In a word, it is quite simple to restore contacts  from iCloud backup selectively via iFonebox, convenient and functional. Come recuperare la cronologia chat di Wechat cancellata accidentalmente dal vostro iPhone 6?
There is no doubt that the first thing is to download and install iFonebox on your computer. The whole point of iCloud backups is to be easy enough for anyone and everyone to use them. Just like with local duplicates it would be great if Apple could detect identical photos and videos and only store them once on the server. You can go into iCloud and delete old backups but it's not an especially obvious process for casual users. When you restore, it'll pull the most recent copy of the apps from the App Store, which is what happens now.
Cons: Restoring iPhone from iTunes backup will not only recover contacts, but also text messages, call logs, photos, videos, and more. Pros: iCloud allows you retrieve the lost contacts separately rather than get all backup data back. Pros: You can extract contacts from iTunes backup free without connecting iPhone to the compute. Cons: This Free iTunes Backup Extractor can only extract contacts from unlocked iTunes backup.
If you failed to get back contacts in above ways or you didn’t have your iPhone data backed up.
The above was extracted from Apple community and when I read posts from Apple forum, I found that most people were encountered with the iMessages deletion by accident problem. If you want to recover accidentally deleted iMessages, firstly, it is necessary for you to download and install iFonebox. With iFonebox, it is just so convenient and functional that accidentally deleted iMessages are recovered. Today, I received an email and the content is as above.In short, he wants to recover deleted contacts from iPhone 5s after updated to iOS 9. Undoubtedly, the first thing is to download and install iFonebox: Windows version and Mac version.
However, the problem is when you erase the all data from iPhone, some other existing data like messages, notes can be erased meanwhile.
Here, a video about how to recover lost WeChat data from iPhone is attached to help you better understand.

It's supposed to be a convenient way to backup data to Apple's servers and restore it to your iPhone or iPad any time you reset, replace, or upgrade your device. I've already gone over how duplicate images and videos in Camera Roll and iMessage eat into your local storage. That way no one would have to worry about where media is located or how often, they could just use and enjoy their devices. For example, any time you replace a defective device or upgrade to a new device, it creates a new backup for that device — but leaves the old backup on the server taking up even more space. They get an error saying iCloud backups are no longer working and they get frustrated, confused, or simply ignore it. What issues, if any, have you experienced when it comes to running out of space or adding new devices, and how would you like to see Apple handle them in iOS 8? Apple should be able to de-duplicate both backups as a single copy and only back up the differences. If your iTunes backup is password protected, you need upgrade to the pro version to extract contacts from iPhone backup. Make sure the contact switch under “Allow theses Apps to Use Your Account” is set to ON, you will find a button “Update All contacts” at the bottom, click it to complete synchronization. If you are a loyal read of my blog, I think you should have know how to recover those accidentally deleted iMessages. After scanning, you can preview and select those iMessages deleted by accident and then, click Recover to PC to finish the whole process. Now, you can pick out those deleted contacts and then, click Recover to Device button and all contacts will be in your iPhone 5s now. Choose “Recover from iCloud backup” mode and sign in with your activated Apple ID and password. After automatic scanning, you have the chance to preview and choose your iPhone 6s lost WeChat contacts, and then click Recover to PC button to finish the whole running process.
There are cases where you'll want multiple devices backed up on your account, specifically when you have multiple devices like an iPhone and iPad in your possession.
If storage runs low old and unused backups are simply deleted in the background without anyone having to worry about them.
Please connect your iPhone 5s to the computer so as to scan and recover deleted contacts to it. One more thing, you can recover deleted messages, notes, etc, from iPhone or iPad even though there is no backup at all. Keep reading here and I will introduce solutions to fix this WeChat contacts loss problem in details.

Also, other data like contacts, notes, messages, photos, calendars, etc, from iDevice can also be found by iFonebox. Please connect your iPhone 6s to the computer so as to scan and analyze WeChat contacts from it.
Granted, Apple doesn't count some things, like apps, iTunes media, and Photo Stream against that storage allotment, but 5GB is still far below most peoples' needs, and far less than what Apple's competitors have recently been offering. If you have a lot duplicate photos and videos on your device, you'll have a lot of duplicate photos and videos eating up your iCloud storage as well. When you get rid of your third replacement iPhone 5 and upgrade to a new iPhone 5s, however, you don't want or need all 4 backups to still be on the server. Most people wouldn't use the full amount, but they could absolutely use the better experience and peace of mind that would come with it.
If you want to extract text messages from iPhone backup, this freeware can also do you a favor.
If you want to restore contacts from iTunes to iPhone directly, Phone Transfer software is recommended.
At present, iFonebox is also capable of recovering deleted or lost contacts and notes to your iOS devices directly. Next, I will show you how to retrieve your iPhone 6s lost WeChat messages in detailed steps. Some people might think that's okay because of Photo Stream does something similar and doesn't count against your storage limit.
Next, I want to show you how to use iFonebox to get your accidentally deleted iMessages back.
You literally cannot even pay to get enough storage to back up a single device much less multiple devices.
However, Photo Stream doesn't back up video and doesn't keep any photo backed up for more than 30 days, so killing Camera Roll backups is a huge compromise. Worse, iMessage doesn't "back up" at all, so you can't prevent image or video messages from eating up space on iCloud unless you go into the Messages app and manually delete them.

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