Different versions of Windows store the iPhone backup in slightly different locations, though the version of iTunes does not matter. The Backup folder might contain one or more subfolders that are named with the UDID (unique device identifier) of each IOS devices.
To quickly access the backup folder, just simply hit Command + Shift + G on keyboard to open the Go To Folder screen, then paste this directory path above and click Go. To check the date and time of your last iPhone backup, open iTunes and go to File > Preferences > Devices tab. For those of us with larger storage size iPhone and iPad models, backing up the device locally can be a burden on limited disk space.
Connect the external hard drive to the Mac if you haven’t done so already, then create a new folder on the drive (or partition) to dedicate to the iTunes backups. This offers a great way to save local disk space and offload iOS backups made in iTunes to another hard drive. If you’re interested in storing backups on external volumes, you may also be interested in moving an iTunes library to an external hard drive too, since that can further offload media and free up local disk space.
Advanced users can also perform the entire process of directory creation, copying, and linking from the command line, if desired. Yes, if you backup an iPhone to Windows PC you can also copy the iTunes backup folder to an external drive on Windows, then symlink it to the external drive.
I no longer us Windows primarily so I can’t run through this at the moment, but it works and I used to do it with iTunes media. One would need to do a second backup of this data on another drive or partition in order to be safely backed up. As a follow-up, I have spaces in the names of my External Hard Drive and the file name I want them to be backed up to. I have done everything as directed above, however, as with Shervin above here, I too get the file exists line. Sometimes, after swichting off my Mac I have to install your command in the Terminal when I start my Mac again. I tried backing up Iphone 6 plus 64GB on my macbook air, the backup takes close to 4-5 hours and that too after the backup is finished Itunes still says that the Your device has never been backed up on this computer.
Because you entered something wrong into the command line and you are pointing something at a location that does not exist.
So, I’ve completed the steps #1 thru #7, verified that the symbolic link was created. I have tried your method for backing up my iPhone 6 to my external hard drive (a WD My Passport).
128GB iPhone will take quite a while to backup, but you should use a USB 3.0 cable with the external hard drive when possible for best results. I have done every step as listed and for some reason once done the backup folder that is supposed to be blank with arrow does not appear. I have had to restore an iPhone from the external drive backup before too, and it worked fine. This is almost a necessity considering that Apple is so stingy with Mac disk space, selling tiny hard drives that can barely hold macOS and apps and documents let alone an entire iPhone backup or a photo collection! I have seen a similar iTunes backup error message, I updated iTunes and changed the USB port and it worked afterwards. Sauvegardez tous les SMS recus sur votre vieil iPhone et transferez-les sur votre smartphone Android flambant neuf. Vous venez de faire l’acquisition d’un smartphone Android pour venir remplacer votre vieillissant iPhone ? Ouvrez l’application et appuyez sur "Select iPhone SMS Database" puis dans l’explorateur de fichiers qui s’affiche, selectionnez le fichier 3d0d7e5fb2ce288813306e4d4636395e047a3d28. Dans le pop-up qui s’affiche, iSMS2droid vous demande si vous souhaitez charger les SMS de la base (en indiquant leur nombre).
Un nouveau pop-up s’ouvre et vous demande de selectionner des options, a savoir restaurer les MMS, ne pas restaurer les messages dupliques, et vous propose aussi de restaurer tous les messages ou seulement les messages envoyes et recus depuis une certaine date. WiFi Backups do take longer to complete than plugging in the iPhone, but they can work overnight without the user noticing.
WiFi backups don’t work on all school and work networks due to the way that they are designed. Problem 3: After updating my iTunes, I can’t find my playlistI need to rebuild my playlists again?
Second, highlight Playlist item, all of your iPhone playlists will be displayed in the right panel.

