Axcient, a disaster-recovery and business continuity solutions provider, recently unveiled a new program specifically for Backup customers. To help Backup customers immediately make the transition, Axcient is offering a migration campaign with a free setup and implementation package worth $2,000.
Axcient's migration program will involve virtually zero downtime and comes with a Dedicated Backup Exec migration specialist. BUMI There, a fully-managed, turn-key cloud backup and recovery service that does not require any onsite equipment, allowing businesses to outsource their entire backup system to the BUMI cloud. BUMI Here, which allows organizations to create their own private clouds for backup and recovery on their existing IT infrastructure. BUMI Everywhere, a hybrid cloud backup that offers onsite data protection with offsite mirroring and setup. The company's Symantec Trade-Up program includes complimentary backup and recovery consultation, a migration plan with best practices recommendations, and two months of BUMI There cloud backup service for free. Zetta, a three-in-one backup, archiving and disaster-recovery solutions provider, offers Backup customers higher performance and reliability at discounts of up to 50 percent. To help users transition from Backup smoothly, Zetta is currently offering a 20 percent discount on its annual cloud backup contract. Quorum, a one-click backup, recovery and continuity provider for small and midmarket businesses, is offering its Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) solution to help Backup users implement a more-robust alternative.
The service also offers additional features, such as Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance and automatic and on-demand testing, at no additional cost. KeepVault, an online backup software and service provider, offers an easy, secure and affordable alternative for Backup customers. KeepVault backs up data at its secure, online Tier3+ data centers, and encrypts all data before transmission. Basically this functionality allows reporting on custom-applications, databases filled-up with scripts and 3rd party applications. The nice thing about this new approach is the ability to build your own custom reports based on some SQL queries. Once your report has been created, other administrators can use them within the same CommCell environment. Let’s show you how you can import a report template which has been made available by other users on the commvault cloud community. This entry was posted in CommVault Simpana, Reporting, Secondary Storage and tagged CommVault, custom reports, reporting, webconsole by Ruben Renders. 6, 2015, to migrate to a new service, plenty of backup and data recovery service providers have taken the opportunity to offer Backup users with more-robust and affordable options.
To participate, users will be required to verify their Backup service and must sign a 12-month agreement. Unlike Backup, Zetta also offers SQL, Exchange and VM plug-ins at no extra cost. The service gives users complete control, enabling businesses to create categories and to either select continuous backup or schedule the types of files that should be backed up and when.
KeepVault is also currently offering Backup users 32 percent off with a two-year plan.
After graduating from UC Irvine, she worked as a copywriter and blogger for nonprofit organizations, tech labs and lifestyle companies. At this moment, the webconsole is an addendum on the CommVault Simpana Administration Console. By default, the webconsole is filled up with some default reports which can be executed on the CommServe Databases. In the configuration section of the webconsole, you can easily define external data sources.
On the top of the page (next to the settings button), you have the ability to import your template. The use of the graphical representation, makes it also interesting to be used in Backup Status Reporting e-mails. Axcient also claims that companies can eliminate data loss, keep critical applications running, and ensure employee productivity at a fraction of the cost. It offers unlimited upload and download speeds for faster backup, though users can also limit bandwidth usage. The report templates are categorized as add-ons and are share amongst other things (such as workflows).
In the event of a disaster, it can immediately take over failed servers for instant recovery and reduction of downtime and loss.

Use the drop down boxes or the search function to locate the license terms for software licensed to you by Microsoft or the computer manufacturer.
This research emphasizes disk-based backup and server backup, although tape backup and endpoint backup will be factored into the comprehensiveness of the vendor's data protection portfolio and capabilities. Note ???‚a€? in some Adobe agreements, these terms are referred to as End User License Agreements (EULAs).LICENSED APPLICATION END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT The Products transacted through the Service are licensed, not sold, to You for use only under the terms of this.
However, vendors that do not possess a broad-based and heterogeneous backup application (for example, a Windows-only or a single hypervisor VM-only solution) and that deliver only disk-based backup appliances were not eligible for inclusion in this Magic Quadrant. It also excludes backup software for a homogeneous environment, such as native tools from Microsoft or VMware for their own specific platforms, as many enterprise customers prefer a single, scalable backup product for a heterogeneous environment. Gartner also utilizes worldwide end-user surveys, Gartner conference kiosk surveys, Gartner conference session polling data, and many one-on-one conversations and backup roundtable discussions from these conferences.
