Family photos and videos can last for generations in a higher quality format today, than previous generations ever dreamed possible.
Most people from older generations have shoe boxes full of fading photographs and memories. Today, we’re showing you the digital cloud version of such  a shoe box, by presenting the five best cloud storage services for families. When most people think of big data, they envision massive corporations collaborating on terabytes of crucial info. But the honest truth is, families pose a higher demand for backup and data services than ever before. It’s become pretty common for young children to own smartphones as well, so that they can stay in contact  with their parents. With multiple devices floating around, families have more data to deal with than ever before. Not only can cloud storage be utilized to backup such precious data, but it can also share it with everyone in the family via a few easy clicks. Many cloud storage providers offer convenient ways to share and access files by generating links. Then, all a family member has to do is share it with another family member, via social media, email, or other similar methods. Instead of risking the loss of priceless photographs, videos, and personal info, families should backup their data in the cloud. With that understanding, let’s take a closer look at the five best cloud storage for families. Families can try CrashPlan completely risk-free for 30 days, and the paid version offers unlimited storage space for backups. First off, I must say that I respect CrashPlan for providing a free trial, without the need to enter credit card details. Interestingly enough, they go the extra mile when it comes to security, by using 448-bit encryption – while most other providers use 128 or 256-bit encryption technologies.
CrashPlan has a fantastic family plan for only $12.50 a month, and it will backup up to 10 computers. That makes the per-device cost a mere $1.25 a month, and good luck finding that level of value with another provider. SOS Online Backup is fantastic, because it only costs $4.99 per month for up to 5 PCs and Macs, and they offer unlimited mobile device support as well.
Even though CrashPlan is the most likely option for large families or ones with more than five devices, SOS online backup is also a strong contender. They have full featured backup options to protect mobile devices, and they support external hard drive and NAS backups. Last but not least, SOS don’t put any cumbersome limits on the number of files, types of files, or their sizes. SugarSync is a great pick for families because it’ll allow any number of people to share files securely, and sync them, across an unlimited number of devices. Whether you want to share wedding pictures, birthday pictures, or family videos, you can quickly create a share link providing access to every member of the family. The best part is, you can try SugarSync free for 90 days; however, the free version only comes with 5GB of storage space.
It’s pretty darn easy to sync and share folders, and users can manually select which ones to share.
And families won’t have to worry about data being intercepted or stolen, since SugarSync encrypts data with TLS and AES-256 bit encryption, so the NSA and hackers can’t steal your private information.
However, there is no feature to sync files locally across a LAN (which would have been a huge benefit for families).
In short, Google Drive is not privacy-friendly — though it is secure from hackers and the like.
That said, it’s a great fit for families, because of the incredible ease-of-use, free (unless you want more) storage space, and integration with services like Gmail and Google Docs. For many small families without a lot of data, the free version may very well suffice, since it provides up to 15GB of free storage space. If you want to opt for the paid version, it starts at a measly $1.99 per month – which is cheaper than any other service on the market. Because it is a cloud-based service, you’ll be able to sync files across a wide range of devices. The amount of free space (2GB by default) is expandable to 16GB, via a referral system, but most families will need more storage than either 2 or 16 gigabytes. Through the shared folder system, it is incredibly easy to sync data with an unlimited number of devices.
And Dropbox creates a shared link for a file or folder, which can be shared with an unlimited number of family members. The free version lacks significant storage space, though the paid service starts at $9.99 per month and provides 1TB of storage. So you don’t have to worry about accidentally overwriting or deleting precious family data. I think we can all agree that you can’t put a price on memories of time spent with family members.
And in the digital age, we have the unprecedented opportunity to preserve those memories, in ways that didn’t exist even a decade ago. Consider your budget, the number of devices, privacy concerns and whether or not functionalities like sharing and syncing are important to you. Best Online Backup Services Updated 2016If you're looking to backup your files in the cloud, this is the list you need to choose the best service.Best Cloud Backup for MacYou need to backup your Mac?
Are you wondering what cloud storage technology is, and how is it any different from online backup? If you're looking for an online backup solution, but you're not sure if it's the right thing for your files, this article might be helpful because it answers the most pressing questions about who needs online backup and in which situations it is best used. ADrive's 50GB free accounts are going to be cut from the program on November 16th, essentially forcing customers who use that plan to either pay up and upgrade to premium, or simply transfer their data to another provider. Yunio is here to answer the calls of all those who need massive storage for free, with 1 TB of free data on offer, the Chinese company is posing a serious threat to more miserly Western cloud companies.
