MyPC Backup is potential malware categorized as spyware that is reported to install to Microsoft Windows computer systems with or without user consent and cause problems for computer users relating to the invasion of privacy, credit card theft, computer and internet browser functionality, and unethical marketing practices. Once installed, MyPC Backup begins to transform existing Windows settings and will start every time the operating system is booted.
MyPC Backup and relating parties will collect information users manually submit online and to the application and additional applications once the program or similar programs are installed. Information collected by MyPC Backup and relating parties may be used to submit users to mailing and marketing lists without their direct consent or knowledge. MyPCBackup also sends an excessive amount of email spam to anyone who attempts to use the product. Cyber crimes relating to the spyware category of computer infections includes credit theft, extortion, identity theft, and others. MyPC Backup malware can also be contracted from questionable search results, advertisements, social media content, email spam, torrent downloads, and other locations. MyPC Backup and third-party items may also install unwanted browser hijackers such as browser add-ons, browser helper objects, and extensions in order to corrupt internet browser settings and cause unwanted browser redirects and start ups. Use the instructions below to automatically remove MyPC Backup and third-party malware, as well as automatically remove unwanted search engines from your installed internet browsers.
CCleaner can be used to automatically repair internet browser settings startup up settings, and uninstallMyPC Backup and third-party software. Use the instructions below to manually uninstall MyPC Backup and third-party software using generic Microsoft Windows removal procedures. Overall we recommend this service as a great way to ensure the safety of your precious files. The Sync Folder works quite well, and works quickly.  You can also use the Sync Folder on your mobile devices like your iPad and iPhone, Android and Blackberry, making this really handy. Other features include some smaller customization features such as file types to back up, backup scheduling options, file size limitations, and more.  You can even set the backup to only run when the screensaver is on, saving you some performance. Roger Feinstein has grown up with computers his entire life and strives to help others understand what goes on behind the scenes in their PCs.
In case, you are looking of Outlook mail backup then Stellar Mail backup is designed for this task.It is also available with free demo for quality assurance. Notice Of Affiliate CompensationPlease note that this website may be an affiliate of any products reviewed or recommended on this website. That said, here is the basic premise – for  $5 a month you can backup your computer with NO upload limits and the backup speeds are rapid. My PC Backup does offer discounted pricing or a coupon which is activated by clicking on our link and then looking at the bottom center of their homepage. They have NO limits on the sync folder, the sync folder is easy enough to setup, just download the MyPC Backup application and click install. If you want to backup items on other computers outside of the shared sync folder then you would need to purchase an additional license. MyPC Backup is only available for the Windows and Mac OSX platforms – they are working on a Linux version but meanwhile  they have done a great job on the Windows and Mac clients. Access to the MyPC Backup website via mobile  phones such as the iPhone and Android variety phones is possible via their mobile optimized website. However if you need to just quickly restore one file or so then just login to the website, select and click restore. My PC Backup allows sharing among multiple computers via the sync folder – so that you can work at home or in a cybercafe using a thumbdrive and never lose your data. MyPC Backup uses SSL encryption both for uploading and downloading data to and from their website to help keep your data safe. MyPC Backup has a variety of support options consisting of tutorials, video tutorials, live chat and even phone support.
Researching MY PC Backup and going through the install process ourselves we couldn’t come up with any major problems.
Specifically sometimes upload speeds are much slower than download speeds – this is common to all ISP that offer ADSL service. My PC Backup was founded in 2010 by Daniel Richards and their parent company Just Develop It is based out of the UK. We like My PC Backup they offer excellent price for the value they provide and when they say unlimited, they truly mean it. My Pc Backup is one of our top recommended Online PC Backup services – Take advantage of their 14 day no credit card required free trial and check them out.
Backing up files is the main purpose of using an online file storage service and our MyPCBackup review found that you can takes steps to schedule your backup times. MyPCBackup came online in the summer of 2011 as another one of those online cloud businesses, but after conducting a MyPCBackup review, our IT specialists found that it is one of the better providers. Even though MyPCBackup has many of the features we expected to find from a top cloud provider were above average, we also found that this provider has no mobile app, but did have an iPad app. While these are not all the features available through MyPCBackup, you can be assured that these key features are stable and meet all quality standards that all IT experts look for in an online file storage service. Getting started with this service only takes a few minutes once you go onto the MyPCBackup website.
Once you select the “Sign-up” button, you will be taken to the download area of the provider. After the download is complete, it will only take one click to get the installation started. Once this selections is made, you need to select “OK” and the system will automatically configure your account settings.

