I recently had my iPhone replaced due to a sticky power button but had a few problems when restoring from my iCloud backup. The second problem was a little more fiddly, and I still don’t really understand what the problem is. The result was that my apps would start downloading and as soon as the progress bar filled, the app icons would flash white and the app would disappear. Some data was not restored, for instance, apps that were removed from the App Store for legal reasons. I tried the suggested, syncing the iTunes, but that just gave me a new copy of the apps with all my app data missing. Thanks great tip, I had to replace my iPhone 5 (volume up broke) and the iCloud restore gave me the incomplete error.
Well there is a no need to worry about and the good news is that there is a chance to back up your locked iPhone data from the locked iPhone. After completing the installation process, launch the program and connect your iPhone to the computer. The software will automatically begin scanning your iPhone when you gave successfully entered the scanning mode. When the scanning process completes, all data found by the software on your iPhone will be displayed according to the categories. There you will find the data that is existing on your iPhone and those deleted from your iPhone recently.
The iPhone users will usually keep the non-purchased items in their computer or iTunes library, such as CD copies, pictures and so on.
If people want to backup iPhone 5 to computer without losing data, they can take advantage of other methods. Of course, people are also able to use a piece of iPhone transfer software to backup iPhone 5 files to computer. With Leawo iTransfer, users are able to back up all the media files from iPhone 5 to computer without losing any data.
Run Backuptrans software, click the Local Database list icon and then go File -> Import SMS from iTunes Backup to Local Database. After you have imported SMS from iTunes backup, you can manage the imported SMS on Backuptrans software, such as exporting messages to file and printing messages.

Run Backuptrans software, right click the SMS database under Local Database list and then choose "Export SMS to iTunes Backup".
Run Backuptrans software, click the Android in Devices list and then turn to top toolbar and press "Backup SMS to Local Database" button or go File -> Backup SMS to Local Database. Right click the SMS database you have just backed up from Android under Local Database list and then choose "Export SMS to iTunes Backup". Right click the SMS database you have just imported from iTunes under Local Database list and then choose "Transfer SMS from Database to Android".
Run Backuptrans software, right click the SMS database imported from iPhone (A) under Local Database list and then choose "Export SMS to iTunes Backup". Welcome to here’s the thing, your source for practical tips, advice, and how-tos about the gadgets you use each day. Once configured properly, iCloud Backup will automatically make copies of all the settings, accounts, messages, photos, and applications settings on your iDevice and stores them on Apple’s servers.
It’s a great feature for anyone who rarely bothered to dig out their sync cables to manually back up their handsets with iTunes—assuming iCloud Backup works as advertised, that is. As someone who’s seen his fair share of computers and phones fail on him over the years, I wanted to put iCloud Backup to the test before trusting it with my precious data. I managed to solve them all so I thought it might help a few others if I described my findings here. Wait a few minutes and then attempt the restore again while connected to a reliable Wi-Fi network.
First of all you need to find a tool which allows you to recover data from the locked iPhone.
You can preview them one by one and click “Recover” in order to save them all on your computer with one click.
Then, you can turn on the button on the top to “Only display the deleted items” when you want to separate them.
It may generate a back up automatically once you enabled the backup function on your iPhone. The iTunes will erase the non-purchased items when it transfers the purchased items, but the users can import them to iPhone again if they have the files in their computer. For example, the iPhone 5 users are able to use the cloud service apps to back up iPhone files.

When the transfer is ongoing, the progress bar in the dialog will show you the percentage of the transfer process. Choose the iPhone (B) backup files and then the messages in Backuptrans will be exported and merged into the backup files iTunes you have just created in step 3. A final step involves re-downloading all your apps from the App Store, a process that the iPhone handled automatically. You must sign up for iCloud (it’s free, as long as you keep your online storage under 5 GB) and turn on iCloud Backup in the Settings menu.
In the end only about half of my apps were restored – the rest appeared to be deleted. If the data that was not restored also exists in your iTunes library, you can sync it back to your iOS device via USB cable sync as a work around.
Once the homescreen appeared again, I immediately tapped on one of the apps that previously failed to restore. Dropbox is an easy-to-use but powerful cloud service app, and it allows users to sync the iPhone with computer, and users are able to upload their iPhone files to Dropbox, and then download them to computer. People can find various kinds of iPhone transfer programs on the Internet, and Leawo iTransfer stands out when compared with other programs, because it provides simplified user interface and powerful functions.
The software will automatically detect the libraries of your iPhone, and then show the libraries in the left sidebar. Click the transfer button at the right bottom of the window to transfer all the music files from iPhone 5 to computer. You shouldn’t disconnect your iPhone during the transfer, and you will get the files in the target folder after the data transfer. With the cloud service apps, iPhone 5 users are able to back up all the files they need to computer easily.
The following guidance will show you how to backup iPhone 5 to computer (setting music as an example), and you are allowed to free download Leawo iTransfer to have a try.
Once the first app had succeeded all the other apps followed without me needing to tap on them individually.

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