Check below for a quick look at what devices support Apple’s latest OS, how to prepare for the update in advance, and how download it as soon as possible. Make sure that you are running the latest version of iOS and that you have the latest version of iTunes to avoid any problems. If you own an Apple mobile device, you have no excuse for not backing it up, because Apple gives you two very simple and free ways for duplicating and storing a copy of your information. The benefit of backing up using iCloud is that it's largely automated and can happen wirelessly. You should be able to move through the following instructions for backing up using iTunes in less than five minutes. In iTunes, right-click (or Ctrl-click) on your device, which appears in the leftmost pane under Devices. Additional information backed up varies by which version of iOS you have; see the section Additional Information on Apple's support page about iOS backups. Learn More About Backing Up Your PC or Mac If you don't have a lot of time to learn much more about backing up, consider backing up only the files that are most important to you, such as photos or work files.
You can also manually back up each time the device is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi by launching the Settings app and navigating to iCloud> Backup and tapping on the Backup Now button. If you can’t access notes saved in iCloud backup from your web browsers on PC or Mac. When you have finished downloading notes from iCloud to computer, you can access notes in iCloud from the screen like below.
Likely available early Wednesday morning, iOS 8 will endow its users with the ability to create audio text messages and share the location via text, along with a more advanced keyboard and integration with the previously-rumored HealthKit.
Not all features — such as Apple Pay and continuity — will work on all devices or even within all countries. It’s always a good idea to back up your data via iTunes or iCloud prior to downloading and installing any vital updates that may alter the functionality of your device. Peruse your photos, contacts, and apps for anything you no longer us or is severely outdated. Launch the App Store as you would normally, tap Updates in the bottom-right corner, and then Update All to download and install the latest version of all your apps. I'm talking about not just apps, but also photos, address books, notes, documents, and more.

The downside is Apple only gives you 5GB space for free, so if you need more, you have to pay for it. That's because don't want your only backup to be on a computer in the same home or office where you keep your iPhone or iPad. Below the step-by-step instructions, you'll also find a quick overview of how to restore your device using iTunes, should you need to, as well as a list of things that do and do not get backed up using this method. So, if you purchase an app, then remove it from your iPhone, it's not included in the backup. It is also important to note that media files synced from your computer are not saved, but can be restored by syncing with iTunes. In this iTunes backup file restore window, you can select all available iTunes backup files saved on your PC or Mac. She told us her business is good the last time we had a family reunion half year ago and I have not heard from her since then. Family share, new photo options, continuity, and additional Siri commands also come standard. Check out Apple’s iOS 8 Feature Availability for a closer look at which countries currently support a given feature, along with the list of devices compatible with iOS 8 below.
After all, we sincerely doubt you’d like to risk losing your contacts, messages, photos, and any other content you have stored on your device.
You can always move the data elsewhere if you’re worried about losing those precious moments and music you rarely listen to.
What would it cost to replace all that data if your iOS device were lost, stolen, severely damaged, or just went kaput? If one is subject to, say, a fire or theft, the other is likely to suffer the same harm, leaving you with no phone, no tablet, no computer, and no backups.
Wait for the progress bar to finish and for the restart to complete before you try to use or disconnect the device.
This mobile phone transfer is smart enough to search for all iTunes backup files on your computer so you do not need to do it manually. No matter how many contacts and phone numbers you have saved, they can be copies from computer to iPhone in seconds. This afternoon she called me and said that she has lost access to her notes saved on her iPhone 6 plus due to unlock failed through finger print or something like that.

It may not be the most radical change to come to iOS, but at least you’ll be able to opt out of unwanted group texts at your own leisure. Once the update becomes available, ensure your iOS device is connected to both a charger and your local Wi-Fi network. If you already run regular backups of your computer, though, you have nothing to worry about.
Connect your iPhone to computer via USB data cord, then you will find the iPhone is listed on the right section. I can’t remember exactly, but she said she needs to restore iPhone notes before resetting it. For example, you can choose to only download iPhone call history from iCloud to computer or any other files and data. Duplicated notes can be found on both of them will not be downloaded or restored from iCloud to iPhone. We are doing this because we find iTunes will overwrite your existing data on iPhone during the sync process. In the middle column, you can find all supported files types that are included in your iTunes backup file and compatible with the target mobile phone you have connected.
If the contacts you want to restore was missing, you can follow this guide to recover contacts from iCloud or iPhone with or without backups. She does not care for other data for file types, as she can find them either from iCloud account or iTunes backup. This phone transfer software works with different mobile phones, such as iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, Moto, Nexus, LG, Sony, BlackBerry and many more. She uses notes to save all kinds of financial statements and records, such as income, expenses, payroll, etc. Likewise, iTunes backup files can also be restored to Android phones, Samsung phone data can be transferred to Lenovo phones, and many more.
In fact this is one of the most frequently asked questions about iCloud backup, how to access notes in iCloud account.

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