We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review.
Once installed, the app provides a single control panel to manage your files and folders across multiple hard drives as well as Dropbox.
Two backup settings are available – continuous or scheduled, the latter offering hourly, daily or monthly backups to your external drive or Dropbox. He's the author of a number of guides to Windows, Windows Server and OS X Server and runs his own successful publishing business.

Born and raised in Liverpool, England, Terry has been awarded Microsoft's prestigious Most Valuable Professional Award each year since 2008 for his work on We Got Served. Today, I’m thrilled to share that EMC has been positioned as a Leader in the new Magic Quadrant for Deduplication Backup Target Appliances with EMC’s Data Domain deduplication storage systems. Open – Data Domain systems integrate seamlessly with leading backup, archiving and enterprise applications.  This openness is key to ensuring customers have a choice in their protection infrastructure – using Data Domain does not require changing anything in their existing environment. Reliable – The Data Domain Operating System is time (and customer) tested to be the gold standardin reliability.  After 11 years in the market and thousands of customers across numerous industries, Data Domain has set the benchmark for protection storage systems.
Fast – With advanced integration with backup and enterprise applications (via EMC Data Domain Boost) as well as new integration with primary storage (via EMC ProtectPoint), Data Domain provides the fastest backup and recovery for any customer environment. As the world’s largest data protection company, EMC is focused on providing a continuum of data protection solutions from continuous availability to archive.  Our EMC Data Protection Suite, for example, enables customers to unlock the full power of their Data Domain systems. The comments are moderated by EMC and EMC reserves the right to remove any content it deems inappropriate, including but not limited to spam, promotional and offensive comments.
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Get the technology, solutions, and capabilities that deliver exactly what you and your business need. Accelerate your business and IT transformation with cloud, big data, and technology consulting and services. Dopo aver provato il Seagate BlackArmor NAS 110 ed il Western Digital My Book Live e tornata la necessita di espandere lo spazio per i miei backup. I 4 TB a disposizione si stanno esaurendo e piu che altro ho bisogno di creare una copia in mirroring dei miei dati, non si sa mai.
Dopo un po di ricerche mi sono imbattuto nel NAS My Cloud, il nuovo nato in casa Western Digital.
L’utilizzo e la configurazione del My Cloud, al pari degli altri apparati che ho provato (siaa Segate che WD), e molto semplice. Ci consente di definire gli utenti che hanno accesso al NAS e quali diritti hanno (in maniera capillare, condivisione per condivisione). Ci permette di definire gli utenti che hanno accesso da remoto (fuori dalla propria rete domestica) al My Cloud, attraverso le app che WD ci mette a disposizione.
Consente di creare dei punti di ripristino o delle copie totali dei dati contenuti nel NAS, anche di tipo incrementale.
L’accesso e velocissimo grazie alla porta Gigabit (se abbiamo un access point che supporta questa tecnlogia) ed il processore dual-core.
Per bypassare questo problema ho deciso di non far scansionare la cartella con le immagini (solo questa), disattivando, dalle impostazioni della condivisione, il contenuto multimediale ed in questo modo la problematica si e risolta.
Non ho ancora parlato pero del vero punto di forza di questo NAS: la possibilita di gestire i propri dati da remoto come se si trattasse di un vero e proprio personal cloud.
Le applicazioni della WD consentono di accedere anche ad i propri account cloud classici: Dropbox, Skydrive e Google Drive per poter spostare (o sincronizzare) i dati tra i diversi servizi. Per chi volesse chiedere ancora di piu al My Cloud, ecco la guida unofficial per l’installazione del client torrent Transmission. Attenzione: questa procedura, per quanto semplice, potrebbe causare problemi al vostro My Cloud.
Questo e il mio piccolo spazio personale dove lasciare qualche pensiero e parlare delle mie passioni.
Sto provando a fare un ripristino completo informazioni di fabbrica, ma sta lavorando da 12 ore ed e solo a meta del lavoro.
Premetto che ho una rete domestica Apple con Timecapsule dove il mac e collegato wifi ed il My cloud wd da 4 Tb e connesso via rete. Se posso ti farei qualche domanda, magari tu che la conosci meglio mi puoi aiutare a configurarla nei migliori dei modi.
