If you prefer this option or if your organization requires you that you backup your databases on your local network then you can count on SQLBackupAndFTP to assist you with this and make the job much easier!
All that you have to do is set up a backup schedule and a corresponding backup location where you want to backup a SQL Server database to NAS drives as we will show in the screenshots below. After this step, you’ll have to set up the network folder from the NAS drive in the form of a UNC path. After adding the details for the connection to the NAS you can use the Test button in order to verify that the connection is indeed correct and working.
Common reasons for the CHECK ENGINE light to come on include a loose gas cap, fouled spark plugs, dirty fuel injectors, the failure of an engine sensor such as the oxygen sensor, throttle position sensor or manifold absolute pressure sensor, or a problem in an emissions control system or device such as the EGR valve or catalytic converter. If a warning light says OIL or you see a little icon of an oil can, DO NOT ignore this warning light. The oil pressure warning light comes on when oil pressure drops below a minimum threshold (the exact pressure will vary from one vehicle to another).
The underlying cause of a low oil pressure warning light is usually a low oil level in the engine's crankcase.
Other causes of an low oil pressure warning light include a worn oil pump or a faulty oil pressure sending unit. For more information about your engine's lubrication system and causes of low oil pressure, Click or Tap Here. A TEMP warning light or an icon of a thermometer is another warning lamp that you should NOT ignore.
If you see a coolant leak, you may be able to temporarily stop the leak by adding a can of cooling system sealer to the radiator. For more information about your cooling system and causes of a temperature warning light, Click or Tap Here.
The "GEN" or "ALT" warning light, or an icon of a battery usually means trouble (on some vehicles, a battery icon may illuminate if there is a charging system problem). This warning light comes on when the charging system is NOT producing enough current or voltage to meet your vehicle's electrical needs. If the belt appears to be intact and is turning the alternator, start the engine, and turn on the headlights.
For more information about the operation of the charging system and charging diagnosis, Click or Tap Here. If the Brake Warning light remains on all the time, the problem may be a low fluid level in the master brake cylinder reservoir.
NOTE: If the Brake Warning light is also on, it may indicate a serious hydraulic problem with the brake system. This is a warning that you have a lamp out: a headlight, taillight, stop light or turn signal indicator. Check all the lights on your vehicle when it is safe to do so (not in the middle of the highway at night!), and replace any bulbs that have burned out.
A warning light that looks like this or says SRS should NEVER come on unless there is a fault in your vehicle's air bag system (supplemental restraint system or SRS). Many late model vehicles have an oil change reminder light that comes on when the engine computer estimates the oil needs to be changed. Many service reminder lights have a RESET button that allows you to turn off the light and reset the interval period.
Many vehicles have their own unique warning lights or icons to alert you when something is wrong. I just recently had to replace the 12V auxiliary battery in the electric MR2 after almost 2 years of driving. The 12V battery on converted electric cars, serve mostly the same purpose as the 12V battery in a gas car. Have you ever left the lights on after driving in the rain and come back to a dead battery? Based on your normal driving pattern, estimate the max downtime you will have between driving the car. Multiply the amp draw result from step 1 by the number of hours representing the time you will not be driving the car on a regular basis from step 2.

The electric MR2 uses a 22 amp-hour (AH) deep cycle sealed lead acid battery, which should   give me ample energy to park the car for over 10 days.
I don’t, however, recommend doing this because if you ever leave your lights on, you could deplete you main pack battery much quicker. For those of you driving electric cars, how many days can you park your electric car without the 12V battery draining?
Related PostsMay 15, 2013 -- Should you install a Battery Management System to protect those expensive Lithium batteries? Thanks for the numbers, that makes me feel a bit more confident that my amp draw is inline with yours. No, I don’t have an ignition relay between the dc-dc converter output and the 12V battery as your set up shown in the schematic diagram. Thanks to all those that responded with your suggestions (Here’s a thread of discussion that I posted on diyelectric car and the many useful response I got on the post). HOV stickers to be extended for electric cars in California until 2020 but not for conversions yet.
Along with Korean sibling Kia, Hyundai has delivered a series of surprises in recent months. The second-generation crossover, launched in 2009, was stylish, sporty and surprisingly well-equipped.
As with the latest Sonata, the Tucson adopts the latest take on Hyundai’s distinctive design language, now referred to as Fluidic Sculpture 2.0. From the rear, there are revised LED taillamps, a newly integrated spoiler, a wide bumper and chromed dual exhaust tips. Other nice design touches include the new, low-profile roof rails, the available 19-inch wheels, and the optional Panorama sunroof that stretches virtually the entire length of the Tucson’s passenger compartment. Hyundai’s focus on Fluidic Sculpture has certainly turned heads and brought shoppers into the showroom, but once you drive off with a vehicle, it’s the interior you really have to live with.
Seating, in general, is quite comfortable, and the front buckets offer plenty of bolstering to keep you in place during even hard cornering.
Nose-to-tail, the 2016 Hyundai Tucson measures 173.2 inches, about three inches longer than the outgoing model. To further improve ride and handling, the 2016 Hyundai Tucson opts for MacPherson struts up front with a new multi-link rear. While not the sportiest model in its class, the 2016 Hyundai Tucson delivers a more planted ride than many of the segment’s best-known offerings, such as the Ford Escape.
The base SE features a naturally aspirated, 2.0-liter four that makes an acceptable 164 horsepower and 151 pound-feet of torque.
Unlike some competitors, Hyundai opted not to go with a CVT, instead opting for a dry-clutch DCT transmission. On the downside, we did experience a bit of torque steer under aggressive launches with the front-drive package. On the whole, the 3,710-pound Tucson has a nice launch feel, but at highway speeds you start to feel like the little I-4, despite its turbo, strains just a little.
One of the key targets for the 2016 Hyundai Tucson was to deliver a broad array of passive and active safety features.
You can climb into the 2016 Hyundai Tucson for at little at $22,700 – plus $895 in delivery charges. Surprisingly, some trim levels actually come in a bit higher than competing models such as the Escape and Honda CR-V – but Hyundai officials are quick to point out that the Tucson versions offer far more standard features at each level. Based on our drive of the 2016 Hyundai Tucson we’d suggest that this is not an overly ambitious goal.
Tags: 2016 Hyundai Tucson, 2016 hyundai tucson review, Korean cars, SUV review, auto news, car news, car review, compact crossover, compact crossover review, hyundai news, hyundai review, hyundai tucson review, korean car review, paul a. Please test drive a Sonata with cruise control, then you will think twice about Hyundai product. There are multiple options in terms of backing up a database, for instance you could backup a SQL Server database to NAS drives. In order to backup a SQL Server database to NAS drives, we recommend using SQLBackupAndFTP due to how easy it is to set this up, along with other options to make your backup process more efficient.

