Setting up iCloud on MAC would be quite simple due to the presence of supporting files in the MAC, whereas other types listed above can be achieved by installing a particular tool. The only drawback of this particular iCloud service is the integration that has been created between the cloud and the application. Google Drive is managed by Google and it works similar to that of the Microsoft’s cloud service SkyDrive. This particular cloud service is well-known to most of the people due to its existence in the market over a long period of time. Step: 1 the person should go to the website that provides the cloud service of their choice.
You can easily change the login screen wallpaper in OS X El Capitan to any image of your choice. For those who have customized the login screen in OS X Yosemite, you’ll find the task is similar, whereas performing the same action in OS X Mavericks is quite a bit different. This modified a system file, meaning you should backup OS X before beginning just to be safe. First, ready the new wallpaper image file: Locate a large resolution picture of the image you wish to set as the new login screen wallpaper, be sure it matches your screen resolution for best results (it will resize to fit either way). For the example here, I picked a screen capture of Manhattan as taken from the really nice Apple TV screen savers for Mac.
You can verify and see the change by bringing up the Fast User Switching screen, accessing the lock screen, rebooting, or logging out of the Mac.
Interesting, the file should be there if you have changed the wallpaper at some point in OS X (the general wallpaper, since that is what is used by default). When I put my iMac to sleep & lock it, it uses my desktop wallpaper and blurs them… WTF? Okay, now how do I replace the apple that shows up (before I get to the desktop) when my Mac boots? It worka fine on a iMac but after a reboot it’s changed back the dull grey pic again. Caches is really not the best place for this kind of function, there must a original pic somewhere in the system. Vi pa MacMaster kan aldrig tjata for mycket om att man ska se till att ta backup av sin dator.
Please enter your username or email address.You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Denna hemsida anvander sa kallade cookies for att kunna ge vara besokare basta mojliga upplevelse. The Mac Finder offers a variety of methods of merging two folders contents together into a single directory.
This can be a little confusing at first glance, but after a bit of practice you’ll understand a bit more how the feature works and how you can use it to merge directory contents with files that share the same names together into a single folder, entirely by using the OS X Finder. The Finder will move the source files into the destination folder and rename them automatically so they do not overwrite one another. Because of the naming convention of simply appending a number to the end of the source files being copied, perhaps a better option is to first batch rename the file contents of one folder, and then just drag and drop the newly renamed files into the other folder.
Admittedly, the way Finder handles this is a little confusing at first glance, but it works as advertised.
I use Keep Both often, and I also use Batch Rename often which I think, as you outline, is a better choice. If you have two folders with identical names at two different locations, you can merge them into a single folder. Hold down the Option key, then drag one folder to the location that contains a folder with the same name. The Merge option appears only if one of the folders contains items that are not in the other folder. What I want is a way to merge folders, automatically skipping the files that are already in the destination. Too often I end up having to abort the entire copy because of one dupe, or else replace the existing dupe(s) with exact copies, which takes a long time and monkeys with modification dates.
We have just started having a problem on our PC server that when people go to overwrite a folder it won’t let them. Users can also choose to install the update through iTunes and a computer, or manually with firmware files. Watch out with this, Beats Radio Apple Music ?MUSIC or whatever it’s called, is free for only 3 months.
Where exactly would you expect a control for it to be, other than in the same settings pane every OTHER Automatic Renewal is managed with?
So Beats1 radio is basically all rap and weird pop music, target audience is suburban and urban 13-24 year olds I guess?
Will someone at Apple start to sack the idiots that are now in control of iTunes and the music app they are make a right guck up of the whole system. I have an issue with the fact that music that I have had is some how gone I had over 2700 songs on it and now I have 2400 where is my music and why is it that I cant find it anymore tried to reapply it from my computer and it wont let me help please I just want to listen to my music that I already paid for once will not buy into the Apple music ever. Though Macs are known for being stable and experiencing considerably fewer crashes and system freezes than some of the competition, the reality is that sometimes stuff still happens. Intervening is best done by forcibly restarting the frozen Mac, and that’s exactly what we’re going to cover here. This works nearly the same on any modern Mac, with the difference being whether the Mac has a physical power button on the back of the machine or if it’s like the MacBook line, where the power button is on the keyboard.
Unlike laptops, desktop Macs don’t have a power button on the keyboard, instead the power button is a physical button located on the back of the Mac.
