The latest network routers, software, management tools and information for enterprise IT administrators. The Zetta DataProtect cloud backup service infuses enterprise-grade backup capabilities with SaaS simplicity. Enterprise backup solutions are notoriously complex to operate and difficult to integrate into IT environments. As a cloud-based service, Zetta DataProtect eliminates much of the configuration and worry associated with traditional backup products. Backup-as-a-service offers several other advantages as well, such as the elimination of capital expenses incurred by software licenses, backup servers, backup media, backup appliances, and etc. One of the more underrated facets of the platform is the speed with which it can accomplish backups and restores. Getting started requires the setup of an account and then the deployment of a client application for the systems to be backed up. The ZettaMirror client also functions as a login to launch the cloud services management console, which runs in all of the popular browsers. Management chores take place in the Zetta Service Management console, which uses a dashboard paradigm to inform administrators of the status of backups and restores and offers pull-down menus to define storage targets, backup clients, policies and users. The Zetta Service Management dashboard offers relevant information as well as pull-down menus to access additional features. As stated before, Zetta uses a policy-based paradigm, in which administrators define backup policies for an individual system or a group of systems, or create a default policy.
Zetta DataProtect enables storage elements to be quickly defined with retention rules, as well as metrics to control restore points and other backup related elements. Storage retention policies are carried over to system policies, where administrators can further define the backup parameters.
Managing a backup or restore job in Zetta DataProtect all comes down to "task settings," which control the associated processes. One very important capability to note is Zetta's ability to perform local backups as well as remote.
Zetta DataProtect offers traditional file-by-file backups, as well as imaging and VSS-based controls. When defining a backup, administrators can also pre-define job preferences, which are automatically included in each task. Zetta DataProtect lets administrators throttle bandwidth consumption using a schedule as well as use VSS or local backups.
For those that like a more hands-on approach, Zetta DataProtect does offer some very informative dashboard screens which show backup progress and warnings, errors or other problems. For those using the service's image-based backup option, Zetta provides an image browser that allows administrators to delve into the backups as if they were traditional directories or files, eliminating the need to mount the image or restore a whole image to just locate a single file or directory. Frank is an award-winning technology journalist, professional speaker and IT business consultant with over 25 years of experience in the technology arena. Unsere Programme sind stets vielseitig und genreubergreifend konzipiert und meist in zwei bis vier Blocke aufgeteilt. Hier findest du die Sanger und Sangerinnen, die aktuell fur das Music Project Altmark West aktiv sind. Grandios, gro?artig, einmalig - fur das Konzert des Music Project Altmark West lie?en sich noch viele Superlative finden.
Die drei Manner und drei Frauen bestachen durch eine exzellente, klanglich au?erst ausgewogene und stimmlich sehr differenzierte Vortragsart.
Thecus has come up with something new in the world of NAS with three models that are supplied with Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Essentials. The three NAS models W2000, W4000 and W5000 are respectively two, four and five bay with Windows installed on a separate drive.
While the Windows part of the NAS is new to us the hardware is familiar as the three models can be bought with Thecus’ own Linux software installed. The underlying hardware is fairly low end as the NAS runs on a dual core Intel Atom D2701 2.13GHz processor and 2GB of DDR3 RAM. Once you have installed the drives in their caddies, turned on the NAS, studied the LCD status panel and got used to the steady drone of the cooling fan you are pretty much done with the Thecus side of things as the user experience is all about Windows Server. The first task is to run Windows Update which amounted to 65 updates and 2.3GB of downloads for our sample. The 2GB of RAM runs at 70 percent even when you idle on the Windows desktop so 4GB is surely the minimum amount of memory this NAS requires. Once the W4000 is fully updated you have to come to terms with the Windows desktop which looks old and clunky at the recommended screen resolution 1,024×768.
It is a simple matter to obtain an IP address for the W4000 however you cannot merely open a browser on a client PC and key in the IP as this throws up a warning that file sharing is disabled. At first glance it appears the method to enable remote web access is to open the Dashboard, then Settings, then Anywhere Access, then Configure, then walk through the Anywhere Access wizard and set up a domain. This initiates a procedure where you download software from the Windows Essential NAS to your client PC and then log in with a user name and password. Once Connector was installed it vanished from sight so a moment with the Search function dredged it up and it then ran a wizard that allowed us to log-in to the NAS. If that lengthy and convoluted description leaves you confused then we understand and sympathise.
At its heart the W4000 NAS isn’t an especially exciting NAS and the dual core Atom and 2GB of DDR3 offer very little promise however the performance is better than you might expect. The only obvious reason for choosing W4000 is precisely because you wish to use Windows Server, perhaps because you have a System Administrator who is steeped in the ways of Windows, or you wish to develop software for the platform.
