The Seagate Backup Plus Slim is the space-saving version of Seagate’s performance-heavy mobile portable family and is the thinnest portable 2TB hard drive on the market. Like most mobile drives, the Backup Plus Fast Slim is fully USB powered, giving users the ability to bring all of their digital content without having to carry an additional external power supply while on the go. Its side trim is glossy black while the back panel is matte black, the back houses the USB 3.0 port.
The Home section of the Dashboard displays the main functions of the software including Protect, Share, and Save options.
The Save section of the Dashboard allows users to download and back up images from their Flickr and Facebook accounts. The Info tab shows all relevant information about your Seagate drive, such as the serial number and firmware version. The net of it is, the Backup Slim performed pretty much where it should, given the 5400RPM drive inside. The Seagate Backup Plus Slim is an impressive portable hard drive for its physical size and capacity.
The Seagate Backup Plus Slim not only performs very well but is also one of the more competitively priced portable drives on the market. The Seagate Backup Plus Slim has a lot to like, including its great performance, unbeatable price and one of the best bundled software suites for managing backups both locally and on the go.
Mac Backup Guru is an third party disk utility that produces incremental backups of a filesystem. For the synchronization functionality Mac Backup Guru ensures that the synced backup maintains a level of data integrity equal to that following the initial clone.
If the size of the file on the source is different from that on the destination, the file has changed.
If the modification time on the source is different from than on the destination, the file has changed.
Even under the harshest conditions, this method produces synced destination disks, which will always boot up and perform like the original. The first time you backup it will be slow, but after that only updated files will be copied so that it will usually only take a few minutes to backup an entire drive.
If you select volumes in HFS format rather than folders to backup to and from, the backup will be bootable. Mac Backup Guru 4.0 is prices at $39 and is available directly from the publisher's website. I’ve lost every picture from the cruise my wife and I took through the Caribbean 12 years ago. I kick myself every once in a while because it was a great trip and we got to see some amazing things. The rest of this lesson will show you how to turn on automatic backup and syncing to Google +. If you’re getting some spectacular shots and you think you might want to print your pictures. When you tap on Backup Photos you get to choose if Google and your Galaxy S5 should backup your photos whenever there is a Wi-Fi or Data Connection.
If you chose Wi-Fi and Data Connection then you can tap on Backup Videos and tell Google when you want videos backed up as well.

That my friend is everything you need to know about automatically backing up your photos using the built in features of Google + and Picasa.
I’m on a mission to help people just like you learn to use and love their Samsung Galaxy S5. I have my photos backing up fine but I am out of space and need to delete photos bur I don’t want to loose them from the cloud.
Try Coolmuster Android Assistant, we can use it to move almost everything from android phone to computer, and we can also use it to manage apps, contacts on computer, have a try!
I turned back up on and selected 1 folder that I know has 100 pictures yet when the backup starts it seems to be backing up every picture on the phone. I’m reworking the whole backup process to show how to backup your photos using Google drive, Amazon Prime, Windows OneDrive, Shutterfly, and Flixr. I have 970 pictures in a picasa album on my samsung S5 .How do I import these pictures to my computer,then onto a USB stick,as I don’t want to lose them? How do I get my pictures backed up in Google pictures on my Note 5 back into my gallery on my phone. Once I have the backup started, do I have to delete my photos for them to clear the space on my phone, or will they do that automatically? I would like to know if you would recommend rooting the phone, since I think the software available on line works only if you root the phone.
I have g cloud set to delete photos on my phone when they have been there 2 weeks, they are in the cloud, all of a sudden they come back to my phone.
I have 970 pictures in a picasa album on my samsung S5 .How do I import these pictures to my computer,then onto a USB stick,as I don’t want to lose them? Some links on this page are affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you click or buy through my link. We recently reviewed its larger brethren, the Backup Plus Fast, and found it very fast and affordable with easy-to-use management software. While we don't normally get too wrapped up on colors, the blue top on this enclosure really pops and looks great. All you have to do is click the Protect Now icon, which backs up all your data whenever your files are modified.
Though Seagate did not quote any performance numbers like it did for the Backup Plus Fast, we were not surprised with the results.
Depending on how much money you spent when you initially purchased the device, you’ve got somewhere between 8 gigabytes and 64 gigabytes of room to play with. Incremental Snapshots use only a small fraction of the disk space to store daily versioned backups which can be accessed via the Finder and appear to be standard copies. These initially makes a full clone, and for subsequent backups only copy files that have been added or changed since the original backup. Using any of these services you can also integrate the backup process so your smartphone photos automatically sync to your PC. I need the storage on my phone for more pictures of my babies but want to keep the ones that I delete somewhere.
We expect more of the same with the Slim version, though at lesser transfer speeds due to the single drive configuration in the Slim vs. Also included is the Seagate Dashboard, which is preloaded on the drive, allowing users to schedule and automate backups for their computer and mobile devices as well as automatically backing up content on Facebook and Flickr.

So long as you don't plan on storing the unit in a vice, it should hold up find to teh typical rigors of being tossed around in a backpack or the like. This may seem like a lot, but when you consider that new desktop and laptop computers typically ship with 500 gigabytes of storage or more you realize just how quickly this space can fill up. The large empty icon window on the left is labeled select source, followed by a right-pointing arrow and another icon window labeled Select Destination. And can I turn it back on for future photos to sync or will it delete anything that is no longer on my phone? It basically scans your whole drive looking for image files, I believe, so any folder that contains pics ahould be listed there. Luckily, there are always a few tricks you can employ to save up hard drive space on your iPhone or iPad without just upgrading to a bigger (and more expensive) model of your device.1.
Mac Backup Guru offers the more traditional clone and sync functionality, with built in contextual menu items in the Finder to make it easier access its capabilities and streamline the user interface.
Users can rest assured that future filesystem backups will not alter or completely wipe out previous backups, and that if they delete a file in their start-up disk that the next sync that runs will not delete that same file on their backup drive. Having selected the source and destination, the user just clicks the backup button and the rest is automatic. By employing this technique a typical user can store 30 unique daily snapshots of their 1TB disk on their 1.5TB external backup disk. You can make use of iCloud to make backups online to make room for more content on your device.2.
While it is tempting to take all of your favorite movies and songs with you on the go, you don’t necessarily need to if you’re in range of an Internet connection or have a data plan.
Applications like Netflix for movies, Hulu Plus for television shows and Spotify for music allow you to access this content solely using your Internet connection without downloading anything to the device. Note that these services do require subscriptions, and some of them charge a monthly fee. 3. Purchasing a movie or television show downloads the content directly to your device (or to your computer) permanently. Renting a movie or TV show episode only downloads the content until you view it, at which point it is deleted.
Renting is also cheaper, and will save you more than just space in the long run if you’re the type of person who likes movies but will only ever watch them once. 4. The same thing goes with movies – it doesn’t make any sense to sync your entire movie collection if you only watch a particular film once every few months. Leave that content on your computer and only sync the things you plan on watching or listening to in the immediate future. 5.
While photos don’t necessarily take up a lot of space, the high definition videos that the iPad and iPhone are capable of recording do. While it’s great to walk through our daily lives with a camera always at the ready, this content can quickly take up a lot of space that is best used for other things. Think about transferring your data regularly to your computer to avoid data from accumulating on your iDevice.

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