From these and other data sources, we learn how customers are using the vendor's solutions and how prospects could potentially benefit from them, and we are also able to determine the strengths and cautions of the offering from each provider. We learn about experiences with sales and support, acquisition and maintenance pricing, and opinions on vendor responsiveness to aspects such as requests for enhancements.It is important to remember that the Magic Quadrant does not solely rate product quality or capabilities and features. A Magic Quadrant is not just about a vendor's product(s); it is a scenario chart that maps a vendor's overall position in a specific market. While the product portfolio is an important part of the rating, the vendor's ability to acquire customers and expand its presence in the market is also important, as is its ability to grow product and service revenue.
In 2012, Acronis strengthened its investment for the enterprise by establishing enterprise-oriented sales and marketing teams in Europe and North America and, as a result, increased its number of enterprise customers. The company claims that, among its more than 200,000 business customers, 2,000 have 1,000 or more employees. ABR Advanced Platform is a combined image and file backup product that supports both physical and virtual servers with client- and target-side deduplication and agents for granular restores of applications. In 2012, vmProtect added new functions, such as single-pass backup of Exchange and SQL Server, with granular restore to the individual message or cell level. Currently, vmProtect has more VM-specific functions than ABR does, including built-in replication, ESXi bare-metal restore (BMR), the ability to run a VM from a backup image, incremental forever, and changed block tracking (CBT)-based restore.
The subscription-based online service is integrated with both ABR and vmProtect, which provide local disk staging of file and image backup for faster system recovery. Actifio has raised $107.5 million in venture capital funding, the latest being $50 million in March 2013, to support its fast growth. About 30% of its sales in 2012 were to cloud services providers and MSPs (MSPs), including IBM Global Services, SunGard, Time Warner-NaviSite and NEC. Gartner includes Actifio in this year's Magic Quadrant mainly due to its disruptive innovations, heightened awareness among Gartner user clients and fast revenue growth, although from a small base.Unlike many traditional backup solutions that were designed for tape, Actifio's Copy storage (CDS) platform, launched in November 2010, is a modern design that leverages disk-based technologies, such as deduplication, snapshot, replication, mounting, cloning, storage tiering and storage virtualization. CDS uses its patented Virtual Data Pipeline technology to eliminate redundant data traffic over the network (such as duplicated data between DR replication and backup).
The in-band deployment leverages licensed IBM SVC technology to provide a FC interface to a wide range of host OS platforms and applications. The out-of-band configuration interfaces hosts via iSCSI or captures application-consistent snapshots via host-side APIs, such as VMware vStorage APIs, Oracle Recovery Manager and Microsoft VSS, as well as its own connectors for physical servers and file systems. Out-of-band deployments are the most popular today, as many enterprise customers are reluctant to deploy an emerging product in the data path in their production environment, although some customers have found comfort in the fact that SVC's host interoperability is well-tested in the field. Snapshot data is globally deduplicated and compressed before being written to the CDS appliance disks. Today, tape is not yet an option under its SLA policies.AsigraAsigra has been providing multitenant backup and recovery solutions designed for MSPs since its inception in 1986 and currently has more than 600 partners that offer it as their own relabeled software as a service (SaaS) solution.
However, today almost half of its customers implement Asigra within their own data centers as a private cloud. Asigra claims that close to 1 million global sites are now protected with its backup solution. Initially designed as a remote service, the product has a long history of incorporating data reduction technology. As such, Asigra was one of the first backup solutions to deliver block-level incremental (BLI) forever processing, whereby only new and changed blocks of data need to be transmitted.
It also utilizes compression and global deduplication to further reduce network traffic and reduce backup capacity.The agentless architecture is a key feature of Asigra cloud Backup software, with customers hailing the ease of use and management that an agentless implementation offers. DS-Clients suppor ROBOs, desktops, virtual environments, and laptops and tablets by aggregating data to DS-System servers. Asigra was the first (and remains the only) backup solution included in IBM's SmartCloud offering. In addition to NetApp, Asigra also supports snapshot and replication management for arrays built on Symantec's Veritas Storage Foundation (such as Huawei), with additional arrays planned for future releases.

