The Barracuda Backup Service is an affordable, integrated local and offsite data backup and disaster recovery solution. The Barracuda Backup Service combines an onsite appliance with a monthly subscription that replicates data to two offsite locations. Please reach out to me!Security is as critical as ever and our mission is to uncover those stories that will help our industry be more secure.

Combining local and offsite storage provides the best of both worlds – onsite backups for the fastest restore times and secure, offsite storage for disaster recovery.
10-20% of your IT budget should be spent on a data backup solution that is best suited to your business.
Then you need your data backup process re-evaluated.We can plan a backup strategy that will protect your data and get you back up and running should your need your data restored.

Let us assess your needs for local data backup, off-site data backup (online data backup) for personal computers, online cloud data backup for business, as well the requirement for Business Continuity.

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