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Important: Make sure you have a backup of your existing Mac OS X installation and disk before continuing with this guide.
You can create a new partition on your hard drive with Disk Utility, this does not require you to reformat the drive and you should not lose any data (besides, you have that backup just in case something goes wrong, right?).
If you want to boot into a different Mac OS X installation than the one that is set as your default in the previous step, you can hold down the Option key during reboot. This is dual booting at it’s finest, and this is the best way to run the Lion Developer Preview. If I am not mistaken, Bootcamp requires it to be in the last partition but with a maximum of 3 partitions.
I tried this to restore my system onto a blank drive after replacing my old one for a larger size, and the time machine restore didn’t install the OS on the new drive, i couldnt boot form the thing anyway. I have a 32GB flash drive and was wondering if I could install Lion on it and boot from the flash drive. Is there any problem in deleting this new partition should I decide I want to go back to my current state? I’m thinking the only way around this is to create a bootable Lion on an external drive and removing the Lion partition on my internal drive from that bootable external Lion install. I have the same problem, I want to delete my partition, but I get the message telling me that I need a newer OS to do this. I have the same problem after installing Lion osx full release made a small partition everything seems fine bu wanted to now resize and it will not let me? I did everything but when I want to choose Lion as default disk, it doesn’t show up as an option. I am new to mac, and this might sound silly, but I was wondering…I installed mac os x lion aside mac os snow leopard (dual boot).
After I went to this walk through and finally installed OS X Lion on a separate partition, can i delete the original partion of Mac OS X Snow Leopard and just keep Lion? Yes, you could delete Snow Leopard but I would not recommend doing that until the final version of Mac OS X Lion is released next month. If I have Lion installed on a separate partition and later want to delete my old Snow Leopard partition, how I can get all my third-party software (Adobe CS5, Office 2011, Parallels, etc.) to the new partition? Installing Lion on a separate partition creates a clean install that does not include any of your old apps, emails, or photos. You should be able to remove the Lion installation partition directly from Disk Utility by selecting the partition and just deleting it. I would strongly recommend keeping the recovery partition, even if you have a separate boot disk or drive created. Now i erased that partition so that i can create a partition with more GB of space, but the system doesn?t let me eliminate the lion partition, saying it needs a newer system to allow elimination o f that partiotion. Is there a way to co-share the program and data from SL without having to port the program and data over to Lion partition? One of the great unsung features of Lion is the personal use license which allows you to download OS X Lion once and then install it on all of your authorized personal Macs. Several of these we have already covered before and you are welcome to check those out, but for the purpose of this article we are going to discuss transferring the OS X Lion installer to the other Macs.
This is the easiest method but requires access to either an external hard drive, blank DVD, or USB flash drive, each need at least 4.2GB of available storage capacity.
If you don’t have a spare external drive laying about, you can choose to network your Macs instead.
We need to create a local network between your Macs so that you can share files, do this on all the Macs so that you can transfer files back and forth.
Remember that the Lion installer is about 4GB so it will take a while to transfer over a network. When trying to download again onto one of my other Macs the app store keeps trying to make me pay again even though it is marked a recent purchase.
So what’s keeping someone from downloading it and then putting it on a torrent site, or giving my buddy my SD card? The download is tied to your iTunes account through the App Store, if that is your question. The personal license allows for you to install it on all of your authorized Macs, anyone else can just pay the $30 and get the same license. Although I use the same AppleID to upgrade from SL to Lion on my 2 home Macs, I did the client comp first so when it came to upgrading my server it said I had to pay the $30 again to pay for the additional server component. If you had a preview of server installed already, you could not install Lion without having purchased Lion Server (or doing it clean). This is weird then i try to look for the Install mac os x app in my finder i dosnt show up does anyone know why?

