Western Digital’s My Cloud network-attached storage devices are great for storing your data, but they are single-bay devices that can’t offer capacity benefits or mind assuring redundancy of having a RAID array for your data. The WD My Cloud EX4 is available in four different storage capacities to help fit the storage criteria of various business and home user capacity needs. Inside the retail box you’ll find the four-bay My Cloud EX4, Ethernet cable, quick install guide and the power supply brick and mickey mouse style power cord. Since we are looking at the 8TB model it shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that it is populated with four WD Red 2TB hard drives. The sides of the WD My Cloud EX4 have some small ventilation holes located along the top edge and the bottom of the enclosure has thick rubber feet to keep from scratching whatever it will be placed on.
I have the 16 TB version of this NAS and I wish the fan was a little quieter as the NAS is in the living room.
Simplify your Virtual lifestyles through consolidating your motion pictures, track, footage, and information in a single region for everybody to your stressed or wi-fi Community to percentage with a Western Virtual My E-book Are living Community-Connected Garage power. MyCloud Pro e il NAS cloud adatto al piccolo ufficio, con una importante capacita di archiviazione e un software davvero adatto a tutti. La parte migliore del MyCloud Pro e senza dubbio la parte software: pensato per essere un dispositivo per tutti, la configurazione e mantenimento del disco sono davvero un gioco da ragazzi. Alla prova dei fatti il MyCloud e una buona soluzione per chi ha la necessita di spazio in ufficio e deve condividere i documenti tra piu Mac o PC, ma ne ha bisogno anche quando e fuori ufficio, tramite smartphone e tablet. Tutto e pensato per essere semplice, immediato, pronto all’uso e duraturo (anche grazie al RAID e al sistema di ridondanza).
Se non avete mai avuto un NAS e state pensando di prenderne uno, forse questo fa al caso vostro. Il modello da noi testato ha un costo di 1.049,99 Euro, con due dischi da 8TB, ma ne esistono in varie configurazioni (e anche disponibile una configurazione senza dischi).

Millions of people around the world have relied on single-bay or single-drive devices to backup their data. WD ships all the models with a standard RAID 5 array (block-level striping with distributed parity.) A RAID 5 array distributes parity along with the data and can handle a single drive failure.
This is the first NAS device that we have ever seen that had both dual power and network redundancy. Overall the WD My Cloud EX4 appears to be well designed and built, so let’s take a peak inside and see what it looks like. Durante il primo collegamento si definiscono i parametri di base, come il primo utente e le funzioni di rete, poi per il resto tutto e gestito tramite browser, compatibile con Bonjour. Per queste c’e un piccolo App Store che vede la presenza di alcuni nomi noti come Plex, Dropbox, aMule, Transmission, Joomla e WordPress piu altri piu dedicati ma che possono diventare davvero un ambiente molto utile per chi sviluppa. Tramite l’App non e possibile gestire interamente il device come da browser, ma restano comunque molti punti importanti, primo tra tutti la possibilita di gestire tutti i contenuti in streaming come si trattasse di un vero e proprio server cloud (quindi anche da rete mobile o ADSL esterna) cosi come interfacciarsi con alcuni servizi cloud puri (come Dropbox o Google Drive per lo scambio attivo di documenti tra il device e il servizio, tutto gestito da smartphone). La presenza di App amplia la fascia di utilizzo ma l’impressione e che il focus stia piu sulla condivisione di documenti e sulla gestione dei dischi, anche in RAID. WD has noticed that there has been a major shift to multi-bay network attached storage (NAS) devices this year and market research shows that trend will continue in the years to come. All of the My Cloud EX 4 Personal Cloud Storage servers use WD Red hard drives that are optimized for high-performance NAS devices. Only one power brick is included, but should one power or Ethernet port on the board go bad, you can quickly switch it to the other. I need to have a first NAS, at my office, with capacity of 16TB in Raid 5 with its reasonable price. However THAT really sucks because you can only set a single starttime and shutdown time per day.

We were shocked to hear that WD would be coming out with a diskless option as they are a hard drive maker. One of the really nice features of the WD My Cloud EX4 is that all of the hot swappable hard drive bays are trayless and tooless!
Those fees might be minimal now, but think ahead a few years and look at how rapidly you are adding pictures and videos to your current backup solution. This means that when a drive fails that you just open the drive bay door swap the drive and close it.  The entire drive swapping process takes around five seconds per drive.
Having the pair of USB 3.0 ports is also nice as you can back up your most critical data again to external hard drives or use them to expand your data storage capabilities. Sure, the cost of storage will go down over time, but most are generating more data now than ever. Also it will force the shutdown even if you’re currently streaming or copying files to the NAS.
Both software were not able to delete files on the backup hard disk when I tried to sync it. WD realized that they did not offer any multi-bay NAS devices for the consumer market, so they decided to come up with one.

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