Now, Hyundai is back with a third-generation Tucson, and with the compact crossover segment becoming increasingly competitive, we headed off to Minnesota for a first drive to see how it stacks up. Critics have faulted the Korean maker for taking a more conservative approach with the midsize sedan’s recent update.
They frame the familiar Hyundai hexagonal grille, while the foglamps have been pulled to the corners to further enhance the feeling of width. Our front-drive model was fairly stripped down, but still featured a compact LCD display for operating infotainment features. That serves several purposes, minimizing the weight gain from that larger body while improving crash performance – with Hyundai expecting a five-star rating from NHTSA and a Top Safety Pick+ endorsement from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. There is only modest – and predictable – body roll, and even on rough dirt and gravel roads, the Korean crossover maintains its poise. But the rest of the 2016 Tucson line-up is powered by a turbocharged 1.6-liter inline-four making 175-horsepower and 195 pound-feet of torque. We were skeptical, at first, recalling the problems other makers have had with this approach. That starts out with a more crashworthy body structure, but Hyundai also offers a suite of advanced safety technologies such as Lane Departure Warnings, Blind Spot monitoring, Lane Change Assist, Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, and Auto Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection. After years of rapid growth, its sales have tapered off a bit in recent years, officials lamenting that they simply haven’t been able to get enough crossovers from their global manufacturing network.
The CUV is attractive, well-equipped and loaded with the safety and infotainment features buyers seem to like.
Power’s latest Initial Quality Study, as well as AutoPacific’s Vehicle Satisfaction Awards. While some recent entries into the segment, such as the latest Ford Escape require you to do a dance, waggling a foot under the back bumper, you simply need to walk within three feet of the 2016 Tucson’s tailgate with the key in your pocket for the power hatch to open. Company stylists suggest they were influenced by the open-winged designs of the great Eero Saarinen. But even lower-trim models receive a nice touch, the steering wheel and shifter both leather-wrapped. The all-wheel-drive Limited added such niceties as an 8-inch display with built-in navigation. It also translates into a stiffer vehicle with better road manners, especially on some of the rough back roads we traversed during our run through Minnesota and Wisconsin lake country. That system not only can shunt most of the engines torque front-to-back, as needed, to maximize traction, but there’s also a brake-based torque vectoring system that can improve handling in tight corners.
A number of these features are optional, so it remains to be seen how many Tucson buyers will spend the money.
That pipeline begins to open up this year and next, and Hyundai hopes to sell as many as 90,000 Tucsons next year, more than 50% better than in the CUVs previous peak.
But if you’re one of those giving Hyundai the cold shoulder, it may be time to think again. It retains its visual edge, if anything, becoming even bolder and more aggressive with a kinetic stance enhanced by a rising beltline and flared wheel wells that make the Tucson appear to be constantly in motion. What that translates into is the feeling of spaciousness, thanks to subtle changes, such as moving the vents to the far corners of the instrument panel. We found the latest voice control system a bit quicker and easier to use than with the gen-2 Tucson. This all translates into a surprisingly roomy cabin that can handle nearly 62 cubic feet of cargo with the rear seats folded down. This double-clutch transmission provided both intuitive and incredible smooth, shifts coming almost imperceptibly under even the most aggressive passing maneuvers.

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