It will never cease to amaze us how difficult it has been to get the word out about how important it is to keep water away from a home’s foundation. There’s no better way than using these to collect roof water and prevent it from dropping onto the ground next to the foundation.
In many communities strict rules are in place wherein gutters and downspouts not only are required, but also must be connected to an underground drainage system that transports collected water to a public-storm drain system, as well. If you have downspouts, at least you are properly collecting damaging roof water and funneling it into a management system that will possibly save you big-time heartache down the road. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars developing a fancy underground aqueduct. The experts usually recommend that gravel or rocks be placed at the end of a discharge pipe to reduce the chance of erosion. About UsJames Carey and Morris Carey, known as the Carey Bros., are nationally-recognized experts on home building and renovation. Do You Have a Question?Have a home repair question that you'd like answered by the Carey Bros.?
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When it first appears in late-April, the shoots very much look like asparagus.  But when it starts growing, it grows FAST.   So NOW is the time to get it!
Oh and speaking of asparagus, though Japanese knotweed looks like asparagus, you should know that it doesn’t really taste like asparagus. So the next time you’re out walking the dog, walking in the woods or maybe just walking out your back door, look around for some Japanese knotweed.
Wild edible walks are a great way to learn from experienced guides and they’re very popular this time of year. Check out my FREE report with some basic but powerful tips to start healing your gut - today. WHILE YOU MAY FIND IT TASTY THIS IS ONE OF THE WORST INVASIVE NON-NATIVE SPECIES AND PUSHES OUT OUR NATIVE CATTAILS AND SWAMP FAUNA.
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I prefer chopped salads over big leafy salads so for my second mason jar creation I put together a chopped black bean and corn salad. Originally, I was going to sprinkle some crushed tortilla chips over the top but I found it was good without it and I prefer to save the calories for something else a€“ like chocolate. A tip as you put these mason jar salads together is to make sure all the ingredients are as dry as possible before layering.
Please note you can reduce the fat and calories in these salads by reducing the cheese and avocado.

Sounds yummy, and this is perfect timing as we get back to packing school lunches and I go back to work full time since the kids are back in school! I have found that if I put the avacado in with the dressing – or salsa, it will not brown. Making these today and found this site on how to make your jars airtight and wanted to share. Just curious…is the calorie, fiber, carbs and protein count for one jar or for all five jars together? The avocado did not turn brown because of the onion… I don’t remember where I learn that to keep avocados from browning store in a container with half onion or a piece of onion, close the lid and voila, fresh avocado!!
Silly question, but do you just throw the beans and corn in there without cooking them first? Made this on a Sunday afternoon for work lunches for the week (4 serving for work, 1 for dinner on Sunday night). The new year is under way.  Did last year slip away before you could take the opportunity to pursue your dream?
So if you dare to follow your dream of being a wedding planner, then join us for our Northern CA course.
If you don’t have a gutter and downspout system, chances are you will never have to install one.
However, if you do have gutters and downspouts, and the water isn’t being collected into a drainage system, you might be in for it anyway.
But you do need to pay special attention to what is happening to the water that your roof collects. We both have underground drainage systems on our properties because we want our property to be there when we get old. Subscribe now!Join our mailing list to receive the latest home renovation, decor and remodeling news, tips and advise. They share their 55+ years of experience as award-winning, licensed contractors with millions of people nationwide through a weekly radio program and syndicated newspaper column both titled On The House.
Then I layered it with halved cherry tomatoes, red onion, black beans, corn, pepper jack cheese, avocado, chopped romaine, and cilantro.
My only problem is I HATE tomatoes and I notice that is always the ingredient that separates the dressing from the other ingredients. My reason for asking is that I am on WW and it calculates to 14 pts per jar but divided by 5 only 3 pts. I just had to comment since I tried making these salads for the first time last night, and I had one for lunch just now–I was so suspicious of the greek yogurt + salsa combo, but it makes this fantastic creamy mexican dressing…this is going to become a grab and go lunch staple for me! I actually used CHILI black beans instead of regular, which adds some good flavor and a little more spiciness, which I like a lot. I mixed up a batch of my homemade taco seasoning and mixed it with the beans before putting them in the salad. Have you been wondering how great it would be to own your own wedding consultant business?  Have you thought about taking a course, or have looked into it, but have not made a commitment to yourself that this is the right time?  Will you let another year go by without following your dream?  This is the perfect time to reconsider, because  every year, approximately 220,000 couples become engaged on Valentine’s day in the United States alone.

Having a support system is the best way to keep you engaged, build your confidence, help you build relationships and ultimately become successful.  The wedding business is all about relationships. Collecting all of that water and letting it out NEAR the foundation can be even worse than not having gutters and downspouts at all.
But, if the thought of an underground system makes you pocketbook-nervous, you should at least install extensions on all downspouts that end within a foot or two of your foundation.
Please note that I only ever endorse products that are in alignment with Fearless Eating's ideals and that I believe would be of value to my readers.
Usually, I make the same kind week after week a€“ balsamic dressing, tomatoes, cucumbers, chicken or turkey, and baby spinach or this one. I prefer cherry tomatoes over chopping up a regular tomato because I feel they hold up better to the dressing. But if you are looking for more crunch and a little saltiness then throw a few tortilla chips on.
I have been making mason jar salads since February and I have never had a soggy lettuce issue. I also shredded the cheese, and I replaced the tomatoes with bell peppers because I don’t like tomatoes in my salad.
The lettuce was still crisp and not brown, my avocados still fresh (I did top with lime juice before I put them in the jars), and was a great treat all week long. Collecting all that water and letting it fall next to the foundation in massive quantities can destroy your home over time. If you have an average-size American home, your roof collects water from an area over 2,000 square feet in size. Next divide and layer the rest of the ingredients evenly between the 5 mason jars starting with tomatoes then following with onions, black beans, corn, avocado, cheese, and ending with romaine and cilantro. It can’t be exposed to daylight on your side of the sidewalk and run out to the street over a public walkway. On the other hand, as a homeowner it might cost tens of thousands of dollars to fix your home someday. Suddenly, all of that water ends up coming down through six or eight downspouts… altogether less than 2 square feet. Flexible plastic drain pipe, a section of downspout, metal, plastic or concrete sewer pipe. Besides an extension you will also want something that will prevent the rushing water from eroding your landscape.

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