For Home Office and Small Office there is no clear benefit to using Windows and for casual and occasional users of NAS you will find Thecus Linux is quicker, easier and considerably less intimidating than Windows. KitGuru says: If you like the idea of Windows Server then the Thecus W4000 WSS NAS is a quick and easy way to get going but the man in the street is best advised to stick to Linux.

Typically Imagination’s products like PowerVR has good driver support for Linux, but lackadaisical or poor driver support for Windows. I used Disk Management and fully expected to be able to use a quick format which would usually take a few minutes, however that didn’t work out. From the other reviews that I’ve read, there are 2 SODIMM slots, and it comes with just one populated with 2GB.
So Windows client systems require the Connector software to access files on the NAS – did I understand this correctly? The reason that this device interests me is for the simple fact that I can install Windows software onto the system to interact with the storage.
As I am constantly dealing with log file management on my servers, I have always relied on batch files to use PowerShell commandlets to move log files. Anyway, this little routine has saved me some steps and with my log file management issues.
Example:  The link to the upcoming Microsoft 2016 product suites that are set to be released in the upcoming months. Windows Azure is currently performing an operation on this deployment that requires exclusive access.
Comments Off on Windows Azure is currently performing an operation on this deployment that requires exclusive access.
I got this error when trying to provision multiple virtual servers with PowerShell at the same time. Microsoft continues trying to be proactive on where their business and technical features sets are heading in the future. Here is a link from the Microsoft Azure team to monitor Azure and all the IaaS, Paas, and SaaS layers. This free, tool set was exactly what I needed.  I simply configured Azure explorer with my storage key, and poof!  I was connected to my Azure Storage with a view like Windows Explorer. I recommend this tool if you are using Azure and leveraging Azure storage as an efficient way to map and work with blob storage. Also, I continuously to find productive time to keep on top of my professional career development.
A stop and start clock.  Love it!  Especially when I get interrupted during the course of a day.
The free version is good, but the paid version is tempting with the advance features and mobile apps.
According to this post, Microsoft rereleases service pack 1 for SharePoint 2013.  SharePoint MVP, Todd Klindt, wrote a nice little post about it. However, I would caution to try it out for at least a minimum of 2 months.  And monitor the forums and social media to gain insight how the service pack is reacting to production systems. Key point:  SharePoint 2013 April Cumulative Update will have the support for SQL Server 2014. To have SharePoint take place of a file share is a logical choice.  One of the many pillars of SharePoint is enterprise content management. Windows Server 2012 R2 has a great feature to help tackle the information explosion prior to migrating all your documents into SharePoint called Data Deduplication. Microsoft has put together a free, global Windows Azure boot camp on Saturday, March 29, 2014. I will be presenting at the Dayton Business Intelligence User Group on Tuesday, April 1, 2014. I highly recommend it as a supplement to Balsamiq especially if you do not have software budget. I am part of a project team that is building a custom Windows 8 application that is leveraging Microsoft Azure.
Infrastructure as a service design.  To maximize performance while balancing cost in Microsoft Azure. One of my task items on the project is to come up with a SMTP solution.  My first thought as a system administrator is to leverage a virtual server and enable SMTP as a service.
However, my thinking is changing with the times.  J  Now there are apps for system administrators.
Open up the Azure Dashboard, click New, select Store and then choose SendGrid from the App Services Add-ons list. We will not be sending over 25,000 emails a month so the free subscription will fit our current business needs. Thursday, March 6th I will be presenting at the Dayton Area Networking Professional Association.
Most high-end backup products require dedicated servers, complex policy definitions and the distribution of clients or agents to systems targeted for backup or restore. When it comes to software, the rule suggests that 80% of users will only need 20% of the features. What's more, the company also houses the primary backup storage in its own data centers as part of the cloud service. It shifts the costs over to a budget-able, recurring fee for the service, which starts at $175 per month and is based on the amount of storage required. Speed is normally lacking in cloud-based storage offerings, due mostly to bandwidth and other constraints. The client application, ZettaMirror, runs in the system tray and interprets defined policies to execute backups. The management dashboard offers several customizable views, which can focus on servers, policies, reports, and so on.
The client can be distributed and accessed remotely and provides a shortcut to launch the management console.
Regardless of which is chosen, administrators have quick access to some very powerful tools for scripting policies.

Here, Zetta DataProtect provides a hierarchical view of the storage elements and gives administrators a relatively simple way to set data retention times, restore points and so forth, all with the basic ideology of conserving space, while still offering ample options to locate data for restoration. Policies, which are called tasks in Zetta's parlance, are defined for each system or group of systems and include incremental controls for elements such as volume selection, drive selection, frequency, and so on. When defining a backup task, an administrator has the option to set a local target for the backup files, such as an attached hard drive, NAS or SAN based storage device.
