Having learned (perhaps the hard way) that backing up your data is a vital chore that must be done regularly, you may be looking for the best backup storage device.
There are a number of options and price ranges among backup storage devices; the best one for you depends on your computing environment and habits.
A better option for home and small business users that have lots of data to backup would be an external hard drive. If you have multiple computers on a network, at home or at the office, a network-attached storage (NAS) device may be the most convenient way to keep all the computers on your network backed up automatically. A simple NAS can be put together with an off-the-shelf external hard drive and some free network backup software such as Karen's Replicator. Tape drives are still used in enterprise (corporate) backup systems, but they are not used much by home or small business users, as the cost of magnetic and optical media is far less than tape.
Using one or more External Hard Drives is easy and in my opinion "essential" for home and small business users. EDITOR'S NOTE: Internet connection speeds will continue to rise dramatically, as they have done over the past 15 years.
US telco Sprint announced a partnership this week with cloud storage service provider Pogoplug that will see Sprint offer its customers free cloud storage as part of their mobile services package. Sprint said that beginning January 27 iPhone and Android users will be able to download the Pogoplug app and receive 5GB of free storage for backing up media and documents, with the option to upgrade to unlimited storage for $4.99 per month. Sprint’s move to offer free cloud storage comes at a time when most American mobile telcos already have similar offerings in place.
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Australian telco Telstra has continued efforts to bolster its Network Applications and Services (NAS) business unit through acquiring Readify. Ted Woodbery, VP, Product Strategy & Corporate Marketing at Synchronoss looks at the benefits of cloud storage as an affordable, scalable and secure alternative to hardware-based storage solutions. SIGN UP TO OUR DAILY NEWS DIGESTReceive FREE Business Cloud news alerts straight to your inbox. SaaS for SMBs: The main meal, not the side saladWe know that telcos are well-placed to sell cloud services to small and medium-sized businesses.
MyPCBackup is a free tool which will automatically backup your whole computer, saving your documents, photos, music and more. You will then be able to access all your computer files online from any computer or phone so you no longer need to carry memory sticks to store your data on.
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The best back-up method is manual backup, you can see exactly whats being copied and if there are any issues.
If you are unsure which size of device you need for for back-ups, please contact us, or visit us instore. True RAID requires a hard disk controller in your PC that supports it and those are only available in a limited selection of desktop systems. In case of computer failure (as opposed to hard drive failure) getting your data back can be very painful. By far the most popular backup solution external hard drives are cheap ubiquitous and easy to use. As a backup medium a multi-drive NAS beats an external hard drive on most important metrics. With cloud storage your important files are uploaded over the internet to an off-site server.