Questo we ho smanettato un po sulla macchina, ma mi pare non assolva a cio che vorrei, ti spiego. Ogni utente dal proprio pc (da esplora risorse se e WINDOWS o da Finder se MAC) puo accedere alla propria cartella (dopo essersi loggato con username e password). Ora se posso ancora disturbarti ti chiedo ancora una cosa, come fai a “dire” sia al cloud che ai vari terminale (pc, tablet, smartphone) che quello che vuoi salvare deve andare NON nella cartella pubblica ma bensi nella privata? Sono fortemente propenso all’acquisto di tale dispositivo ma ho ancora un dubbio su un requisito per me importante, ovvero il backup del NAS su cloud. 1 – Credo di aver capito che e possibile impostare il dispositivo My Cloud come sorgente di backup su Drop Box (desidero salvare i dati del disco anche su un cloud pubblico). 3 – Il backup viene effettuato anche quando al dispositivo My Cloud non e collegato alcun PC o altro dispositivo? Le boitier de stockage reseau Cloud SharecenterTM a deux baies est un systeme de stockage NAS (Network Attached Storage) beneficiant des services Cloud mydlink™, de fonctions de sauvegarde et de fonctions multimedia qui en font l'outil ideal pour stocker et partager des photos, de la musique, des films et des fichiers de travail sur un reseau domestique ou professionnel.
Ce peripherique de stockage Cloud ShareCenterTM vous permet de partager des documents et du contenu multimedia (photos, musique ou videos) via un reseau domestique ou sur Internet.
Avec l'application mydlink™ Access-NAS disponible pour iPhone®, iPad® et Android™, vous pouvez egalement visionner des photos ou diffuser de la musique et des videos sur vos peripheriques mobiles. Si vous possedez des competences techniques un peu plus poussees, vous pouvez gerer le contenu de votre systeme ShareCenterTM depuis n'importe quel client FTP. Le boitier de stockage reseau Cloud SharecenterTM a deux baies est equipe d'un port Gigabit qui maximalise la vitesse de connexion sur le reseau domestique. The DNS-320L includes smart library applications that allows you to organise your music and photos effortlessly. Put your digital music library on your ShareCenter™ NAS, and turn it into a music server and access your music from anywhere at any time.
Create, manage and control your photo albums and then share them with family and friends over the web with this convenient interface.
Access, manage, and playback multimedia files stored in your ShareCenter™ NAS using a web browser. Allows you to configure and manage your Peer to Peer downloads and create download schedules. A forma mais pratica de fazer backup dos gadgets da Apple e armazenando os dados no iCloud, que oferece gratuitamente 5 GB na nuvem.
Os comentarios sao de responsabilidade exclusiva de seus autores e nao representam a opiniao deste site. Quando eu clico em "apagar backup" aparece a seguinte mensagem: Nao pode apagar o backup, este backup nao pode ser apagado no momento. HA stands for High Availability and was at first a computer design approach.  Then it evolved into a more complex paradigm and a Linux-based solution.
Everything started with the urging needs of more and more available for applications: banking, science, cloud computing, e-mail, gaming and so one.
Be careful, uptime and availability are not the same things: what if your NAS is still running (so no downtime) and the link has been severed?

To guarantee a high availability rate, you have first to look where a failure can potentially arrive. In fact, the free version of their service can be used indefinitely, and it offers 2GB of free storage space.
I advise taking a service’s free plan or free trial period for a test drive, before finally deciding on one to use for your family. We've gathered up the top 5 most generous free cloud storage plan services currently on the market, which we think are worth it.
The company's clients were recently targets of two different attacks, both coming in the form of emails.
Among the updated features, you also have Google Drive access, although no streaming is available, and easy to use touch-screen controls. The app is compatible with Western Digitals direct and network attached storage devices alongside drives from other manufacturers. He started the community in February 2007 with a mission to help families, tech enthusiasts everywhere figure out the technology needed to run the modern home and small business.
That’s why I’m equally thrilled to share that Gartner also positioned EMC as a Leader in the updated Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup Software and Integrated Appliances.
EMC makes no representation or warranties about employee blogs or the accuracy or reliability of such blogs.
Esteticamente il My Cloud si presenta molto diverso dagli altri dischi di rete di casa WD, in particolare il colore, bianco, ed il piccolo led azzurro con la fascia grigia gli conferiscono un aspetto molto elegante.
Il primo passo e registrarci (se vogliamo farlo) al sito WD per poter utilizzare tutte le funzionalita di My Cloud e per ricevere gli aggiornamenti; la procedura e molto veloce e vi consiglio di farla subito.