The preferences also include elements such as backup scheduling and data throttling (to conserve bandwidth). Since all of the data is stored in its original formatting and is not locked in a different or proprietary format, administrators can simply search for files to restore and then execute a restoration task. By eliminating extraneous features and focusing on simplicity and speed, the company has created what may be an ideal backup service for smaller enterprises looking to save money, keep backups geographically isolated, and reduce training and support costs for IT staffers, all without giving up the security and business continuity options that a backup system can bring to the table.
Zetta DataProtect does come up short in some areas, such as estimating the time a backup may take and not providing buttons to explore volumes on the management screens (in other words, you have to input paths and file names by hand, without the benefit of a lookup tool).
The W2000 and W4000 use a 60GB Kingston SSDNow V300 while the W5000 has a 500GB Seagate SSHD hybrid drive. There is a negligible difference in pricing so you effectively have a free choice of Thecus Linux or Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Essentials, depending on which model you choose. The documentation that comes with the W4000 is almost entirely useless so it is a good thing that Microsoft offers comprehensive assistance on-line.
This required a restart of the client PC which had gained a log-in prompt and Bingo, we were connected to the NAS and were able to use the Essentials Dashboard interface. The process of connecting a client PC to the W4000 seems absurdly complicated and painful, and not at all convenient for casual visitors to an office who require access to particular files. This is a sideshow to the main event which is Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Essentials, which is as unwieldy as the name suggests. That GMA 3650 is actually a PowerVR SGX545 (licensed by Intel from Imagination Technologies).
There may well be other routes to creating a RAID 5 array and it could be that my approach was incorrect, however I cannot see why that might be the case. I believe that the max that this motherboard will take is 4GB total, so you’d just need to add in one 2GB SODIMM. I was impressed by the mass of on-line support from Microsoft for Server 2012 R2 and this might not have come across fully in the review however you first have to know the question you want answered. Administrators should have no trouble navigating the management console, which dispenses with technical jargon and offers context-sensitive help.
As long as the target storage element has a drive letter and enough space, it can be a secondary backup location. But the company has added features and enhanced the product with each revision, all based upon customer feedback.
Ohlhorst was also the Executive Technology Editor for Ziff Davis Enterprise's eWeek and formerly the director of the CRN Test Center.
In effect the W4000 is a mini PC with four empty drive bays so you can connect your monitor, mouse and keyboard directly to the NAS to get the system running and create a RAID array before you start using a network connection. You can stretch the image to 1,600×1,200 and this looked better however it resulted in a jerky mouse action that made the screen unusable.
If you simply wish to move files from A to B and back to A then Windows is overkill and the learning curve appears unbearably steep. As it happens I wasn’t massively hung up on the fact that Server status screens are often low resolution, but more that as the NAS has HDMI output it gets stretched horribly on the inevitable widescreen.
The obvious way to clear up any confusion on that score is to improve the set-up guide and documentation.
I agree with you that since this box runs Windows Server, a better quick-start guide would probably be best.
This is the most impressive thing I have thrown at the Surface.  I can compile and deploy very quickly to localhost or a remote environment. After all, the most important thing about a backup service is the ability to back up and restore your systems quickly, easily and successfully. By geographically distributing the storage, backups are protected from regional disasters, allowing businesses to retrieve their data even if an Ebola outbreak shuts down company headquarters.
So, those using the product will need to make their voices heard if they find a feature lacking in any way. Quite why Microsoft limits the desktop this way in an age of HDMI and wide screens is a matter for speculation, however there is no denying that it looks more awful than appears necessary. Once you have Windows working satisfactorily it does a decent job however it offers no obvious advantage over the version of Linus that Thecus has developed. Using this method allows you to thin provision the disks, so you could have four disks in there and simultaneously have a 4xRAID0 array, a 2×2 RAID10 array, a RAID1 array, and a 3+1RAID5 array. I am not sure it occurred to me to consider how to create an array when disk management is the way we all know to work in Windows (or with Intel RST).
The OS alone is a huge cost… keep in mind Storage Server Essential is quite different than Server Essentials. Simply put, do extraneous features such as FTP-based backup, backup server load balancing, multiple encryption levels and so forth have a purpose for most backup customers, other than to add to software bloat? Just set it up to back up everything on a subject endpoint and then go about your other chores and not worry about backups any more. Did you create a dynamic disk through disk management or did you use a parity disk in Storage Spaces? In a sense this proves my point as Windows Server people will be familiar while newbiies will scratch their heads in bafflement.

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