The link you supplied eventually led me to what I had been contemplating; and I just purchased a Seagate Thunderbolt external backup drive for Mac (3TB) for my new iMac not for computer audio, rather to replace an external USB drive, free up a USB port and take advantage of Thunderbolt speed and connectivity. The Seagate Thunderbolt BackUp Plus for Mac arrived today in the 3GB flavor in black with a silver center aluminum strip. Second, from the look it's a modular construction - can you buy one complete then add a second drive enclosure (obviously using only one at once)?
However, as your question suggests, you can buy a separate BackUp Plus Drive and attach it to the adapter one already has (swappable). Just want to add that I'm using this same adapter with a 4tb and 3tb backup plus, and I am very happy with the performance.
Selected as the Editor’s Choice portable external drive by PC Magazine, Seagate® Backup Plus hard drives were first introduced in June of this year. A Versatile Storage DeviceIn 2010, Seagate adopted the Universal Storage Module (USM®) standard, which enables consumers to easily add the newest Mac® and PC connection capabilities to their Seagate storage product even if these technologies are not available at the time of purchase. If you are running out of space on your Mac plug in one of these hard drives to expand the storage of your Mac.
Even if you have plenty of space you ought to be backing up your Mac, and one of these external storage drives will be perfect for the job. Seagate’s Slim Portable drive is indeed very slim and portable, but the company went one better earlier this year when it released the Seagate Seven, which is claimed to be the smallest 500GB hard drive in the world. We’d be hard pushed to find fault with that claim since, as the name implies, this super-slimline portable drive measures just 7mm thick and weighs a mere 178g. The Thunderbolt Duo has been around for a while, but it’s still a really good option if you simply need a big fat hard drive that can store stacks and stacks of photos and other data.
You can use the Thunderbolt Duo as a conventional hard drive, but it also supports RAID 0 (for speed) and RAID 1 (for security), which makes it a good choice for photographers who need strong performance and security for their work files. As with previous versions of the drive, that rubber sleeve protects the drive from water and sudden impacts, but this new version is pressure-resistant too, and LaCie says that it will now protect your files even if you drive over it with a 1-tonne car.
The Apple Time Capsule’s (reviewed here) distinctive design combines elements of both a wireless router and NAS drive (network attached storage). It’s a neatly designed desktop drive, with a sturdy aluminium casing that makes a good match for most current Mac models. The internal hard drive is rated at 7200rpm, so it’ll be a good performer with any of those interfaces.
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As you know I employ a Promise Pegasus 12TB Raid 5 connected to my 2011 Thunderbolt Mac Mini as my external drive to store my music library. The black parts, the Thunderbolt adapter and the hard drive's side panels are soft velvety rubber lile material. Replacing the external USB hard drive, an OWC Mercury Elite AL Pro quatro port, freed up a USB port and that is a good thing. I have a new Time Machine Airport Capsule so the Seagate is for insurance in case the Time Capsule should disappoint. Designed to work interchangeably with both Windows® and Apple® computers, these new drives deliver features to protect, share and save nearly every aspect of one’s digital life.
Backup Plus for Mac will now provide a USB 3.0 cable out of the box and can be upgraded to ThunderboltTM Technology or FireWire 800, as the need presents itself.
Find out which Mac hard drive can help you increase your Mac's storage or safely back up your Mac. You can easily slip it onto a jacket pocket, or into a case alongside your MacBook and hardly even notice that it’s there. The two internal drives are removable too, so you can add extra storage simply by swapping in new drives whenever you need to.
The drive also works with Time Machine for automatic back-ups, and provides password protection and encryption for added security.
There are plenty of smaller drives available, of course, but none that are as tough as the Rugged Mini.
If you need a more affordable NAS drive that you can use on your home or office network to provide shared storage for all your Macs, PCs and mobile devices, then Buffalo’s latest LinkStation model is a really good option.
Apple’s AirPort software is built into all Macs, so your Mac can automatically detect the Time Capsule as soon as you turn it on, and will ask if you want to set up a new network or connect it to an existing network. With great prices, fast shipping, and top-rated customer service - once you know, you Newegg. The actual Open Box product may differ in packaging and included accessories, but has been tested to ensure basic functionality.
Store IDrive Online Backup is an industry-leading solution for online backup for PCs, This approach is an easy solution that has worked for the small company I work FBackup is freeware backup program for Windows.

And as you also know there are no compatibility problems for me with my system and Amarra Symphony. Pin dot of light to indicate it is powered and it flickers when accessing but you can barelybsee it so it is not distracting.
Seagate Backup Plus products include a software feature that makes them the world’s first external hard drives to provide a way to backup content from social networks, such as Facebook and Flickr.
The drive also includes Seagate’s Dashboard software for making back-up copies of photos that you upload onto social sites such as FaceBook. This new model also has an eco-mode that reduces power-consumption by around 40% when the drive is connected to your laptop but not being used to transfer data. You can also use it for Time Machine back-ups from multiple Macs, and that ease of use makes the Time Capsule an excellent option for people who don’t know very much about networking.
I was sitting three feet away from the Seagate and my Promise Pegasus 4TB Raid 5 Thunderbolt drive and could not hear either of them. This new interface means faster transfer of data, so you can backup more quickly, up to 10x that of USB 2.0, via TimeMachine® or simply transferring a file from a computer to external storage.
The Seagate Dashboard software included on Backup Plus for Mac drives delivers a quick and easy path to Save and Share personal photos and videos on Facebook and Flickr. Our only real complaint is that there’s only one version of the Seven drive currently available, with just 500GB storage. Other features include a scheduling option that turns the Linkstation on or off at specified times in order to save power. Needless to say the backups take half the time as it takes with the other two external USB drives. If you need more than 500GB then you’ll have to stick with the Slim Portable drive, which offers up to 2TB, or one of the many rival drives available from other manufacturers. I put my hand over the vents to feel for air flow from a fan, but did not detect a fan running.
But I do not think you can take the portable drive from its adapter and then attach it to the BackUp Plus Thunderbolt adapter.

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