The iMac power button is located on the lower corner at the back of the computer, it shows the familiar power logo, but you can usually find it just by feeling around too. Macs can freeze for a variety of reasons, but if you recently installed new RAM on the computer, you may want to run a memory test to verify that it’s not bad RAM. Thanks for catching that, edited this one on the go and apparently missed a couple… fixed! But then again I taught someone the force eject disc trick the other day and she had been using Macs for 20+ years. I have to forcibly use the power shut down and reboot on my early 2009 mac pro at least 6+ times a year.
I am running FCPX, Compressor and Motion but I think the number of system freezes is excessive.
If Windows had anything remotely as effective but more stable I’d jump over to them again. Come on people, how do you manage to find the comments if you can’t even bother yourself to read the exact solution in the accompanying article? I have needed this procedure twice, and both times I needed to fully re-install my MacBook from scratch! The first time convinced me of the necessity of TimeMachine, the second time (with TimeMachine) costed me a full 24 hours to recover. So, I have a Macbook 2008, wondering what will solve the issue I am having, it will power on but, the wheel keeps spinning and spinning until after a few mins, then it shuts off. While working on line my old (2008) Macbook locked up with wheel spinning and nothing happening.
The blinking white folder with a question mark on it means the startup disk can not be found, reboot and hold down the Option key, select your boot disk, and start up as usual. I bought a i7, 4 core (32GB) built in Huston Texas to order and delivered to Aussie within one week overall cost over A$4,000 – switch it on, boot it up and use it and guess what, it freezes and crashes on a regular basis.

Personally, if I had just spent $4000 on a computer, I would call official Apple Tech Support and demand a fix.
I have an eight page assignment open that’s almost done (yes, I know I should have saved it continuously).
I am glad you wrote this article, I was really confused without it and stuck with a frozen Mac, but I didn’t know what to do.
Users of Microsoft Office for Mac have probably started to wonder if the folks at Microsoft forgot about them.
The report comes through Chinese site cnBeta, via MacRumors, in the form of some leaked images showing the Office for Mac release timeline, showing that the beta version of the office productivity suite saw undisclosed beta testing towards the end of 2013 and all of this year. Office for Mac 2015 timeline release leaked slides that show it coming in Q1 or Q2 next year.
We’ve not seen an update to Microsoft Office for Mac since the 2011 version came out in late 2010. We also learned the new version of Office for Mac 2015 will bring a significant overhaul of Microsoft Outlook, the company’s personal information management tool that includes calendar, email, tasks and contact organization. The Apple Mac App Store already lists Microsoft OneNote for Mac, which gives users a free and somewhat limited version of the note-taking and information organization tool.
Here’s a few other enhancements Office for Mac users can look forward to enjoying in 2015. While accepting the fact, it is necessary for me to find an active and effective way to solve the problem.
If you want to copy DVD to another blank DVD disc, you may refer to this guide, it works pretty well for me.
If you want to copy your DVD videos for Mac then wondershare DVD for Mac is very useful but today you must think about backup for mac data.
I have handbrake and use it to rip the files to my mac, but can't figure out how to burn a seperate copy to a blank dvd.
In fact, what I am using is just the popular DVD Ripper for Mac program: Pavtube DVD Ripper for Mac now. It is used to convert DVD to many other video and audio formats, such as AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, MP4, MP3 compatible with iPod, iPhone, PSP, Zune on Mac OS.
So I think when choosing an appropriate program for ourselves, we should consider not only its quality, functions, but also its after-sale service. I am using an iMacsoft Mac DVD Toolkit is an integrated and easy-to-use multimedia tool to rip DVD, create DVD, and copy DVD as well as convert video for Mac users.
I previewed many (about 15) different DVD and Blu-ray ripping products and Pavtube offered the most flexible combination of options for the two tasks I wanted to accomplish. It costs nothing to download the program, but it is only a free trial and may has some limitations on funtions. Side software, LaCie Desktop Manager book for information on the disk and configure the power saving mode.
The external hard disc USB 3.0 LaCie P9223 is sold in capacities of 500 GB and 1 TB, but prices are not yet known.
One is that, the person would be able to keep all their data secure and free from data corruption or data loss.
Cloud is a most advanced and latest method which can be implemented to store data in a confidential manner. Users would not find themselves in the right place with the right equipment mostly, but Cloud Setup for MAC would help them achieve that status.
