Wer ein Synology NAS hat, der wird bald schon die finale Version 6.0 des DiskStation Managers in den Handen halten konnen. Wer die Cloud Station schon einmal angeschaut hat, der wird die gro?en Parallelen naturlich sehen. Auch ein Blick in die Einstellungen des Cloud Station Servers kann man empfehlen, denn hier lassen sich noch diverse Dinge justieren.
Alles in allem eine Losung, die man nach der Aktualisierung von DSM auf Version 6.0 mal ausprobieren sollte. You can try their solution for free with 10GB of storage and you can get unlimited storage "for free" by sharing your unused disk space at the ratio of 2:1. Your backups are encrypted and fragmented across multiple locations (to which you are contributing if you want more than 10GB of backup space) so that your data is safe and unavailable to other users. The solution is available for download here and you can install it on Windows, Mac, Linux, and some of the most used NAS (Network Attached Solution). In this screen, you have to choose a device name and indicate a location (recommended in case you might use multiple devices).
The bandwidth (the maximum data transfer rate you of a network or Internet connection) is your internet connection speed. Click on "Add local Folder to Sync with Cloud" and then browse the folder you want to backup. The following screen allows you to select a folder for the disk space you are giving to the cloud ( in order to get some extra cloud storage space): Leave the default in "contribution folder location" or choose another folder. Then, in "Communication" you can see the port number to open and forward to your Synology NAS, leave or change the default port number then open and forward it. Once you have opened and forwarded the port to your NAS local ip address, click the "test open port button". Contributed Storage Space: This defines the amount of local storage space you give to Symform. You can see how much space you have left after "Amount of excess disk space on the device".
Once you're done, click "Finish" and you will see a summary of your settings: Name and location, Bandwidth usage and folders. You might want to connect to Symform's website in order to see more details about your account using the credentials you created at the beginning of this tutorial or you can simply click on the "Cloud Dashboard" link at the upper right of the window.
Note that you should have a big or an unlimited traffic volume included in your internet subscription as this could generate a high volume (at least during the first synchronization).
How to enable Windows 8.1 login with the fingerprint reader on an HP Elitebook 8540w (or other similar models).
We put the Synology DS414j through some IOMeter tests with a CIFS share being accessed from up to 25 VMs simultaneously. All the units compared with the DS414j in the above graphs come with two GbE links except for the Asustor AS-304T (which only has one). Feeding multiple computers is one of the primary reasons to use a NAS instead of just connecting more drives locally. Back in 2012 I wrote a post on How to set up CrashPlan Cloud Backup headless on a Synology NAS - Backup Strategies. Since then however, Synology has upgraded it's main OS to "DSM 5.0" or greater and Java 7 can run on Synology. This gentleman at PCLoadLetter has prepared excellent packages that make it MUCH easier than before to get CrashPlan running on your Synology. On your Synology, from the web browser, go to the Package Center, then Settings, then Package Sources. Once it's installed, wait a minute to two for it to calm down, then stop it, and start it again.
NOTE: This is a Linefeeds only Linux text file so you'll want to use Notepad2 or something OTHER than Notepad so you don't corrupt this file. You can select your files that exist on the Synology from the CrashPlan application on your main computer. You can get CrashPlan+ and do one computer, or get CrashPlan+ Family and do up to 10 computers. Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer's view in any way. Das aktuelle Update der „DS photo+“-App von Synology nehmen wir zum Anlass, auf die Sofort-Upload-Funktion der App einzugehen. Wahrend ihr beim manuellen Upload einzelne Ordner oder Bilder uber das Freigabesymbol an eure Synology-Station schicken konnt, werden beim Sofort-Upload alle vorhandenen und noch nicht auf die Synology uberspielten Bilder und Videos automatisch auf den Server kopiert, sobald ihr die „DS photo+“-App offnet. Damit die entsprechenden Menu-Optionen innerhalb der „DS photo+“-App erscheinen, muss der angemeldete Nutzer naturlich auch uber die entsprechenden Upload-Rechte auf der Synology verfugen. Wichtig zu wissen ist auch, dass zwar Fotos automatisch in Originalgro?e ubertragen, bei Videos standardma?ig aber Dateien mit reduzierter Qualitat auf den Server geladen werden.
Aber klar jetzt durch die neuen iOS 7 Hintergrundprozessfunktion, gibt es endlich alternative Methoden. Warum soll in der Virstellung eines neuen oder verbesserten Features der Synology-App QNAP oder WD erwahnt werden?

Kennt jemand eine App, die die Bilder vom iPhone nicht nur kopiert, sondern verschiebt also nach erfolgreichem Upload auf dem iPhone loscht?
