Hardisk external sudah menjadi kebutuhan tersendiri akan media penyimpanan data portabel yang praktis dan dinamis.
Berdasarkan pengujian yang telah dilakukan, hardisk external berwarna hitam-ungu ini memiliki kecepatan transfer data dari hardisk (write speed) mencapai 30 Mbps dan kecepatan transfer data ke hardisk (read speed) mencapai 45 Mbps. The Western Digital Passport Elite (500GB) is a sleek hard drive with an illuminated capacity gauge for quick and simple backup. Many casual computer users are finding their system's hard drives rapidly filling with family photos and various office documents, but they aren't looking for a solution with a lot of fancy features.
Setting up the Passport Elite was relatively simple, as all of the backup software is conveniently installed in the drive itself. After clicking the "I understand" button before you continue, the drive asks if you would like to upgrade the firmware and software.
Once you install the WD Smartware backup software to your PC, it scans all of your system's drives and asks if you'd like to back it all up.
The Passport Elite doesn't have the preferred FireWire ports for Mac use, but it works regardless via USB. Because the drive can't save individual files, I couldn't run our complete set of tests, but I was able to run some performance tests. The Western Digital My Passport Elite (500GB) is a solid drive for someone looking for one click and never-worry-about-it again backup solution.
Compare the Western Digital My Passport Elite (500GB) with several other hard drives side by side.
Tell us what you want in your Ram brand vehicle and we'll find the one that is right for you.
4Register your Uconnect® System Follow the prompts to complete your registration at Owner Connect. I'm putting the finishing touches on the all-new RoaringApps, with support for Mavericks & iOS 7.
Hal ini dikarenakan perangkat dilengkapi extra-thick suspension damper yang membuatnya terlindungi dari kerusakan akibat benturan. What they want is a quick and simple solution to back up their precious family Hallmark-moments as well as important documents.

It's small enough to fit in your pocket, but looks presentable enough to leave out on the desk. The first prompt a user gets when activating the drive for the first time is to set a password.
At about 25 cents per GB it is also a good value when compared with drives like the Verbatim InSight (30 cents per GB).
Produk ini telah lulus dalam sejumlah tes yang dilakukan berdasarkan standar militer Amerika Serikat.
Saat tersambung dengan komputer, sebuah tombol di salah satu sudut perangkat akan menyala biru. I ignored this prompt and found myself waiting almost 10 minutes for simple large file transfers.
Having a simple, one-click solution is a definite plus; especially want to set the hard drive to back up everything and leave it at that. There's also the Quick Drive Test, a more extensive 2-minute test, and a Complete Drive Test, which will scan for bad sectors, which may take a few hours.
If that's the case, you will have to reformat the disk after uploading the Smartware software. It also performed reasonably well on our PCMark HDD test suite, scoring a respectable 2459.
As long as the drive is hooked up to your computer, it will sync with your system's drives. By registering for the Uconnect Access® Access is available only on equipped vehicles purchased within the 50 United States.
Selain itu, perangkat juga kompatibel dengan berbagai laptop dan komputer yang menggunakan beragam sistem operasi, mulai dari Windows, Mac, dan Linux.
Tombol ini juga berfungsi sebagai One Touch Auto Backup yang berperan dalam sinkronisasi data. Perangkat ini telah berhasil melewati Drop Test dan Pressure Test yang dilakukan sesuai standar militer Amerika Serikat. With an illuminated capacity gauge for quick status checks and one-click backup, the drive is a convenient backup solution.

The version we tested had a nice matte charcoal finish with silver striping along the edge. But this all-or-nothing solution means that you can't choose to back up individual files, which is annoying if all you want to do is, say, save your multimedia files. These tests are great for peace of mind when entrusting precious memories contained within crucial documents to an external drive. The Verbatim Insight 500GB ($150 list, ), which is our current Editors' Choice, scored a better 2,929, but took 56 seconds on the drag and drop tests. There are also plenty of diagnostic tests along with a 3-year warranty to put your mind at ease. Services can only be used where cellular coverage is available, see coverage map for details.
Selain itu, desain solidnya turut dilengkapi balutan silikon yang membuatnya tidak licin di genggaman tangan. It bundles in a glossy black dock that connects via mini-USB port on the bottom of the drive.
The app then warns you that your password, if forgotten, is irretrievable (make sure you write it down in a safe place in case you do forget).
Still, if you're looking for a more sophisticated backup solution, one where you can pick and choose which files to back up, you might want to look elsewhere. Lebih lanjut, lapisan silikon ini juga berfungsi untuk meredam efek getaran dan suhu di lingkungan sekitar. The Passport Elite also has an illuminated capacity gauge along the edge that gives the user a rough idea as to how much space is left .

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