With all the work Apple has done on the design of the Yosemite interface, you’d think they could do something a bit more original with hard drive icons. The second type of disk is drives connected via Thunderbolt; they have a lightning bolt on them (because thunder = lightning?).
Doesn’t seem overly odd to me, only in the sense that OS X Yosemite is painfully lacking in attention to detail when it comes to design. I display drives on my desktop too and my Time Machine USB external drive shows up with the unlabeled yellow icon like above.
Eventually the desktop icon did change to the green standard Time Machine drive icon, I think once TM started a backup cycle.
Tech Adepts know that icons no longer give a physical representation of the internal components of our machines. The thunderbolt and lightning thing was a bit of sarcasm, since Apple has both thunderbolt and lightning connectors.
We were discussing the consistency of the iconography, the degree of skeuomorphism, and the extent and accuracy of information conveyed therein.
Just to be sure, I did put my ear up to the fusion drive icon to find out if I could hear it spinning. Home >> iPhone Ringtone Maker for Mac >> How to Copy music, movies, TV Shows, podcasts from iPhone to Mac? Rip and copy audios, videos, photos, podcasts, and TV programs from iPod to Mac and Mac to iPod. Copy music, movies, TV Shows, podcasts from iPod to Mac, and copy podcasts from iPod to Computer and so on. Time Machine in Mac OS X Lion initiates a sometimes useful, sometimes not feature: local backups. Note: Time Machine local backups are only stored if you have Time Machine enabled in general. Of course this tip would only be half useful if we didn’t show you how to turn this back on.

Remember, if you disable this feature you will not have local backups anymore, so if something goes wrong you will be out of luck.
They’ll always be there in case you have to use the recovery partition in Lion, disabling deletes it. I do like the idea and have chosen to keep it on, then off and back on after external backup, to clear the unneeded space on my SSD. Note: You may notice a difference in available space statistics between Disk Utility, Finder, and Get Info inspectors. You can also just open the Time Machine preferences, turn off Time Machine, turn it back on, and the local backups will be removed after a few seconds. I started with and continue to go through all my files deleting things which are duplicate and are not needed without a whole lot of luck.
However, the two drives named Boot Backup and TM Backup are also partitions on Thunderbolt drives, yet they don’t show the correct icon. So it should show a green icon, as it does in the Time Machine preferences; This disk showed the correct icon under Mavericks. And there’s an incoherence between the Thunderbolt icons, with their white plastic fronts, and the USB discs, which have metallic fronts. I don’t display disks on the Desktop, and I navigate though the Finder sidebar, or using LaunchBar. It’s a messy, unfinished OS that needs some serious refinement, and the icons throughout are of a very low standard.
While running I don’t think the menu bar TM icon animates (rotates counter-clockwise) as it used to. Moreover, Joboshare iPhone to Mac Transfer helps you create, edit and delete iPhone playlists.
Called snapshots, this seems to be kicked off when your primary Mac is a laptop and the Time Machine backup is an external drive, so OS X Lion compensates for the potentially unavailable external disk by keeping an additional backup locally on the Macs primary hard drive. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!

Will the local backups be deleted from my internal drive after the next time machine backup or will the local backups forever be kept on my mac even after a time machine backup? So if you need 4 GB for something, and your backups are taking up that space, the local backups will automatically get removed to make room. It always seems that this portion of what is stored is always almost exactly what makes up all of the other categories (apps, music, movies, photos, backups)… any ideas? But my other drives, both FW and USB, display the same plain yellow icon, so I can no longer to see what the connection is by a glance at the icon.
Inaudible when it’s at low speed, for me, and definitely audible when the CPUs are working hard. Free download Joboshare iPhone to Mac Transfer and put control of the iPhone back in your hands now! This has its obvious advantages, since you can restore to past Time Machine backups right away from anywhere, but if you’re trying to conserve disk space this can be a real pain.
I’ve been through a few forums with recent activity and it seems a lot of people are confused (like I was) at why so much disk space is gone after installing OS Lion. The Finder displays the available space on the disk without accounting for the local snapshots, because local snapshots will surrender their disk space if needed.
It can refer to an actual copy of the state of a system or to a capability provided by certain systems. And as for the colour choices, Mail is vile, and Contacts looks like it was designed by someone who despises the idea of contrast.
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