Now to set backup, open Computer, right click the local drive and choose Properties, then click Tools tab and click Back up now as shown in following screenshot. Now in the next window click Set up backup and  Windows 7 will start preparing for the backup. Select the location to save the back up, you can also save it on network by clicking save on network option. In the next step you will need to choose what data you want to backup – You can choose Let Windows choose (Windows will backup the system files and other important data like libraries etc) or Let me choose (You will need to manually specify which folders to backup). By default it schedules the backup on Sunday, you can change the schedule for the backup by clicking Change settings option located  under schedule category.
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Browser-related data: You probably use your internet browser more than any other application on your computer.
The easiest way to backup your computer – especially if you’re just about to perform a reformat – is to attach an external hard drive to your computer and copy and paste files to a special backup folder on that drive. Alternatively, you can use cloud storage services like Dropbox, although uploading several GBs of files could take days over an average internet connection, and you might run out of space before the process is complete.
If you’re only backing up a few hundred MBs of data or saving a low number of GB of data, then a USB thumb stick should work just fine. As enterprises expand across national and technological boundaries it can be hard to ensure that all the documents they produce reflect the brand image and follow compliance rules.
Issuing guidelines for document production is one thing but ensuring they're obeyed is another. Templafy bridges the gap between traditional branding guidelines and a mobile workforce in several ways. With Templafy, employees have access to individualized, up-to-date document options that retain core company data and content. Templafy launched in Europe in January 2014 and has already helped more than 60,000 marketers, branding experts and compliance teams create brand-consistent, personalized files.
Since mapping the SkyDrive folder is automatic, it is now super easy too utilize your SkyDrive space even more. Almost all versions of Microsoft Windows provide some data backup utility but these are limited to some basic features only. We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Other times, you need to reformat your system to get rid of an annoying piece of malware or a virus. Using the method we just linked to, you can also save your email settings, address book, calendar entries, and whatever other personal information you have saved in Outlook.
You can see how your icons were arranged as well as which programs you included on your Start bar.
Once you’ve reformatted your system, you can install automatic scheduled backup services if you want to avoid this hassle the next time you’re reformatting your system. Danish company Templafy has an answer in the form of a cloud-based template system which launches in the US today. It offers a secure and scalable system that can be tweaked to meet individual enterprise needs.
It enables end users to easily create work aligned to brand guidelines, making it a valuable enterprise solution that will be used rather than ignored. Our goal is to give companies consistency across all of their documents, whether they’re putting together a company financials PowerPoint or creating new biz proposals," says Christian Lund, founder and CEO of Templafy. It has created more than 700 template management systems for enterprise companies in Europe and is now aiming for additional growth in the United States.
Now, Windows 7 provides you with an enhanced utility to backup and restore your important data in a very easy way. But no matter why you have to reformat your system, you’ll want to backup your files before you begin. Plus it helps brand, communication and legal teams ensure their companies stay on-brand, and any changes are pushed to all users and documents in a matter of minutes. You can quickly drag and drop files and folders or add SkyDrive to the send to menu to send files and folder directly to your SkyDrive account. Another great use of your SkyDrive space is to automatically backup the My Documents folder. The My Documents folder is essentially the hub for everything. Then head over to the right pane and double click the Users folder.From the User folder find your user name. My, for example, is doztech, and double click it.Now that you are underneath your home directory find the My Documents folder and right click on it.
From the right click content menu select Properties.The My Documents Properties windows will open. Click on the tab for Location and click the button that says Move.A Explorer window will open.

If you used the default location for the folder you can follow below, else just skip a couple lines down.
We will create a new folder to hold the My Documents folder.You can give your folder any name you want. This makes it easier to identify what the folder is when you look at your SkyDrive account. After you are finished creating your folder click Select Folder at the bottom right of the Explorer window.You will be taken back to the My Documents Properties window.
Click OK to continue.You will get a prompt about moving all the data in the current Documents folder to the new location. Click Yes to move all the data.After a couple seconds your My Documents folder will me moved to your SkyDrive account.
From now on, every time you add any files to this folder it will automatically be saved to your SkyDrive account.Manually Remove Automatic Backup of My Documents FolderThere are a lot of reason why you would want to reset your My Documents Folder. Whatever the reason here is how to remove the automatic backup of the My Documents Folder.First one is manual, which we will cover first. You can scroll down to the bottom for the automatic fix.For the manual way, go directly to the location of your My Documents folder.
If you followed the instructions above go to your SkyDrive folder and right click on your My Documents folder and click Properties from the right click menu.The My Documents Properties window will open. Click Yes to continue.After the data moves your default My Documents folder will be restored. Just simply delete it to remove the data.Automatically Remove Automatic Backup of My Documents FolderTo fix your My Documents folder automatically just download and run the Microsoft Fix it installer.
From the webpage you will want to click on the Fix it logo with the number 50356, underneath resolution area. The only problem is this fix will restore all your folders back to the default method and will not copy the files over.ConclusionAfter you have this setup this has to be one of the best ways to automatically backup your My Documents folder for free. Just like how we should you how to automatically backup Desktop folder too.This will also work in Windows Vista as well, just be careful about the location of your My Documents folder and SkyDrive folder.Do you have a great way to backup your files?

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