Il backup puo essere salvato su un disco usb collegato al NAS o su qualsiasi altro dispositivo di rete compatibile (anche un semplice pc per intenderci). Ho scoperto che il My Cloud genera le thumbnails delle foto salvate per renderne piu veloce la consultazione e lo streaming. Attraverso le app dedicate per smartphone e tablet (Android e iOS) e per Windows e Mac e possibile gestire i propri file da ovunque nel mondo come se si fosse a casa propria: un aiuto enorme per chi lavora in mobilita. L’ho testata personalmente e non ho avuto nessun problema ma non mi assumo nessuna responsabilita. Ad ogni condivisione associ un determinato utente e gli dai i diritti di lettura e scrittura. En poursuivant votre navigation sur le site, vous acceptez notre politique d'utilisation des cookies. Sur le portail mydlink™, vous pouvez telecharger des fichiers, supprimer des fichiers ou des dossiers du systeme de stockage NAS et verifier a distance l'etat de votre peripherique. Si vous souhaitez attendre pour envoyer ou regarder vos fichiers, vous pouvez les transferer du systeme NAS vers votre peripherique mobile.
Le boitier de stockage reseau Cloud SharecenterTM a deux baies permet la diffusion de plusieurs flux simultanes, ce qui vous permet de visionner un film sur votre systeme de divertissement pendant qu'un autre utilisateur ecoute de la musique sur son ordinateur.
La technologie RAID 1 assure la securite de vos donnees importantes grace a la mise en miroir du contenu d'un disque dur sur un autre, de facon a preserver vos donnees en cas de panne de l'un des disques.
Cette fonction est ideale pour un usage domestique, puisqu'elle permet d'instaurer un controle parental et de limiter l'acces au contenu adapte a l'age de l'enfant, tout en evitant la suppression accidentelle de vos fichiers. Pour plus de détails, consulter le code GPL et le code LGPL de ce produit ainsi que les termes du GPL et du LGPL. Experience the full benefits of managing your files with the built-in applications such as My Music, My Files, My Photos and P2P downloads. My Music allows you to manage your music collection with integrated music player and Apple AirPlay support. My Photos lets you create albums and manage photos, and share through social networks such as Facebook, Picasa and Flickr.
It can also un-compress your files, and share your content to social networks like Facebook, Picasa, and Flickr.
The goal is to get as close as possible from 100% available, which means 0 interruption of service since the starts of the appliance.
But with technological progresses included in HA approach, the availability rates are getting closer and closer from the elusive 100%. When you access employee blogs, even though they may contain the EMC logo and content regarding EMC products and services, employee blogs are independent of EMC and EMC does not control their content or operation.
Il backup puo essere schedulato a qualsiasi ora, magari nelle ore notturne in cui la rete e meno carica. Da rilevare che fotografie e file musicali vengono riprodotti senza alcun problema e che nell’ iPad ho installato VLC.
Tale aspetto per me e importante perche la mole di dati da trsferire e elevata ed ho problemi di lentezza in upload che non riesco a risolvere. Les fichiers peuvent aussi etre charges et sauvegardes sur un systeme ShareCenter™, ce qui vous evite de vous trouver a court d'espace sur votre appareil mobile.
Siga os passos abaixo e veja como apagar backups de dispositivos que voce nao usa mais.Qual leva a melhor, Apple ou Samsung?
All those solutions are part of a global HA approach when you design your datacenter or network. Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings. In addition, a link to a blog does not mean that EMC endorses that blog or has responsibility for its content or use. But from an outside point of view, you only have one computer: a single IP address, one monitor output, and so one. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartner’s research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. A cluster contains several units called nodes and Linux-HA helps managing a HA cluster trough several solutions such as Heartbeat. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The principle is as following: for the most basic HA cluster, two nodes, one appliance (let’s say a N16000) is active while the other one is on stand-by, synchronized with the first one. Toque em “Gerenciar armazenamento” para visualizar os backups armazenados em sua conta do iCloud. If the first N16000 can’t do his job for any reason (natural disaster, network failure, power shortage, whatever you can imagine), the second one automatically starts doing his job, in a heartbeat. Por fim, apos verificar e ter certeza de que o backup daquele dispositivo nao e mais necessario, toque em “Apagar Backup” e confirme a acao tocando em “Desativar e Apagar”.

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