When it comes to cloud storage on Windows Phone, most users seem content to utilize Microsoft’s SkyDrive system. However, people live different lives and have different circumstances, including having job requirements that require access to other cloud storage options. Copy is like most cloud storage in that it offers a free account with a generous 15GB of storage. For now, if your company or personal network uses Copy from Barracuda, you at least now have a method to easily access those files. Free storage: 10 GBBox traditionally markets itself as a business cloud storage service, but it also offers a consumer-grade cloud storage service that will work for storing any sort of files, including photos.
Free Storage: 15 GBCopy is the cloud storage service from IT vendor Barracuda Networks offering 15 GB of free storage. Free storage: 2 GBOne of the most well-known consumer cloud storage services has a photo storage app named Carousel, but as of March 2016, DropBox is discontinuing the app for iOS and Android. Free photo storage: UnlimitedThe social media site is a haven for posting selfies and your latest updates. Free storage: 1 TBFlickr, owned by Yahoo, has one of the most generous free cloud storage offerings for photos, giving users 1 TB of free photo storage space. Free storage: Unlimited compressed imagesIn 2015 Google announced Photos, its newest app that automatically indexes pictures, allowing users to perform advanced searches on their libraries. Free storage: 10 GBTexas-based MediaFire offers 10 GB of advertisement-supported cloud storage on a service thata€™s optimized for photos. Free storage: 50 GBThe cloud service founded by Kim Dotcom (who is no longer involved in the company) offers 50 GB of free cloud storage space, which can be used for photos, documents or pretty much anything else. Free storage: Up to 10 GBThis service includes 2 GB free, with an extra 8 GB free for downloading the company's Apple or Android App. Free storage: 10 GBpCloud offers 10 GB of free storage and up to another bonus 10GB through referrals. Free storage: 5 GBMicrosofta€™s cloud storage platform comes with 1 TB of storage space for Office 365 users.
Free storage: UnlimitedShoebox is a Canadian startup founded in 2012 that offers unlimited compressed photo storage.
Free storage: 20 GBStreamnation is a cloud service dedicated to digital media, such as photos, videos, movies and television shows. Barracuda launches industry’s first advanced next-generation firewall available in the sub-$700 price range, with the addition of four powerful new desktop appliances aimed at organizations that increasingly rely on cloud-based applications such as software-as-a-service (SaaS), Microsoft Office 365, and public cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. The new Barracuda NextGen Firewall desktop appliances – models F18, F80, F180, and F280 – are designed for distributed networks, providing branch offices with advanced security features and high bandwidth availability for cloud, SaaS, and other mission critical applications.

The new Barracuda NextGen Firewall desktop appliances can be centrally managed through the Barracuda NG Control Center, which enables administrators to manage Internet breakouts for remote sites, branch offices, and satellite locations to the same level of security and availability as a headquarters location. The new Barracuda NextGen Firewall desktop appliances include advanced security functionality such as deep secure sockets layer (SSL) inspection and a separately licensable Advanced Threat Detection module. Barracuda launched its new Barracuda NextGen Firewall desktop appliances, which are the industry’s first advanced next-generation firewalls that include advanced traffic optimization capabilities available in the sub-$700 price range. Organizations today run hundreds of Internet applications such as Office 365 and Salesforce, and enterprise applications increasingly reside in virtual data centers and public cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.
Leading Pricing – Offers industry’s lowest price point for advanced desktop appliance next-generation firewall functionality. High Performance – Improves bandwidth availability and user experience with built-in WAN Optimization and intelligent dynamic link balancing and failover.
User and Application Awareness – Allows organizations to prioritize traffic for active bandwidth management, application usage, and customized network access.
Dynamic Link Balancing – Ensures business continuity and bandwidth management via dynamically balanced traffic across multiple Internet connections. Intelligent Site-to-Site Connection Management – Provides high quality, reliable connectivity across multiple locations (both hardware and virtual appliances). Next Generation Security – Delivers application control, user awareness, deep SSL traffic inspection, web filtering, IPS, and optional malware and Advanced Threat Detection (ATD). Barracuda next-generation firewalls allow organizations to safely, efficiently, and reliably access applications hosted in private and public cloud environments. Barracuda NextGen Firewall X-Series1 – Cloud-managed next-generation firewall designed for small and medium sized businesses. Barracuda NextGen Firewall F-Series2 – Next-generation firewall with advanced central management designed for highly distributed environments. For more information about barracuda’s next-generation firewall product family, please visit HERE. Barracuda (NYSE: CUDA) provides cloud-connected security and storage solutions that simplify IT. Information Security Buzz is an independent resource that provides the best in breaking news for the information security community.
Here Are 7 of the Biggest News Stories for MSPs From September Which recent news stories should every managed service provider (MSP) know about?
After all, it ties into Xbox, PC, tablets, Windows Phone itself, the web and it is constantly being improved upon by the company. We’ll keep an eye out to see if this app improves in the future, but for now you can pick up the initial release here in the Store (or scan the QR code below).

The site is designed specifically for photo management, so it includes basic editing tools. The servicea€™s claim to fame is that all data stored in Mega is encrypted, with users controlling their keys.
These powerful desktop appliances are designed for distributed networks, and provide branch offices with improved security and network performance as those offices access private and public cloud-based applications. With the increasing adoption of SaaS, virtualization, and public cloud applications, the network architecture and security requirements have evolved, and specifically, the firewall has evolved from a security-only device to one that also improves network performance and availability.
IPsec VPNs ensure secure connectivity to other remote sites, centralized offices, as well as public cloud offerings like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Alongside the launch of the new desktop appliance models, Barracuda rebranded its next-generation firewall product line as Barracuda NextGen Firewalls, which include models designed to meet the needs of small office and retail networks, up through to high performance firewalls for large managed service providers, data center and highly distributed environments. These powerful, easy-to-use and affordable solutions are trusted by more than 150,000 organizations worldwide and are delivered in appliance, virtual appliance, cloud and hybrid deployments. Promys Adds Web API Integration with LogicMonitor Professional services automation (PSA) software vendor Promys completed a web application programming interface (API) integration with LogicMonitor. The network is built by Barracuda, who have been in IT since 2003 and provide security, networking and storage products—so they’re no slouch to this business.
Specifically the app only allows you to access your files that you have already uploaded but you can’t add new files from your Windows Phone—at least not yet.
The new models include F18, F80, F180, and F280, which all have the ability to run full security and network optimization. Historically, this functionality has been reserved for large enterprises with the resources and budgets to support it.
Barracuda’s customer-centric business model focuses on delivering high-value, subscription-based IT solutions that provide end-to-end network and data security.
Promys said the web API integration with LogicMonitor’s performance monitoring solution provides users with a configurable toolset for their PSA software. You can share those files by creating public links, which is helpful but without the ability add new documents or images, it’s certainly limited at this time. They also provide intelligent traffic regulation at the network perimeter to ensure business quality access, performance, and reliability to mission critical applications. We bet Barracuda is just getting started though and they will begin rolling out features to increase the app’s usefulness.

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