As a MAC user, one would find that they would be able to obtain the cloud storage services by simply choosing the Apple’s iCloud Service. Users would be able to sync the documents into the cloud only in applications that are integrated to iCloud. Amazon has launched setup exclusively for Mac OS X and users can simply download the setup. Apart from the standard iCloud service, users can download and install other kinds as well. Installation guide would be provided; the user should install the setup as per the instructions.
Upon agreement, it would lead the user to the next stage where, the person would be asked to choose the folders or documents which they want to sync.
This will impact the appearance of the login window when you boot a Mac, and also when you are using fast user switching to change user accounts. Use your own picture, a family picture, artwork, or browse through wallpapers to find something fitting to your preferences. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Good to know that it sounds like you can control the blur or not blurring by adjusting permissions! I used to have another logo there, which gradually went away when I updated to Yosemite and El Capitan. I’d like to ask if there’s a way to have a different image showing up every time I log in?
Time Capsule kan vara din router, din centrala tradlosa anslutningspunkt och aven din backup central. The naming convention is rather basic, it simply appends a counting number to the end of the files coming from the source.
For Mac users who are more advanced, turning to the command line and using ditto to copy files between directories is another excellent option, or even using ditto tomerge directories in OS X. Much room for improvement when merging folders together in Mac OS, where OS X 10.11 is the same.
Merge seemed to work but now I am worried that as one of your co tributary said it won’t merge at deep level.
The version most prominently features the inclusion of a redesigned Music app with the Apple Music service, a streaming music and radio feature with a separate monthly fee. Using IPSW files to update is not particularly complicated, but it is generally best reserved for advanced users. The whole interface is now very cluttered and harder to use, what happened to the fast forward option on a track, that if you can find a single track and not just have the whole album play. Punctuation makes things readable, like your comment, which is not even clear if it’s a question, or just a rant, or a wonder. Typically it’s just an app that crashes or freezes up, remedied with a force quit and relaunch, but on rare occasions the Mac will freeze entirely, with OS X becoming completely unresponsive to anything, from keyboard input to even the inability to move a cursor.
With a truly frozen computer, you’ll actually be forcing it to shut down and then booting it again, as the traditional power shortcuts don’t work and aren’t registered. In both instances, a force reboot is basically forcing the Mac to shut down, then starting as usual.
If that checks out and the freezes are quite rare, it’s probably not something to worry about, but if the computer is constantly freezing up, you’ll likely want to back it up and get it looked at by Apple Support or a technician to be sure that there aren’t other hardware failures.
If you do have that option and use it, you’ll likely never encounter a true freeze, the Mac will suddenly reboot, seemingly at random instead. NOTHING works except the power button, zap the pram several times and even then I sometimes have to do it all again. I know this may be obvious to some people, but not to me, I am a newbie and don’t know much of anything about technology, so this is a helpful guide for me. Fortunately, now it looks like a rumored Microsoft Office for Mac 2015 update will finally coming sometime in the Spring of 2015. It’s started to look very outdated, and users wondered when Microsoft would finally bring the user interface in line with the latest version of Office for Windows or OS X  Yosemite.

If you have thousands of DVD videos on Mac and due to virus all of them get corrupted then what you will do. Last week, I encountered a problem and sent it to them, they replied and solved my problem on time.
The thing that I would really love to see added to PAVTUBE Ripping and Conversion software would be the ability to encode video files with more than one audio stream. Therefore, the manufacturer LaCie updates its line of external drives and offers a second generation of its USB 3.0 products, specially designed for Apple computers. Security is also required with the backup program Backup Assistant and LaCie Private-Public; an encryption tool easy to use is available for LaCie P9223 hard drive. Cloud, as most of us would imagine is not a latest invention, but it is something which has been developed from one of the oldest methods like IMAP email, which was utilized to store data on a remote server. Apple users have a variety of cloud storage options available to them and the company has made sure that, every single user gets to choose from a wide array of setup options. This cloud storage service would ensure that the user gains access to all their music, applications downloaded through iTunes store, photos etc. This particular application is JAVA based and it also allows a free introductory storage of 5GB. Application pertaining to the cloud service would be available for download on the provider’s website.
The wallpaper image that is replaced is what sits behind those login locked screens, which by default is a blurry version of the active desktop picture wallpaper. Det fiffiga med Time Capsule ar namligen att den ar konstruerad att leva i symbios med Time Machine, tack vare den inbyggda harddisken.