With terabytes of photos, videos and miscellaneous stuff spread across five computers, I'm probably the ideal candidate for a network-attached storage (NAS) device. If you're willing to download software and sign up for a Western Digital account, the EX2 Ultra offers a number of additional, cloud-focused features. It's worth noting that while the new EX2 Ultra is clearly a step up compared to its predecessor, it still lags behind NAS servers from companies such as Synology and QNAP, in terms of features, functionality and the number of supported apps. Cloud Station Backup ist dabei eine neue Option, die aber nicht das Rad neu erfindet, sondern auf der Cloud Station aufsetzt. Man sichert naturlich nicht den kompletten Rechner, auch wenn man dies konnte, man kann selbstverstandlich auch Partitionen oder Ordner aussuchen, die gesichert werden sollen. Festplatten kosten heute nicht mehr ein Vermogen, doch vielleicht ist der Platz auf eurem NAS nicht so gro? als dass ihr euren kompletten Rechner da wegsichern wollen wurdet. Das Backup kann verschlusselt erfolgen, ihr konnt euren QuickConnect-Namen eingeben oder eben manuell IP und Nutzernamen auf dem NAS. Theoretisch schon – die Software wurde jetzt mit dem Sichern der Daten vom PC auf das NAS beginnen.
Ihr konnt dann mal sicherheitshalber in das Interface des NAS wechseln um euch dort mit den Moglichkeiten vertraut zu machen.
Sichert ihr also die Datei Wichtig.txt aus dem Ordner Dokumente von Festplatte C auf das NAS, dann liegt die Datei auch noch da, wenn ihr sie auf dem PC geloscht habt. Vielleicht fur die Mac-Nutzer mit TimeMachine witzlos, wenn diese ihr System komplett auf das NAS sichern.
Daddy von Max, Dortmunder im Norden, BVB-Getaufter, Gerne-Griller und Grunder dieses Blogs. Then the first checkbox is use if you want to save folders to the cloud and the second one is used if you want to share some disk space in order to get some free space (at the ration of 2:1 like explained before). The following four graphs show the total available bandwidth and the average response time while being subject to different types of workloads through IOMeter. Compared to other units, we find that the Synology DS414j exhibits better consistency in performance as the number of simultaneous connections goes up. It also has no write performance gains, especially when considering it needs to calculate the parity blocks. However RAID6 can take the death of any two drives, whereas in RAID 1+0 if the wrong two drives fail your data is toast.
I have an Areca RAID controller with 8 SAS channels (and up to three arrays) on an XSCALE 800MHz CPU with good overall performance. I recommend Synology NAS's but I recommend ones with an Intel processor as I feel the ARM versions are underpowered.
I've had some hassle getting my newly upgraded Synology running CrashPlan so here's a new writeup for DSM 5.0+ for 2014. However, his instructions assume a some technical ability and also require reading a LOT and visiting several pages within his site. When I did, even though I'd uninstalled and re-installed CrashPlan, it recognized I'd backed up before and it re-sync'ed over an hour.
I am choosing not to backup super-large files like DVD backups, 60 gig VMs and other things. Das praktische Backup-Feature prasentiert sich in der neuesten Version der App verbessert und prominenter im Menu platziert. Daruber hinaus bietet die Anwendung aber auch die weniger bekannten Moglichkeiten, einzelne Bilder manuell, oder alle auf dem iOS-Gerat vorhandenen Bilder automatisch an die Fotosammlung auf dem Synology-NAS-Server zu ubertragen. Beim Einrichten der Sofort-Upload-Funktion gebt ihr das Verzeichnis vor, in das die Bilder kopiert werden sollen. Voraussetzung fur die Nutzung ist naturlich ein entsprechender Heimserver aus der Diskstation-Serie von Synology. Funktioniert zuverlassig, geht auch mit diversen NAS-Systemen und ist auch nicht cloudbasiert.
Photosync ubertragt automatisch alle neue Bilder und Videos, sobald ich Reichweite von meinem WLAN bin. So when Western Digital's WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra, a dual-bay server, crossed my desk, you could consider my interest piqued.
The My Cloud is my favorite of these, as it gives you remote access to everything on the drive from a browser, or through free apps, available for Android and iOS. Naturally, the pre-populated versions come with two of Western Digital's WD Red hard drives. You can automatically upload photos and videos taken with your mobile devices directly to the drive, but I'm fairly comfortable letting Apple and Google's native photo functionality handle that.
Statt hier einzelne Ordner zur Synchronisation in den Fokus zu rucken, soll man komplette Rechner auf dem Synology NAS sichern konnen. Zu bedenken ist naturlich auch, dass ein Backup bei Synology standardma?ig mit Versionen arbeitet, wenn der Platz ausreichend ist mit ganzen 32 Satzen.
Letzten Endes wird man gefragt, ob der Ordner auf dem NAS noch schreibgeschutzt sein soll und ob die App beim Systemstart gestartet werden soll. Standardma?ig ist es so, dass auf dem Rechner geloschte Dateien auf dem NAS verbleiben – ein bisschen Backup- statt Sync-Feeling soll ja aufkommen.

