Not only will the Juliette storage sofa bed offer you comfort, but also the storage compartment at the  bottom that allows you to store items like blankets and even pillows to hug on while enjoying your movie. This sofa bed gives you the flexibility of having the L either on left hand facing or right hand facing whether you want it to be. Item comes with 6 months structural and framework warranty and it does not include damages from wear and tear. Take advantage of its flexibility and use it in your living room, entry hall, study room or even bed room. Wood grains on furniture may vary from the pictures due to its unique characteristics of wood.

It is available in different color tones ranging from all natural to the darkest stain in order to conform with your need.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. If you have guests coming in to stay over once a while, Juliette sofa bed will be a saviour.
Hence, together with our team of product designers and the use of this durable timber, this sofa set would be able to last many years.
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