Western Digital has released a couple new home network drives, the My Book and My Book Duo, drives that will help you create your own personal cloud of up to 3 terabytes. 148Apps is an independent publication of Steel Media Ventures that has not been authorized, sponsored, or approved by Apple Inc. The WD My Cloud NAS turned out to be pretty versatile.  The My Cloud has both desktop software and mobile apps to enhance the user experience whether you are on your mobile device or accessing the hard drive from a local computer on your home network. The WD My Cloud is not without issues, however: The WD SmartWare backup program is only available for Windows but the rest of the features are available for both Windows and Macs. Even with the premium in price, we think you will get a better bang for your dollar with one of the three My Cloud NAS devices. Legit Bottom Line: If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive NAS solution that gives you remote access to your files, then the conversation has to start at the Western Digital My Cloud 2TB NAS.
So I installed it using the quick guide and that was easy enough; however it installed a bunch of unneeded software including Apple Bonjour used by a useless utility showing the shares exposed by the drive and I came to realize that the remote access apparently goes through a Western Digital web server. Ok, so I read many horror stories about earlier versions of the Firmware of this device related to the IP address changing through HDCP and the first thing I did was go into my router and assign the WDMyCloud device a permanent IP address through my router’s HDCP reservation feature so the IP address won’t change.
I copied a large library of files to it and got between 10 Mbs to 60 Mbs depending on whether I was copying many small files or fewer large ones, large files appear to copy faster. The Firmware in the drive is quite “brittle” meaning that it has a number of anomalies and bugs that may need you to reset or reboot the drive at times or to work around at times the Setup Web Pages may stop responding properly. On my local LAN, I don’t care much about security so I have made everything public without any passwords.

Next I tried to set-up the SafePoint feature on the Settings Dashboard to make a backup of the settings and data on the device.
Now I do not intend to use it for streaming data to mobile devices so I have not tried any of that.
Yes, all computing devices can connect to the My Cloud, including Mac and PC systems (browser and My Cloud desktop app). Hey friends,TARDIS Box is provides cloud storage services for documents, images, files and videos upto 150GB with nothing of cost. If you had a look in the support forum of WD MyCloud you would have found out that there are a lot of user complaints proving that the firmware of that device is unstable since the first shipments in Oct. With My Cloud (single bay) each folder has a user control on it that only a particular user has access to it at a time.
For My Cloud Mirror, My Cloud EX2 and My Cloud EX4 there is a document flow management feature – a check-in, check-out feature.
El nuevo WD My Book Studio Edition II es capaz de almacenar en sus dos discos hasta 4 Tbytes de informacion y ha sido disenado para trabajar perfectamente con equipos Mac. Usamos cookies propias y de terceros para mejorar tu experiencia y realizar tareas de analitica.
That's a lot of vacation photos. And what's really cool about these drives is that you can really access them like your own personal cloud. The software and various Aps are self-explanatory and useful.  We were able to remotely connect to the NAS from outside our network via an iPhone, Android device, and PC.

WD suggests 10 people at most, but mentioned to us that some users have told them that they have gone beyond that.
However, if an Admin does enable multiple users to access the same file, and the users are both editing a file, there is a potential case that they could overwrite one another.
WD does support applications on those devices such as Joomla for content (CMS) and Git for version control.
If it’s going to be an online device that’s holding your files I need to know how secure is it? It will also sport two Thunderbolt ports to allow for daisy chaining, although it should be noted that the more devices you daisy chain it with, performance will undoubtedly be affected.Similar to other hard drive manufacturers who offering Thunderbolt devices, the My Book Thunderbolt Duo will not be shipped with a Thunderbolt cable, which means that if you were to pick one up for yourself, you will need to spend an additional $49 for a Thunderbolt cable which is available from Apple. The My Passport Ultra have WD SmartWare Pro built into it which is Western Digital’s proprietary backup software, but it now also has Dropbox integration, hardware encryption and password protection to help safeguard the drive against unauthorized access. With the mobile apps you can access and add data to them from anywhere you have a connection. Can all of these devices be connected to one My Cloud drive, or do the Mac and PC devices need separate My Cloud drives? Prices start at just $122 for a 1TB version up to $454 for the 6TB RAID version (via Amazon).

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