Then is this means that it is safe to just downloaded The lion off a torrent site and install it? I have read that if you transfer the Install Mac OS X from a computer that used a different Apple ID to first purchase Lion (primary user) to another computer that uses a different Apple ID (secondary user), in order for the secondary user to ever perform any future updates they will need the Apple ID of the primary user who originally downloaded Lion from the app store? Also…I assume the same would apply for those signing into their app store under the Apple ID who originally purchased Lion and downloading it from their. I am reading that you wont be able to update all if you install using the DVD, USB, or .app method because you technically never downloaded it from the app store.
It’s impossible to know, but if the Lion Developer Preview is any indicator, most software updates will be delivered through Software Update as usual, with only major releases going through the App store.
If i download the osx lion and pay for $29, then i copy the installer file to my friend, does he need to pay again? I already DL Lion on my mac but how can I DL it on my gf macbook so she doesnt have to pay for it again…both computers are in the same house. If you used the install disc that come from your computer its because the disc that came in your computer box is specific for your computer only.
If i download lion on my app store account can i authorise my wifes mac to install to use the copy of lion i bought on my account? Using the same iTunes account on your personally authorized Macs, it’s a free download per their personal usage license. If you completed your installation of OS X Lion, your installer may have been removed after your successful first login to OS X Lion. To redownload the installer on a computer running OS X Lion, press and hold the Option key while you click the Purchases tab. I have already donloaded OS X Lion on my Mac, can I now copy it to my brothers Mac if he has his own itunes acount? If my GF buys Lion, installs it, and then re-download and give it to me via airdrop or networking, and I do the show package contents thingie , will I be able to install HER lion on MY mac without issues? In Disk Utility, select InstallESD.dmg in the sidebar, then click the Restore button in the main part of the window.
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If you do not have an installer CD or DVD handy, you can also reset a forgot Mac password using a crafty technique. Also, this will not reset the password on your keychain so any passwords, certificates, etc, you have stored in there will remain inaccessible. DVDShrink is a powerful software that works in conjunction with other DVD software to make backups of any DVD.
You can use this software in conjunction with DVD burning software of your choice, to make a backup copy of any DVD video disk.DVD Shrink does not burn DVDs! The key here is to install Lion on the newly created partition and not the default which is atop 10.6. You’ll see a preparation window and then your Mac will reboot into the full installer. You will then see a boot loader like the image at the very top of this tutorial, where you can select which Mac OS X version and volume to boot from.
Remember, this is a developer preview for a reason, it’s not meant to be a stable operating system for daily use. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
Then I used Disk Utility to split off a small part of Partition #1, to install Snow Leopard on — and now I can’t boot into Windows anymore! Partition your disk and install Snow Leopard and then get Lion and partition your disk again to triple boot. Installed Lion on top of Snow Leopard and now have to revert to SL as Dropbox (essential for me) won’t run under Lion. As far as I could tell, it had installed all the stuff from my backup, but just not a bootable copy of the OS, so I had to re-install SL while booting from my disc.
That said, you should always have a recent backup of your Mac before you change the partition scheme just in case something goes wrong.
So tried to add a new partition and install again and it says need a newer version of osx to do so?
If so, load your original OS X DVD and boot from it, then do the reparation when you’ve booted from it.
I noticed when using mac os x lion, the system uses software which is installed on snow leopard but not on lion itself. The final release of Lion will be downloadable from the Mac App Store via Snow Leopard, and you will probably want to perform a clean install of it rather than upgrade over the developer betas. If you want to have all of your old apps and documents, you can either restore from a Time Machine backup or better yet just upgrade from Mac OS X Snow Leopard to Lion directly. In disk utility use restore option source will be your Lion installation media in my case it was lion.dmg file,, destination will be 10 GB temp partition which we created above, now restore it , wait for 8-10 minutes.

Once this is restored in 10 GB temp partition, open temp partition and run installation from there instead of Lion.dmg what you were doing earlier. It worked for me , while writing here second Lion installation is going on on 3 of My mac pro servers.
This makes the $29.99 purchase an even better deal than it would be already, because one single purchase lets you upgrade all of your household computers.
This allows for easy upgrades of all your Macs and prevents you from having to re-download the app or create any installation drives. This is not a clean install (use the above boot drive methods for that), this is an upgrade to 10.7, be sure to have backups of all your Macs to be safe. What likely happened is that you were not charged $30 twice, but were instead charged $30 for the first Lion and $50 the server application and the previous $30 purchase was fine. Using it on another computer may cause it to Kernel Panic or have some functions not work properly.
I don’t want to give permission to my istore apps but I do have three macs (each logged in under a different id).
With the handle at the bottom-right of each partition, you can resize the partition by dragging the handle up or down. If I have few colleagues all using the mac, can this be considered as authorized personal Macs? You can experience stunning performance and all in one playback of movies, music photos, and video clips. Any time you edit a drives partition table or install a new operating system there is always a small chance something could go wrong, so just be safe and have a backup ready. Due to the fact that you are installing from your local disk to another partition, the whole process is much faster than it would be to install from a DVD. I think you could do the same to overwrite Lion with a copy os SL from the SL install discs, without damaging the files on the disc? If the problem persist, use Startup Disk to restart your computer from the Mac OS X install DVD.
I know that Recovery HD IS basically the bootable disk, but how do I delete the partition I flashed the image to? One question though, in case I get tired of dual booting and decide to keep Lion as my main OS how can I delete the Snow Leopard partition to merge it with the Lion partition BUT still keep all my files and applications from SL in Lion. Download simply doesn’t start!… Will there be any problem if I shutdown my MacBook now?
Wonder if I’d have to pay for Lion twice if I’d chosen to buy the server version first?
So, is it easier to make a new appleid account to temporarily login as, then switch all computers back to own id. To add or remove partitions, click the + (plus sign) or – (minus sign) beneath the box. Unlike with the other options in this list, this new volume will be the default until you change it. Then tried to delete the Lion partition and start from scratch and it says again newer version of OSx needed?
You can also backup DVD and disk images (ISO, NRG, IMG, MDS format) to disk, as the program may use any burning software you have already installed.
Instead, you will have to remove that recovery partition, or just have Lion, Lion Recovery and Bootcamp. Before creating your backup, you can choose a DVD region code or you can select "Region Free" in order to make a disk which will play in all regions.
But os lion managed to open .rar file using the software which is installed on snow leopard. The quality settings allow you to choose to perform a deep analysis for quality improvement or compress video with high quality and adaptive error compression.
The backup process can be set to run in low priority mode and you can set the program to close your computer when done. Strictly, we do not take any responsibilities for the damages caused by obtaining information through our web blog (if you’re not too sure of any, better avoid using). Pluses: The program went easy on the system resources, it used only a small amount of physical memory, but the CPU worked at 100% capacity. We’re against of sharing porn, warez, crack & patches or other kind of illegal contents within the blog.
Still, I was able to run normally other programs such as media players, web browsers, office tools, firewalls without slowing down the operating speed.

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