Setting up of a good backup and recovery strategy is crucial for any serious MySQL implementation.
MySQL Backup Essentials: In this webinar, we will go over best practices for backing up live MySQL databases.
MySQL Backup to Cloud: In this webinar, we will focus on backing up MySQL databases running on Windows to the cloud.
Melakukan instalasi website sangat mudah, kami menggunakan softaculous untuk menjamin kemudahan instalasi anda hanya dengan sekali klik ! Semua layanan hosting menggunakan kontrol panel cPanel, kontrol panel paling poluler untuk mengelola hosting. Untuk menjamin situs anda berjalan baik, kami selalu melakukan pembaharuan untuk sistem PHP dan Database MySQL.
The DS115j comes with Cloud Station, allowing users to create a private cloud where they can share, manage, backup, and sync data over all their devices. Why don't I build a private cloud at home, in my garage, so that I can get the experience of setting up the technology?Vijay told me I was crazy, so to prove just how easy it would be I did it anyway, and as a result I've had a private cloud running in my garage since early March. This strategy can vary from site to site based on various factors including size of the database, rate of change, security needs, retention and other compliance policy etc.
We will also cover Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM) for MySQL product in detail, including a walk through the configuration and management processes.
Cloud Storage provides an excellent alternative to backing up to removable media and shipping it to remote secure site. Cloud Station provides a way to backup files, retaining a 32-version history of each file, file-type, and folder, making accidental deletion a minimal concern.

In general, it is also required from MySQL DBAs to have least possible impact on usability and performance of the database at the time of backup - i.e MySQL and its dependent applications should remain hot during backup. We will discuss various features of ZRM including full backups using snapshots, point-in-time recovery, monitoring and reporting. We will provide live demonstration of the Zmanda Cloud Backup (ZCB) product backing up MySQL to Amazon S3 storage. The DS115j can share photos through Photo station, stream videos through DLNA compliant devices with Media Server, and share audio with Audio Station. Even so, I wasn't able to deep dive into everything so if you have questions please fire them off in the comments and I'll be happy to keep the conversation going there. We will also discuss recovering MySQL database in the cloud, creating a radically low cost disaster recovery solution for MySQL. My research had lead me through all of the NAS devices and other consumer options but at the end of the day I really wanted to build my own system.That realization led me to looking at some rack mountable servers with hot swappable SATA on eBay for hours on end. When I finally found the right server, and it was enroute to me via the logistics loving courier, I realized that I wasn't far off from being able to set up a small private cloud with just a little more hardware.Technology ShuffleIn order to proceed with some confidence I needed to make a few decisions about what technologies I would use. I also wanted to have the option for my cloud enabling technology to handle network security.Another requirement was technologies that could be acquired and run for free, but had enterprise support available. Of course I could also have chose Eucalyptus or OpenStack which are technologies supported by RightScale.
In order to have some resiliency I would have to do continuous backups of the management database at a minimum. Having a runbook or automation scripts to easily reconfigure the management server from my backup would be even better.If you're thinking that sounds a lot like a RightScale ServerTemplate, I'm glad you're enjoying the koolaid you're right on the money.

If you took a closer look at the diagram above you've probably already figured it out, I'm not. I did it so that I could take full advantage of the configuration and orchestration tools built into the RightScale Database Manager ServerTemplate. Also that way I didn't have to "waste" a physical system that I could be utilizing for more important tasks, like running VMs!This approach has it's own issues of course. Will the images be stored on the management node, requiring my hypervisors to essentially download their OS from the internet each time?As it turns out, setting up connectivity became the most complex part of my implementation, and I can't say that I would recommend it to anyone.
That's built into the ServerTemplate linked above, but chances are you'll need to do some tweaking to get your network working smoothly. Your mileage may vary, caveat emptor, etc.Needless to say, networking is hard, when you get stuck it's probably a routing problem, and I'll stick with software engineering.
The one thing which was fairly confusing is that once I'd added all of the appropriate components (a Zone, Cluster, Hosts, IP ranges etc) I expected to be presented with a big red "GO" button to initialize my environment. Instead, CloudStack was periodically checking the configuration of my environment and when it determined that it had everything it needed the initialization started automatically.

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