Third, select the playlist that you want to transfer, right-click on it, and choose Export To -> Export to My Computer, then set the location to save your iPhone playlist on computer. Depending on your operating system, the location for your iTunes backup is different from Windows to Mac. To browse to see the iPhone backup files, you have to enable Windows Explorer to show hidden files. A list of all iOS device backups stored by iTunes will be shown on this screen, with the date and time for each. Technically you could do this with a network volume as well, but we’re focusing on a traditional external hard disk here.
As long as the external hard drive is connected to the Mac, iTunes will now backup to that external storage volume rather than the internal hard disk. You should still continue to backup to iCloud as well, since having dual backups offers a level of redundancy that is always appreciated should something go wrong. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Everything else is the same, backups to iTunes then transfer directly to the attached external drive. I’ve used a symbolic link on my Mail folder for five years and many OS changes without a problem. There was no (recent enough) iCloud backup of the San Bernardino phone, *and* the password was reset.
As in I no longer want to backup to an external hd but to the mac instead, what are the steps? Since the symlink is basically a file (like an alias) rather than a folder, you can either unlink it or delete it like a file and not like a folder. When I do step 7 the Backup folder is there alongside the Backup-old file, but there is no arrow to indicate the folder is linked.
I’m a new Mac user and having trouble creating the symbolic link for APPDATA while transferring from Win7.
I followed them exactly but without success at first, and realised that maybe it was because my backup drive had spaces in the name. Si le transfert des donnees standards comme la musique ou les photos se fait assez facilement de l’un a l’autre, c’est loin d’etre le cas pour ce qui concerne les SMS.
Extraire la base de donnees SMS de la sauvegarde iOSVous devez ensuite localiser le fichier "3d0d7e5fb2ce288813306e4d4636395e047a3d28" dans le repertoire. Vous pouvez soit appuyer sur "Select" pour choisir les SMS a conserver, soit appuyer sur "All" pour tous les selectionner, ce que nous avons choisi de faire. Restaurer les SMS sur Android avec SMS Backup & RestorePour la suite, vous devez telecharger et installer l’application SMS Backup & Restore grace a laquelle vous allez importer le fichier XML dans les SMS du smartphone Android. L’application vous demande ensuite d’utiliser SMS Backup & Restore comme application SMS par defaut (necessaire avec Android KitKat pour restaurer les SMS, mais vous pourrez choisir l’application SMS de votre choix une fois la manipulation terminee). La restauration des messages peut prendre plusieurs minutes selon le nombre de SMS presents dans la base. Vous auriez aussi pu preciser que vous representer la societe editrice de la solution que vous proposez. This way of backing up will work on battery power, but it will most likely drain your iPhone’s battery if it is left unplugged overnight. This is sometimes set up to prevent network congestion or because networks with a single WiFi identity are actually meshes of several networks that are not directly connected to each other. Apple provides 5GB of free iCloud storage, but  charges up to $100 per year for additional storage. Other iPhone data can be also transferred , including photos, contacts, messages, movies, tv shows, music videos, podcasts, itunes u, audiobooks, and home videos. Backup files created by iTunes are platform independent and can be moved from one operating system to other. We’ll walk you through how to get this setup in Mac OS X, so that any locally made backup from iTunes goes to an external disk rather than the internal drive, thereby helping to preserve local disk space and offload storage requirements.
I personally use the same hard drive for Time Machine and for file storage and created a subfolder on the file storage portion for iOS backups, but you can use a separate drive, a dedicated drive, a partition, or whatever works for you. It’ll have to be for another OS X Daily article, but ln -s for the Mail folder works really well because that folder can become massive in size.
Also, the command line requires precise syntax, without precise syntax you will get errors (or worse) which is why it’s aimed for advanced users only. The clue was that there appeared some separate symbolic links in the original library folder with parts of the drive name.

Pour beaucoup de personnes, perdre des annees de conversation par SMS est un veritable drame. Utilisez le champ de recherche en haut de la fenetre de l’explorer Windows, ou du Finder si vous utilisez un Mac.
Vous devez d’abord copier le fichier sauvegarde precedemment dans la memoire de votre smartphone Android.
TunesGo Retro should now be showing your iPhone device information and content in the software.
How to use MPT, Install & Uninstall MPT software, Sitemap, License, Privacy, Terms of service, Contact us. In this tutorial we'll explain how to find your iPhone backup folder in all versions of Windows and Mac. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to set up Time Machine and complete a backup of the Mac before beginning. Likewise, restoring an iOS device from a local backup will be impossible if the external hard drive is not connected to the Mac. But, like I said, when I use the names with spaces, it only gives me the paper with an arrow.
As a result when going to stage 8, the phone backs up to the computer and not the external drive. Pourtant, il est tout a fait possible de les sauvegarder pour les transferer sur votre Android. Connectez ce dernier a votre ordinateur et naviguez dans la memoire du smartphone via l’explorer Windows, ou Android File Transfer sur Mac.
The additional storage is per iCloud account, which means those with multiple iOS devices will run into these limits much faster. There are numerous tutorials on the web that cover transferring your iTunes music and iPhone data from PC to Mac.
This article has instructions on organizing and consolidating music into the iTunes folder if your library is not already organized by iTunes (e.g. The more you know, the less you will sound like you just crawled out of a slumber, Sir Rip Van Winkle! We made another backup of the phone, performed a sync, and then updated her iPhone to the latest iOS version (4.02).
In reality they were all still there, but for some reason the iPhone inserted an empty screen between the home screen and the screen with her apps. When we scrolled to the second screen and it was blank we initially thought all the apps were gone. We also had a hiccup with her wireless network not letting her PC connect after the iPhone update (a quick reboot of her Airport router fixed this – just unplug it and plug it back in). I wonder if this has something to do with the new media streaming features of iOS.That’s it! I just got a new laptop because my 6-yr old macbook was on the fritz, and my computer engineer spouse got a great deal on a pc so I am sadly leaving apple behind (except for the phone). The playlist, ratings, playcounts, and other metadata should have all come over in the transfer.
Format the drive as NTFS on the Mac, then see if you can copy the files from the Mac onto it. Then from your Win XP environment, copy your library from the external hard drive onto your Win XP’s virtual hard drive. I did have to manually link one track and then iTunes found the rest.The only problem I have encountered are tracks with foreign characters in the name. It really helped consolidate somethings I’d already guessed and answered a few questions I had. I’m feeling far more confident about transferring my data across without losing my highscores on Angry Birds. Now that iCloud is available, you should be able to sync your contacts to it via your iPhone settings. But yet I can click the artwork viewer in the bottom left corner and the artwork appears fine.

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