The downside is that the initial backup can be brutal a process that can literally take weeks and totally gut your monthly broadband quota.
You’ll notice here we aren’t using the Retrieve method but the CreateQuery which will allow you to construct and execute queries with LINQ.  There are limitations to CreateQuery as it has been specifically optimized for working with Azure Table Storage, but you can review all the supported LINQ operations available.
Although we are specifying a Partition Key as part of our query, because this is crossing Partition boundaries, this has the potential of being a fairly inefficient queries depending on the number of entities per partition as well as the number of partitions involved. This is only a high level view of some of the Azure Storage architecture, but a detailed paper is available for ground level details. All our queries up to now have all either required the Partition Key, Row Key or both.  But the Partition and Row Key are usually not the only two properties on a table entity. Including a Partition Key with every query can drastically help with performance.  This is even more noticeable for data under heavy load. Exponential Retry Policy will force the period of time between retries to grow exponentially in such a way that the above example will fire the first retry at 5 seconds, 10 seconds between the next retry, then 20 seconds, and so on, until the max number of attempts has been reached.
A common question asked is how to know if a operation failed and a retry was attempted?  There are a few options available.  One is to use Microsoft’s Enterprise Transient Fault Application Block easily accessible through Nuget and attach to its event handling and built in ability to know about transient faults when they occur.
The problem with this approach is the readability of the code itself being that all execution is handled by the RetryPolicy.  The good news is that we can create a custom policy by implementing the IRetryPolicy Interface that will allow you to handle how you want a retry to occur or extra logic such as logging. The current retry policies available do not retry on HTTP status codes 4xx, 306, 501, 505.  Therefore, if you do write your own custom retry policy you will want to make sure to handle these as well. Azure has provided a helpful write up on Concurrency for their Storage Services, including some suggestions if requiring a pessimistic concurrency mechanism for your table. As a refresher for those that didn’t read all the intricate details found in the previous article on Blob Storage, a Shared Access Signature is an HMAC SHA-256 hash composed from a number of query string parameters that specify details such as the specific resources, expiration time of the granted access and the permissions granted, just to name a few.
The client then could use this Shared Access Signature to ultimately create a CloudTableClient which would be operating under the restrictions placed by the Shared Access Signature. A CD holds about 700 MB of data while a DVD may hold 4 GB (about 4000 MB), and DVD discs are not that much more expensive than CDs these days.
Yes, flash drives do wear out and start losing data - but it's the repeated re-writing of data that wears them out, not holding data in a steady state. A NAS device is basically a large hard drive with an Ethernet adapter or other network connection device; it is assigned an address on your network just like a printer, computer, or any other device. The external drive will have to be connected to a networked computer, as it will not have its own built-in network adapter.
Those newer backup media are also much faster when it comes to backing up and restoring data. There is also the fact that you have to be online to restore, and that could be a major problem.
With unlimited cloud storage, our customers can easily back up, access and share all their photos and videos from almost anywhere, eliminating the headaches around running out of space or losing an important memory,” he said.
AT&T announced its Locker cloud backup service in November 2012, and Verizon launched its Verizon Cloud offering in April last year. Telstra and Teleconfica are among the leading investors in enterprise storage and collaboration company Box, which largely caters to business customers and has agreements in place with operators like EE and Deutsche Telekom to offer the services to enterprises. With just the click of a button MyPCBackup will optimize your PC, remove potentially privacy risks and free up disk space. Obviously if something happens to the computer itself (if it’s stolen or lost for example) you lose everything.
Combined with automated backup software they can keep a second copy of your important files ready and they’re easy to transport to a new PC for recovery unlike internal hard drives. For home users a four- or five-bay NAS solution is an outstanding backup solution (bays refers to the number of physical hard drives it can support) with tremendous capacity.
This has substantial advantages the biggest being that even if your house or office burns to the ground you can recover your data.

Subsequent backups are quicker since they only update changed and new files but you’ll still likely be using a lot of data. The cheap and easy solution is the external hard drive but it can be prone to failure and require that you remember to plug it in for backup. Shortly, we’ll talk more about how to handle partition sizes as well as some of the requirements for queries that cross server partitions, such as use of continuation tokens.
As soon as you started writing queries that utilize the entity properties you will have moved into the realm of inefficient queries. This is defined as the first constructor’s parameter deltaBackoff.  In addition, we can specify the maximum number of retries. Also, you can use re-writable CDs, erasing your oldest backup set and replacing it with the latest. That computer must be left on at all times so that the backup software can access other computers on the network during scheduled backup times. If you want to get the most out of it you should also have drives with the same capacity otherwise it uses a lowest common denominator model. NASs come in multiple flavours from single-drive devices to multi-bay servers with support for RAID.
You can also recover your data from anywhere and it’s managed by professionals who build server farms with massive redundancy and continuous uptime. Recovery is faster since broadband download is generally faster than upload but it can still be time-consuming. Even if you use a flash drive like a re-writable CD, you should get up to 100,000 write cycles out of it before the flash drive begins to fail. You can also specify which files, folders, and types of data files are to be backed up and when. You can use traditional drive-to-drive backup solutions like Windows Backup but a lot of people prefer a RAID solution.
You can create a RAID setup if it’s a multi-drive NAS so even if one of the drives in the NAS fails nothing is lost. Quite simply if you go the cloud route you never really have to worry about losing your data. Check out our roundup of cloud-based backup on page 70 for more information on these services. You’ll occasionally forget to plug in an external drive unless you leave it permanently attached. When used for reliability RAID mirrors data across several drives automatically; if one of them fails the backups take over instantly and automatically with hopefully no downtime.
USB drives typically only have a single drive inside so there’s no additional hardware redundancy and because they often get moved dropped and jostled their lifespan might even be less than an internal hard drive. Internal drives can work too but they can be technical to set up require specific hardware and recovery can be a pain. You could have RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) drives for extra hardware redundancy. You should definitely have backup software running either a periodic backup solution like Windows Backup or a continuous solution like Memeo or Acronis. That might not seem like a big thing but people regularly go for months between backups for that reason.
Cloud solutions are the ultimate security since these are stored off-site and managed by (we hope) professionals.

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