The above was extracted from Apple Community and obviously, this user had difficulty in backing up his iPhone. In order to use iFonebox to back up your iPhone, you need to download and install it firstly.
This is the whole process to back up your iPhone with iFonebox, pretty convenient and fast.
Prima di fare il downgrade da iOS 8 a iOS 7, bisogna fare il backup dei dati del dispositivo nel caso in cui avvenga una perdita di dati. Importante: Il file di backup creato in base alla procedura seguente non puo essere utilizzato per ripristinare i dati sul dispositivo iOS 7 dopo il declassamento. Dopo l’aggiornamento da iOS 8 a iOS 7, noterai che tutti i dati sul dispositivo saranno assenti. Questo sito utilizza cookie tecnici per garantire il servizio e cookie di terze parti a fini statistici. We know how painful it is to start over when you lose a phone, which is why we’ve come up with some of the best resources for backing up your iPhone. This is a free iTunes alternative that enables you to transfer and backup music, videos, photos, ebooks, apps, contacts, messages, and more. Combine this app with a free photo and video backup app like Shoebox or Google Photos, and you’ll be well covered. To use the software, download the suite from the developer’s site and connect your iPhone as you would normally. Backing up to the cloud has definite advantages, but there are some trade-offs to consider in the form of monthly subscription fees and possible security breaches. Should you lose your phone or forget where you last left it, the app can also help you locate it when you log in to your account. You can click Recover all to back up and transfer all data from your iPhone to your computer, or you can select the data you need to back up.
The software also includes a simple way for restoring backups to the same iPhone or a new one. Please note that you should have the latest version of iTunes installed for running the program smoothly. Choose the files that you want to restore from the backup, and then tap on “Start Copy” to begin the restore operation. Quando tutti i file di backup icloud saranno visualizzati nella finestra, scegli il piu recente e fai clic sul pulsante Download.
Afterwards, simply tap the blue Synchronize button to back up your data to PhoneCopy’s server. You can click and drag contact, calendars, apps, notes, and other data to a folder on your desktop. Afterwards, select the type of data you wish to back up within the CopyTrans Control Center and your device from the resulting drop-down menu before clicking the backup button.
Dr.Fone is another option for keeping it local, one that works directly with your iTunes backup to recover notes, messages, contacts, voice memos, and even Safari bookmarks that might have accidentally met their end when your finger grazed the Delete button. From there, the app will ring your phone — even if it was placed on vibrate when you misplaced it — which is often the problem we have when our phone runs away from us.
Apple provides the easiest way to back up your iPhone through iTunes on your home computer.

Afterward, check the bubble directly beside the iCloud or This computer option to choose your preferred backup method from the list of available options in the Summary pane.
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Now you can see the iCloud setup screen, Tap the ON switch for the types of data and services you want to sync with iCloud: Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Bookmarks, Notes, Photo Stream, etc.
Now from the drop-down menu, select the backup entry that you wish to restore from (if you made multiple backups). Non preoccuparti per la sicurezza dei tuoi dati in quanto questo programma non raccoglie nessuna informazione personali. The software also includes a few handy tools for creating ringtones, managing playlists, and converting audio and video files.
It backs up contacts, SMS, calendar events, tasks, and notes. After the initial backup, it synchronizes your data for quicker backups going forward. Once it’s done, log into the site to view everything the app saved, or make changes to your data. Aside from the attractive granular controls, the software does a good job organizing data via a contact book and a music library. Then, allow the program to guide you through the necessary steps to back up and recover your data from your device.
If your phone gets really lost, the app even features a killswitch designed to to wipe all of your precious should your phone fall into the wrong hands, along with a convenient feature that will ask whoever finds your phone to call specific friends who may be able to help. Just remember to do it regularly and your content will be safe, even if your phone’s luck has run out. We can’t say the same for the phone’s hardware, which is always susceptible to slippery fingers. With the help of iCloud you can backup all your data like messages, call logs, contacts, photos, calendars, notes all. Qui di seguito ci sono le ragioni principali che portano molta gente a passare da iOS 8 a iOS 7. Among the top reasons to use SynciOS is the fact that it offers the ability to download and convert videos from YouTube, Facebook, and a host of other sources. It also saves a history of your previous backups, so if you accidentally delete an important contact or a chain of text messages, you can retrieve them directly through PhoneCopy.
The simple application comes at a price, albeit one likely cheaper than other software designed for locally storing your data. Of course, iCloud can do all of that as well, but Lookout also provides basic security measures to protect against malware and spyware. But if you’ve found a bulletproof case, feel free to toss your iPhone around with reckless abandon. This option is awesome to use even for digital music.As we know so far the most important files from your gadgets are instantly backed up?
There are other backup services available both on your computer and on your phone that can keep your contacts, photos, and videos safe should the device give up unexpectedly.
Opting for the 4Pack ($30) will allow you to manage photos, calendars, apps, music, notes, contacts, and more from your desktop. Like PhoneCopy, your contacts are securely stored and easily accessible 0n the developer’s website.

Moreover, the premium version of the software ($3 a month or $30 per year) allows you to automatically back up photos and manage up to three devices from a single account. Apple additionally offers automatic backups through its iCloud service, allowing you to back up the most important data from your iPhone in the cloud.
I messaggi di testo, contatti e note potranno essere salvati anche direttamente sul dispositivo iOS.
However, the software is able to recovers more than 15 types of files, including photos and app videos, from the iPhone 3GS and 4. That means you will be able to find there all kind of files including photos and videos from the Camera Roll and also data from apps like Facebook, Twitter and so on. Replacing the photos, contacts, and messages you have on the phone takes a little more forethought.
With this in mind, you will probably need a lot of information in order to get the hang of it, most of which you can find on the Internet and we decided to show you a little part of it.
Apple, surprised his costumers with this program, which brought happiness for Apple users who can now manage their files directly from the devices they own. Yes, it`s true, you can now forget about your desktop machine, and enjoy everything on your gadget.
You can also use an iCloud backup to restore your device.But, like everything else that offers you a space to use, you will have to pay for keeping your files backed up on iCloud.
It`s true that you can use the first 5GB for free, but we are pretty sure that this would not be enough for you with time passing.
Most likely you will find yourself in the situation of buying more and more space for the storage of your data, even more if you are one of those users who are using more than one iOS Apple device.
In this case, you will need to pay an annual fee every time you run out of space on iCloud.
Of course you can try to sidestep this issue of space, by checking and deleting your old devices backups from iCloud since they don`t serve you anymore.With time passing you might also get some corrupted files in your storage space from iCloud, so this is why it would be? Those corrupted files may corrupt the entire backup and more than certain none of you want that to happen.
On the good side, this does not happen very often, but on the bad side a corrupt file is also very hard to identify.
There are five steps you should follow in order to be able to learn everything about how to delete a backup from iCloud.
Through this option you will be able to check all the backups from all your gadgets that are connected to? For example i have chose to show you how to do it by using an old iPhone 5 archive created on? After tapping on “Delete Button”, you will be able to see a pop up message asking if? After this final step the selected backup should be deleted and all its content lost.Ending this process will give you the possibility of reusing your space, without having to buy more storage from iCloud. This option not only gives you the opportunity of successfully administrating your files, can also save you money.

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