of private clouds, there are dedicated servers.
It offers platform for working to people of the organization for which, it was built.In a public cloud environment, it is pay as you go situation. They need not worry about other, inaccessible portions of the public cloud as they are not related to them or their organization. They should see to it that the setup is indeed meeting the requirements essential for it to be termed cloud. Of course, if your budget is not big and you cannot afford on premise cloud to store all of your data, you can have semi private cloud, that is, the hybrid cloud. But it essentially depends on what you wish to do.Data can be categorized into different categories.
Different businesses have different type of data that can be categorized as being very sensitive to less sensitive. The less sensitive part of the data goes to the public cloud to save on server and maintenance costs while the most sensitive part goes to the local cloud. Data may be encrypted once it reaches server but the path from organization computers to the public cloud may not be encrypted.
Further, the encryption methods on public clouds are not pretty good as evident from different articles I read on the topic. On the other hand, if you are willing to risk somewhat and the data is not pretty sensitive, you can encrypt the data using one of the many techniques (or encryption software available) before transferring it to the cloud.Budget is also a constraint but as I said earlier, the sensitivity of data should aid you in deciding whether to go for public or private cloud. Hybrids are best of both worlds as you can pay less for less sensitive data and use dedicated servers (private cloud) for sensitive data.The type of business with cloud is also a factor in determining what type of cloud to choose.
If you need a platform to create and test apps, there are several clouds offering such functionality.
Likewise, if you need infrastructure for your business and do not wish to invest much into it, you can go for Infrastructure as a Service type clouds. If your business has nothing much to storage and is more inclined towards general operations, you might opt for a public cloud as it will save a lot in the long run.
That is, in most cases, the answer could be usage of both public and private cloud which is called a hybrid cloud.
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Defination, advantages and benefits 5 facts about Cloud Computing affairs you should know The Secret of Cloud Computing With Microsoft What is Cloud and Cloud Computing? 2015 SeptemberCommunity Service Provider, Newcastle NSWOur Client Manager's product knowledge is unreal and he is very clever. 2015 SeptemberCommunity Service Provider, Maitland NSWOur Client Manager is knowledgeable and very patient with me. We feel we are receiving value for money with the great service and we go through our Client Manager for everything we need. We deal with our Client Manager for everything and he always offers a resolution for anything that comes up. August 2015Fire & Rescue Equipment Supplier, Newcastle NSWOur Client Manager is a fantastic representative for SOS! The most important thing is response time and we are definitely getting a great response whenever we need it from him.
August 2015Manufacturing Industry, Cardiff NSWOur Client Manager is great and very helpful.
He fixes any issues straight away, has really good knowledge and calls out to see us regularly.
The monthly reports are great and we are receiving value for money, especially if something breaks down.
August 2015Community Transport Provider, Northmead NSWOur Client Manager is excellent with his service, he is on the ball, listens to our needs and is quick to resolve any problems. SOS did a great job when we were expanding and needed additional equipment and the system works very well. May 2015Transport Industry, Heatherbrae NSWWe are very happy with the service and our Client Manager always responds quickly to any problems we might encounter; we wouldn't have anyone else! Our Client Manager makes sure we have the right equipment for our needs and he understands our requirements.
May 2015Renewable Energy Industry, Newcastle NSWOur Client Manager is by far the best person we have worked with from SOS. We have total trust in our Client Manager to make sure we have everything we need for the business and we are receiving value for money from the service. April 2015Mechanical Contractor, Hunter Valley NSWOur Client Manager’s service and support is wonderful and he's slowly but surely teaching me some tricks. The system is great and everything works as it should.  SOS are one of the companies I have no issues with, I don't know what I'd do without you! February 2015Electrical Contractor, Newcastle NSWOur Client Manager is wonderful with his support, product knowledge and problem resolution skills.

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