But your iPhone music is always in Apple Music, open the Music app on the phone, listen there. This is often accompanied by fans blazing quite loudly, demonstrating a truly frozen Mac, and when this happens the computer is basically stuck in that state until you intervene.
Again, this is only needed in extreme situations where a Mac is completely frozen with all possible interaction and input devices frozen and unresponsive.
Sometimes that happens when a disk is failing or will soon fail, so be sure to back up your data.
Complaining on the a web site and the internet may be free and easy, but so is calling tech support. Instead of going to the corner and turning 90 degrees, I placed the marker on the adjacent street by shooting through a parking lot on the corner. I was doing my work on it this morning and it just froze and the keyboard and cursor were both unresponsive.
They compounded the problem with the release of Office 365, which gives users an online version of Office that users can enjoy along with a subscription to either the personal version of Office 365, which lets users install the suite on one machine, or the more complete version that gives users installations on up to 5 machines plus the mobile versions.. Many hoped the company would release a Retina version of the MacBook Air, but did not this year. However, exactly last Sunday, when I wanted to watch a movie, one of my favorite DVD movies became eternally unusable as it was over-scratched.
So I guess whether there exist such programs that backup DVD movies to blank DVD discs so that I can still take the copy out even if the original disc is broken or out of use. I along as other companies do refurbish discs professionally, unfortunately it's not cost effective for a single disc or so, unless they are that rare.
And if you just make copies to your computer, DVDSmith is freeware and can meets your requirements. This would make PAVTUBE the absolute very best and it would allow me to eliminate the need for many other programs and provide me with one program that would meet all my needs!
Thus, the portable 2.5 inch LaCie P9223 boasts a design developed by Porsche and aluminium housing in the same colors as those of the MacBook.
Users would be able to access their data stored on these servers from remote locations and also on any internet-connected device. Apart from the iCloud service, users would also be able to choose other types such as Dropbox, Cloud Drive provided by Amazon, Google Drive, Sugar Sync and SkyDrive offered by Microsoft. In this particular case, the original file would remain in the device and a copy of it would be saved on the cloud. Benefit of this storage application is that, the user would be able to store any data they wish and can obtain it through other devices as well.
Users who utilize this particular storage service would find that a folder would be created within their account. After choosing the cloud service of their choice, the next step would be performing Cloud Setup for MAC. Det ar en programvara inbyggt i OS X som mer eller mindre skoter allt som har med backup att gora.
Starta datorn, anslut till det tradlosa natet din Time Capsule skapat och valj att anvanda den som din backup enhet i Time Machine.
I was really stressed about the consequences of not being able to use my laptop and this article really helped me. A Retina-enabled version of the office suite will make it look better on those Macs with super high-resolution displays.
Personally I back up all of my discs, and the above mentions are excellent places to start! Det ar sa enkelt som att koppla in en extern disk i sin Mac, OS X fragar om du vill kora backup till den och sedan ar det klart.
My present Imac(2012) repeatedly freezes; Mavericks was a disaster, currently using Yosemite which still freezes. If I turn off the computer and turn it back on all I get is a window that says analog power saving mode and then the screen goes blank. I pushed tge little button on the side that indicates how much battery life i have and it was full. The white line first moves fast to start the machine, but it slows down after having run 70%. Definetely take your TS folders, place them on discs, and store them as backups, not primary movies if your intent is truly to preserve copies. One is to automatically sync all the folders onto the existing folder and the second one would provide an option for the user to choose the documents which they want to sync with the folder.
Det ar bara ett problem, din externa harddisk maste vara ansluten hela tiden och det ar ju inte sa smidigt nar man har en laptop.
I let it completely die, (no lights lit upon pushing the button again) then recharged it and tried turning it on again. What frustrated me was that the majority of them are copyright protected and the other applications I found were not able to copy the DVD movies. One might possess a lot of electronic gadgets and in all of them, numerous data would be stored.
The folder does provide a menu tab through which the user would be able to manage all their documents. By using cloud storage, one would be able to access all their data even when they are away from their home. Cloud Drive storage service also provides this particular option but, it has an added advantage that provides the user to manage the folder even when it is placed anywhere, whereas Dropbox allows data management only within the folder. I thought this was able to keep the DVD movies, however, I found this help me nothing but take up much hard drive space.

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