How in Gods name can I backup my iphone 4s to my itunes on my pc without having to trust my iphone???, My iphone screen is broken with no help of fixing. Eseguire spesso un backup dei propri dispositivi e una buona abitudine, ma come si fa a recuperare le informazioni contenute? La procedura di backup e una delle operazioni piu importanti da fare quando si e in possesso di un dispositivo come l’iPhone.
Uno dei metodi piu semplici e quello di utilizzare un altro iPhone in prestito, da un amico o un parente. Dopodiche eseguite il ripristino utilizzando il vostro backup, cosi da poter visualizzare tutti i contenuti che avevate sul vostro device, e infine non resta che trasferire tutti i dati su un computer con flash drive o servizio di cloud storage.
Many iPhone users would have experienced the sudden shutdown of their handsets due to the low battery life. The Anker Pro2 comes at the top of list and combines a huge 20000mAh backup storage, which is capable of charging an iPhone nine times. If you are after an external battery with low price tag, then Sanyo’s Eneloop Mobile Booster ($79) could be your final choice.
This durable, ultra-thin case houses a rechargeable battery that virtually doubles your battery time while protecting your iPhone from every day wear and tear and does it all with a style that mirrors the aesthetic of the iPhone. You can use iPhone Backup Extractor for restoring SMS histories, contact lists, call histories, photographs, app highscores, debug info and other data that might otherwise be inaccessible.
In case the data was deleted before the backup, iPhone Backup Extractor can't do anything, because the backup won't contain the data. Whether you're happy or not testing and using iPhone Backup Extractor 1.2, be our guest and let's solve all the problems related to this software together. All submitted content and ratings become the sole property of FamousWhy and may not be copied without permission. We also reserve the rights to approve or refuse the written comments posted on FamousWhy within up to 48 hours.

If you are using Mac, please download Backuptrans iPhone SMS Backup & Restore for Mac on your Mac to use.
Don't connect your iPhone to computer before importing SMS from iTunes Backup to Backuptrans database.
3) Turn to top toolbar and press "Transfer SMS from Database to iPhone" button or go File -> Transfer SMS from Database to iPhone. Do you ever wonder what iTunes backs up from your iPhone when you connect your phone to your computer?
It would be nice to know whether it is safely backing up your important contacts, notes, photos, calendar, SMSes, etc., right?
There's an easy way to find out what's in your iPhone backup: simply use the iPhone Backup Extractor.
This tool is free to download and will automatically find your iPhone backup for you, then show you what it contains. You'll also get to see how many contacts are stored in your iPhone backup, whether the backup contains all those photos you've been snapping away, and whether those sentimental SMS messages are stashed away for safe-keeping.
How to recover an iPhone Restrictions Passcode from an iTunes backup in a couple of easy steps!
Have you noticed that the Apple iOS software update service on iTunes has been rather unreliable today?
I already change the LCD and see light inside but none in the front in order to click TRUST!!! Infatti avrete la possibilita, in caso di smarrimento, furto o malfunzionamenti di qualsiasi natura, di recuperare i dati, le applicazioni, i contatti, foto e video in pochissimo tempo. Allo stesso modo e possibile ripristinare i backup su iPhone, ma come si possono estrarre e recuperare i dati nel caso il nostro iDevice non fosse piu utilizzabile? Al termine dell’operazione e una volta recuperati i propri dati assicuratevi di ripristinare il telefono preso in prestito utilizzando il backup che avete fatto precedentemente.

Coming with stylish and slim aluminum contour, the device features 4 smart LEDs to keep you posted with remaining battery. The Energizer ($70) is compatible with all smartphones and tablets and can charge two devices at once.
Apart from iOS devices, this power bank works with all devices that can be recharged through USB or MicroUSB. It features a 5000mAh battery capacity enclosed in a tiny body that can fit into your pocket easily. She is civil engineer by profession and got certified from university of California in 2004. So, it can only recover your information if the last backup was taken before the data was deleted.
It automatically searches in the default iTunes backup location for your backups and if doesn't find anything you can manually indicate the backup you have copied from another computer. Also, you need to enter correct passcode on iPhone if your iPhone is protected with a passcode. Queste applicazioni sono in grado di trovare i file di backup senza bisogno di avere il telefono a portata di mano, il che rende l’alternativa ideale per i telefoni persi o rotti.
Avoiding that nuisance, we bring some of the top backup batteries for iPhone users that power up their phones especially when they are on the go.
Or are you afraid to update your iPhone because the update might interrupt and you could lose some of your files? So, it is possible to extract on Windows from a backup made under Mac OS X, and vice-versa.

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