Intelliversioning spart ubrigens Speicher, hierbei werden nur die wichtigsten Versionen beibehalten. So if you need 20GB to backup your files, you need 10 more GB (as you are receiving 10GB for free). IOMeter also reports various other metrics of interest such as maximum response time, read and write IOPS, separate read and write bandwidth figures etc. Auf diese Weise lasst sich recht simpel ein lokaler und damit von iCloud oder anderen Online-Losungen unabhangiger Foto-Backup realisieren. Allerdings kann man auch immer von unterwegs, sofern man es mochte alle Bilder auf seinen NAS schicken. We were fond of the original My Cloud EX2, a simple plug-and-play option for folks looking to wrangle storage across their home network.
And the allure of the "personal cloud" is strong: having access to my raw photos wherever I have a Web connection is a tantalizing prospect. But if you get the disk-less version, you can just pop the lid open, and use a pair of standard desktop SATA hard drives from another vendor. Downloading files from the drive to your phone is easy and may prove useful, but again, I turn to services such as Dropbox and Google Drive for most of my needs. Bringt ja wenig, so ein Backup anzuwerfen, nur um hinterher festzustellen, dass das lokal geloschte Daten-Gelot auch auf dem NAS verschwunden ist. Die wichtige Frage ist aber naturlich: wo finde ich die ganzen Versionen von Dateien eigentlich, wo finde ich eine Datei, die ich auf dem PC geloscht habe? Der entscheidende Gang ist hier dann in den Cloud Station Server auf dem NAS, Bereich Versionsverlauf.
And lastly, if a drive dies, RAID 1+0 has no performance decrease, but RAID 6 would take a hit because it would need to calculate blocks using the parity.
A tax system running in Hyper-V and the 50GB exchange store resided on that array while being rebuilt. Die Gerate sind auch fur Besitzer eines Apple TV interessant, lassen sich doch auf dem NAS-Server gespeicherte Videos direkt per AirPlay an die Apple Set-Top-Box senden – mehr hierzu findet ihr in diesem Artikel. I just have to pop over to Western Digital's MyCloud website, log in and see whatever I've stored on the drive. And playback is limited to what your mobile device can natively handle: that largely rules out my raw files and the more esoteric video formats I've got kicking about. You're getting the same simple enclosure, with LED lights that show the status of the EX2 Ultra's drives. Though a little cumbersome, it's convenient enough; I'd appreciate being able to sync a folder on a remote computer with one on the NAS automatically, as many other NAS servers can do this.
We've yet to put the My Cloud EX2 Ultra through the usual performance tests in the CNET Labs.
Now you mentioned that you can select files that exist on the Synology from the CrashPlan application on your main computer, so does that mean that the Synology itself doesn’t count as an extra computer in the unlimited online backup plans? At the very least, the EX2 Ultra saves me from the sort of subscription fees I'd see if I tried to store this much stuff on services such as Dropbox.
I'd still of course hold onto my Crashplan account, for the peace of mind that a proper offsite backup solution affords, but having ready, convenient access to my stuff is a nice touch. Stay tuned for our full tests though, as we see how this new model stacks up to the competition. When you reinstall CrashPlan and adopt your previous backups, it will ask for your key before it starts backing up. From there, if you use the same key from your previous install your archives will remain intact.
Can you please give me a hint where could this go wrong (CP even remembers deleted files) ?Only reason I could think of is that we can not 100% trust online provider (CP in this case) to be 100% reliable with our data.
I'm pretty sure the answer to this is yes.2) is a bit trickier If I duplicate all the files I currently have in my music, films and pictures directories over to the synology and point crashplan at them, as they are already backed up and I have de-duplication turned on will crashplan not do the initial backup ?
If this is true, and I then remove the files from the pc service crashplan selection (before deletion) would this give me a seemless transfer of files. If you have a lot of TB of data you will run out of memory on your NAS and this won't work.3. If you do things like this on your NAS, you need an astronomically expensive Synology in order for a RAID 6 setup to be fast enough to really make use of good Synology features like link aggregation, etc. Why slow down already grossly underpowered hardware you paid an arm and a leg for just because it has a good software interface?Special note: You can also build a NAS yourself, just buy a Dell T20 barebones with no drives, and run unRAID off USB (it fits four drives out of the box, and you can even expand with more SATA cards, as long as your drives dont use much power, it has a weak PSU). I have Crashplan running on the Synology DS214PLay but when I try to connect the PC application (after editing the ui.properties) the tray icon loads but the application won't open (a application opening type screen opens and then gets stuck and never loads). I have also granted permissions to the Crashplan user on the Synology.Any ideas where I'm going wrong? But am wondering how to backup my computer to my Synology, because, the way I see it, the Crashplan software now thinks my computer is my Synology box.

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