In this post I’m going to show you how to automatically backup and restore your Citrix DataStore Database on SQL Server Express.
Prior to this patch, if a virtual machine was stored on Virtual SAN the datastore did not show up in the list of detected datastores for Veeam proxies (the data movers responsible for the backup operations). If there is a hot add proxy local to the data, Veeam server gives priority to that proxy; this is a strict rule, so as in the previous example even if other proxies were free and able to process VMs, they were never used and all VM disks where processed by the virtual proxy sitting on the correct ESXI server.
The final result will be the least possible network consumption inside the VSAN cluster to retrieve VM data. And obviously, a quick design rule derived from this behaviour, if you want to maximize backup performance and reduce impact from backup activities on VSAN cluster network, you want to install one virtual proxy on each ESXi host participating in a VSAN cluster. This entry was posted in News, Tech and tagged 7.0, backup, replication, support, veeam, vmware, VSAN. Manage an HP Smart Array directly from VMware ESXi Howto configure a small redundant iSCSI infrastructure for VMware Installing VMware tools on Centos 6 via yum Configure HP ILO directly on ESXi server My adventures with Ceph Storage. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website, and to collect anonymous data regarding navigations stats using 3rd party plugins; they all adhere to the EU Privacy Laws. In this article we will focus on the first scenario - restore the full VMware virtual machine to original or alternate location because this is directly related to the NetBackup policy for VMware.
Click Run Pre-Recovery Check to verify credentials, available space on the datastore, and other important requirements. The Recovery Options dialog initially displays the original virtual machine settings that were recorded in the NetBackup catalog when the virtual machine was backed up. For restore into vSphere, this dialog displays all of the networks that the restored virtual machine can connect to. How to backup VMware ESXi virtual machine without Vcenter to be restored in case of a server failure to a new host or just save the files for back up. If you want to confirm the back up just navigate to the backup destination location and it should contain the exact same files located in the datastore folder. First you’ll need to download and install Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and then connect to your server. If you’re using SQL Server Express select Script Action to File from the Options tab.

These commands will automatically backup the SQL Database and then copy the XA6DB.bak to a network share.
The new patch can be installed on any previous version of 7.0 release, since as usual the patch is cumulative.
The first one is the added support for Microsoft SQL 2014, but for sure the biggest news is with no doubt the support for VMware Virtual SAN, unofficially shorten VSAN by many. After installing the patch, now proxies can see the datastores so it’s possible to backup VMs running off Virtual SAN. It would have been enough to simply support Virtual SAN, but our R&D went even further.
With all the default configurations like parallel processing enabled and default limits of concurrency settings in the backup repository of 4 jobs, you would expect all proxies to process the VM named ved-vsan-sql since it has three hard disk. Since VSAN is based on local storage resources of all participating ESXi hosts, it can be that a virtual proxy is sitting in the same host where most of the virtual disks data resides. Veeam will always choose the proxy where the majority of data is saved at the start of the backup, unless the difference between VM data is less than 5% between two proxies. Part 1: Introduction The new backup mode in Veeam Backup & Replication v8 Your Veeam backups are slow?
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. You’ll get a pop up warning letting you know that if the destination location contains a folder with the same name it will be over written with this one. Once the folder has fully restored, locate the VMX file, right click it and select Add to Inventory.
The add to inventory wizard will come up, here rename the VM if applicable if not then leave the same name.
This way you can easily go back in time and restore your database even if your SQL server has crashed.
As you may know, Virtual SAN is not the usual VMFS or NFS datastore; instead, it uses a new datastore format based on an object storage. I quickly created a nested VSAN environment to show you how the advanced VSAN support works, because it’s really smart in my opinion.

Network mode acts as usual, a Veeam proxy connects to the ESXi where the VM to be saved is running, and extracts virtual disk data via the management interface. Instead, what you can observe is that only one proxy is processing all the disks of this VM. To determine where most of the VM data resides, Veeam Backup & Replication obtains information about data distribution inside the VSAN datastore from vCenter. Select Transport modes which determines how the restore data is sent from the recovery host to the VMware datastore. This is a small Virtual SAN environment, made with 3 ESXi servers, their internal disks, and some VMs on VSAN datastore.
You’ll get a pop up warning letting you know that if the destination location has a folder with the same name it will be over written with this one.
VMware Workstation and other IT tutorials.Free Stuff – Free virtualization utilities, ESXi Free, Monitoring and free backup utilities for ESXi and Hyper-V. This always works, but it’s certainly cheaper to store such a files on other than high-end 15000 SAS disks placed in probably very expensive SAN which is used for shared storage in your organization. Or perhaps you’re already using some Windows server for sharing your ISOs and just want to make them available to your ESXi hosts.
Even if you unpublish the VM afterwards, the nfs datastore remains connected to the host.01.
By doing so you might lose some performance as locally attached disks gives better performance and throughput.
Yes.You can also check the documentation at Veeam which talks about vPower NFS settings here.
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