When it comes to restoring of Apps, SMS and settings of your phone, Microsoft took a middle path. Name your Phone: The backup of your phone is saved with a name which helps you recognise it when you want to restore. Online Process : The second thing you should know is the backup, and restore process is online only, and you will need internet to both backup and restore. Starting with Windows 10 Mobile, the backup process has improved, there is more clarity on how it works and end users have more options and control over it. Before we deep dive into its internals, lets take a look on how it works, and how you can manually update. Windows 10 Mobile, like its earlier version, Keeps a  list of installed apps connected to your phone allows participating apps to back up data to the cloud. What is new here is the consumers who have option to either turn it off for all, or only for apps which they choose.
If you want to manage individual app backup, select More options > Choose which apps to backup.
Unlike Windows Phone 8.1, this option is now clubbed with OneDrive and soon will works with third-party apps as well.
The first link launches the OneDrive App Settings where you can enable the Camera Upload option if it’s turned off.
One thing you should know about Photo Backup, is that its a independent process, and is built to continuously upload your photos to OneDrive as backup. Start Screen Layout, Accounts and Passwords are also synced.  This option is enabled by default and is under Backup.
All the text messages or SMS are backed up automatically, and as per my experience I have seen it to backup and restore all the message till date. This means, while the text backup is certainly on by default, the option to sync message between devices is up to you.

The SMS part is little tricky, because all you would get is notification, but no access to Message App. Follow that link, sign-in to your account and you will list of devices that was backed up to your OneDrive. A die hard fan of Windows, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone and Xbox, Loves to Do Video reviews on Windows Phone Apps, Games, Xbox Games, Xbox Tutorials.
At Atjeu Hosting all managed dedicated and cloud servers come with our extensive entry level management plan. Instead of rolling out complete device restore, they introduced an inbuilt feature which takes care of most important stuff that needs to be backed up.
Right there you can also see the size of the backup, total space on your OneDrive and last backup time & date. Second link is supposed to show you the list of apps from store which support Auto Upload feature, but it isn’t working right now.
Windows 10 Desktop using Cortana is able to send messages, and soon the Messaging App will be able to read all your SMS from Phone. When you switch phone or after a reset,  to restore settings, apps, app data from cloud, you will have to use the  same Microsoft account with which you had used on the phone before and made a backup.
This is really important if its taking a lot of space on your OneDrive or when you have changed a phone and the old backup is not needed any more. He Owns a Lumia 950 XL, Lumia 550, Lumia 1020 & BLU WIN HD LTE and have used all the Lumia Phones and Non Lumia Phones as well. All dedicated servers and cloud servers are also eligible to upgrade to any higher level management plan if additional services are needed.

In addition, we have the expertise to transition any current deployment to take full advantage of all the benefits that online hosted solutions have to offer. Also suggest you to connect to a WiFi network to get things done faster and easy on your mobile data.
If you skip some of the backups like app data, accounts, app installations, start screen layout will not be restored. It asks to verify phone number and wantes to text you code, but phone is not working yet and you cannot receive messages. The Call works fine even though the phone is restoring itself, while the email option is the best if you have access to near by PC. This process can be used for both switching from Windows Phone 8.1 Backup to Windows 10 Mobile or Windows 10 Mobile to another Windows 10 Mobile device or even the same device. You will also need to verify your identity through one of those options, without which the backup will fail. However SMS still gets restored. If you choose to sign-in, you will have option to choose the backup of your device. Shadik Technology’s national and international affiliations, provides us daily, practical opportunities to exchange information and solve IT problems.So if your business is ready to experience a new level of business technology services support unequal in scope and experience please contact us  today! Recent Posts Data Center Bandwidth Upgrade Complete Sounds good to me Urgent Our Server is Down!

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