Asigra now offers Virtual DR (VDR) to run a VM from the Asigra backup repository to continue production operations. Autonomic healing and restore validation are offered via 30 integrity checks that can request a new copy of the file or alert an administrator if there is no longer a valid copy to be obtained.Asigra started supporting virtual environments years before some other backup software providers. At the time, there were no backup APIs available from server virtualization vendors, so Asigra used the native APIs from VMware, Hyper-V and Xen to provide support for VMs. Today, Asigra supports VMware through vStorage APIs for Data Protection (VADP), as well as through native APIs.
The ARCserve Backup product enjoys widespread brand recognition for traditional tape backup in the SMB market and in some larger enterprises in international markets and is the most widely deployed among the three products. The ARCserve D2D and Replication and HA products target midsize customers, as well as MSPs and OEMs that do not need tape.
Recognizing the opportunities of helping existing tape backup customers to transition to the cloud backup model, CA has been investing in adding features appealing to MSPs and cloud storage providers, such as integration with third-party remote monitoring and remote management tools.
ARCserve Backup offers in-line target deduplication and postprocess global deduplication capabilities at no additional cost.
ARCserve D2D is an image-based, block-level infinite incremental (I2) snapshot backup, which provides hardware-independent BMR. The D2D's Virtual Standby function offers instant VM failover locally and remotely by converting image backups to bootable VMs.
All four models are sold either as a perpetual license or monthly subscription.StrengthsARCserve offers a full range of data protection products. The company has effectively shifted to selling into the largest of enterprises and MSPs, while retaining its SMB channel through partners and resellers.
CommVault has maintained a continued strong public presence in print and electronic advertising and in social media, resulting in being on the shortlist in almost all Gartner backup inquiry.In version 10 of its Simpana software, CommVault has continued its solid growth by adding many new functions and capabilities, along with extending a perceived edge in ease of use and fewer scripting requirements, compared with other enterprise backup solutions. New workflow automation, dashboard and Web-based reporting features look to solidify this view. It delivers a well-integrated platform that was built from the ground up (no third-party acquisitions) on a common architecture. To support this vision, CommVault offers its IntelliSnap snapshot protection capability, which integrates with the industry's broadest number of storage platform solutions to schedule and manage snapshots, offering robust application support and cataloging of individual files and objects. CommVault has also been the most vocal vendor regarding the unification of backup, archive and e-discovery, being the only vendor to deliver a highly integrated solution that offers all these capabilities through a unified architecture.Simpana 10 introduced several architectural updates, including a fourth-generation scalable and efficient software-based deduplication capability and remote viewing of backup and archive data on endpoint devices via its Edge component, Web console and natively though Outlook. Additionally, the company delivered OnePass for combined backup, archiving and indexing activities with a single process and a Data Classification Enabler function for tracking new and modified files, avoiding a full file system scan. CommVault's sustained growth is likely to depend on the continued expansion and maturation of its large-enterprise sales force and continued developments with resellers, MSPs and partners both inside and outside the U.S.
End-user feedback has been positive as CommVault expands into increasingly larger opportunities, including Fortune 100 companies, international service providers and new OEM engagements. In February 2012, Dell acquired AppAssure, a Virginia-based private backup software vendor selling to the SMB market. In addition, Dell continues to act as an OEM and resell CommVault products to its large customers. As this report does not cover disk backup targets, the DR4000 is not considered for its technical capabilities, but rather for its value to broaden Dell's data protection portfolio.Dell has laid out a vision to streamline its backup software portfolio and minimize overlaps by working on an abstraction layer for a common interface across its data protection products. However, it's still too early to tell how timely and effectively the vision will be executed. Currently, the company targets the predominantly Windows environment (physical and virtual) with AppAssure, which offers short RPOs and RTOs with its snapshots and replication capabilities and robust protection functions for Exchange. AppAssure uses agents to perform object-level application recovery and offers recovery verification and "Live Recovery" for faster access to backup data. However, AppAssure only recently added Linux support and has limited penetration in the large enterprise. It has an agentless architecture for a dynamic virtual environment, with granular restore leveraging the Recovery Manager technology. It targets the midmarket and is opportunistically sold to large enterprises, often with disruptively low pricing.

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