This user did not give me much more detailed information about his lost contacts from iPhone 6 Plus.
I think you have heard about iFonebox, for without it, you cannot recover your iPhone 6 Plus lost contacts. As I have mentioned, if you have an iTunes or iCloud backup for your lost contacts, you can still choose to extract and restore those lost contacts from backup data. Notes: if you have an iCloud backup for your lost contacts, you can also choose Recover from iCloud Backup in the first step.
In order to recover lost contacts after iOS 9 update without any backup, what you need to know first is that without a recovery program, you just cannot recover those lost contacts.
There is no doubt that the first thing is to free download and install iFonebox: Windows version and Mac version. In a web application project, exporting a grid to an Excel file is one of the most frequent requirements. When a window pops up, you can choose either sync recovered notes back to your device or recover them to your local computer. Connect your iPhone with your computer and click "Start Scan" to scan deleted notes from iPhone. Based on your computer OS, select a right version to recover deleted iPhone notes on Mac or on Windows. Find exact iPhone backup file location on your Windows or Mac computer to restore files to your new iOS device.
Whether you are using a Mac or a Windows PC, you can find iPhone backup location, and the method is more or less similar.
Why is Apple so stupid For a start, iTunes will launch and attempt to sync with your phone.

The latest version of iTunes installed tap on the Trust “[Apple ID]” option, and then tap Trust again in the popup.
But music downloaded using Apple Music subscription is protected with DRM that locks it down to iTunes-only playback. Tagged with: itunes iphone backup location change, itunes iphone backup location osx, itunes iphone backup location windows 8, itunes iphone backup location windows 7, itunes iphone backup location change mac, itunes iphone backup location on mac, itunes iphone backup location windows xp, itunes iphone backup location windows 7 change, itunes ios backup location, itunes ios backup location mac, itunes iphone backup files, itunes iphone backup stored, itunes iphone backup file location windows 7, itunes 12 iphone backup location, delete itunes iphone backup files. It's a cloud storage service where you can backup any type of file, and access anywhere you have an Internet connection.
Recently, most people have encountered with the same iOS data loss problem such as contacts and notes. After scanning, you can pick out your iPhone lost contacts to recover via clicking Recover to Device button to end the process. Is there a way to recover notes to iPhone back?Experiencing data loss, especially something related to important personal or business issues, is really frustrating. However, this file is unreadable, but his program is able to extract it and list it after your launch this program.
Try another mode of iPhone Data Recovery to recover deleted notes from iPhone without backup. Click OK, and the tracks will now be listed with the correct artist, and may be merged with any existing tracks by that artist in Artists view.
Most of the functions available on the Mac or Windows versions also come on the iOS version. This isn’t an entirely bad thing, as it means you’ll have a full, local, disk-based backup of the contents of your device in case anything goes wrong.
Now, coming back to the cross-platform You can also set the output folder in the bottom pane if you like.

But contacts plays an important part in our life, so there are still methods to help you recover your iPhone 6 Plus lost contacts. Plus, it is also supportive to recover other deleted or lost data like messages, notes and more from your iOS device. We all know that contacts means a lot to us, without them, you may feel separated from the outside.
So here, you can recover your lost contacts from iPhone directly with iFonebox if you have no backup. Before recovery, I need to confirm with you that you have synced your iPhone with iTunes before. Actually, if you deleted contacts from your iPhone 6 Plus, undoubtedly, you can recover them. One more thing, iFonebox supports to recover lost contacts and notes back to your iDevice directly. What is more amazing is that you can recover lost or deleted contacts and notes to your iPhone 6 Plus directly with iFonebox. Here, I can offer a method for you to recover lost contacts after iOS 9 update without any backup. Next, I will show you how to recover those lost contacts after iOS 9 update without any backup.
Dropbox and Box have been around for years, and Microsoft recently revamped its cloud offering with a new name and new storage tiers.

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