Now that you have started using with this provider, you will be able to control most aspects of your account through MyPCBackup’s control panel. Each one of the tabs are self explanatory, but if you need to learn more about what each tab will provides, you can click on the “Help” tab and learn everything you need without having to contact their customer support. Backing up files is the main purpose of using an online file storage service and our My PC Backup review found that you can takes steps to schedule your backup times. You can change which folders are scheduled for backup, you can also do this through by switching from “My Documents” to custom backup settings, then selecting which folders you want to backup. You will also have to look at the “Excluded File Types.” The default on this setting does not allow certain files, such as AVI, MP3 and EXE files. If you are unsure what each of your files are saves as, then you should un-check these selected file so you do not loose anything when you upload it to this provider. This provider sets a Sync Folder on your desktop, so you can easily drag and drop files into that folder. Our My PC Backup review found that you can use this service on a number of operating systems, including OS used for these devices: iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows and the Kindle Fire.
The pricing structure for each plan is based on three separate payment methods: monthly, semi-annual or annual.
After conducting this quality MyPcbackup review, we found this to meet all of our requires and made our top 10 list of recommended services. PCBackup is Keeping data safe is very big task from different type of threats, hard disk crashes, computer thefts, unknowingly deleted data, disasters like fire, short circuit, flooding may cause lose your personal and essential office files and business details, in such cases you get frustrated to avoid that, you need to get backup in  instant for your valuable data. For that you need to approach pc backup software, to use them and you are required to pay but then also you might not get 100% utilities.
Once you done this you can operate wherever and whenever you want the data from mypcbackup with high secure levels.
Mypcbackup is tested and approved backup to store all your data at one place where you can simply guided to save your data under unthreatened security store.
With user-friendly steps anyone can effortlessly go further to store data on Mypcbackup and it can be regained under high security levels. Tags: back up pc, backup hard drive, free online backup, online data backup, online file backup, pc back up, pc data backup, system backup.
This article provides a great historical perspective of what can go wrong in a cloud deployment leveraging highly publicized case studies.
MyPC Backup.exe cannot be caught and removed by anti-virus because it is a legal program at the beginning so that it is not in the database of ant-virus. 6): Then, please click “System Scan” to optimize your machine and check the effect of the removal. Note: Please be aware that you need to be very prudent during the whole removal process, because any inaccurate operation may result in data loss or even system crash. Still having trouble on dealing with tricky virus infections, stubborn errors, unwanted programs or any other headachy computer problems? Once a few files are added, MyPC Backup will prompt a message stating that it could not backup all files (Congratulations! Information collected aside from the previously mentioned manually submitted information includes your telephone number, home address, usernames, credit card account details, bank account login information, internet browser activity, computer activity, and more. Most victims of MyPC Backup malware complain of unwanted email spam, junk mail, and even telephone calls from telemarketers. In most cases MyPC Backup software bundles with third-party freeware and shareware downloads (especially media related content like codecs or media players). We highly recommend writing down the toll free number below in case you run into any issues or problems while following the instructions. On the first tab labeled “Scanner” select the Perform full scan option and click the Scan button to perform a full system scan. Search for the MyPC Backup extension and remove it by clicking the trashcan icon next to them. On the Toolbars and Extensions tab search for the MyPC Backup add-on and remove it if located. Get rid of malware with the best Antivirus and Anti-Malware downloads, block referrer spam, and more.
If you run a home network – then definitely take advantage of the multiple computer support.
They are also in the process of developing an App for iPhone but have no stated release date. Remember right now MyPC Backup only supports Windows platforms. Installation on Windows platforms is a simple process just download the free trail and make sure you allow the computer to make changes to your system as pictured here. First you will probably want to take advantage of My PC Backup’s nice software client. Keep in mind its not going to be cheap and in almost all cases you will want to use the software client or MyPC’s webpage to restore your data.
We know too well that losing your very important data can be stressful so phone support is available if you are freaking out ! Looking through the FAQ and Knowledge base we notice that some questions or concerns about My PC Backup are common to all online backup providers.
The A in ADSL stands for Asymetric meaning your upload speeds and your downloads speeds are not equal. Two areas where they stand out are their support for unlimited backups with no restrictions and their support for their sync folder. Its features and pricing sets it apart from many of the other providers that are offering online storage capabilities.

However, you can find these key features a benefit when using this service as your primary backup file storage provider.
You can register for the free trial and begin using the service immediately after downloading the software.
You will have to log into your account to get started with the service after installation, which only requires your password and email address. The default time granted you after set up of the service is 8PM, but you can go to “Settings” tab and choose your desired backup time. You can start uploading your files you want to save by dragging and dropping those files in the “Drag & Drop” tab. You can sync 100MB of your files with other computers that have the MyPCBackup software installed. However, during our review, we found that it took up to 3 hours for these files to sync with the other computers, which was a little longer than most people want to wait. The Personal plan is used by individuals wanting to backup and share files from their computer. You can save more by paying for a longer subscription, but if you funds are limited, you can choose to only pay monthly. MyPCBackup is one of the top rated online storage providers that remains stable throughout usage.
Minding those security problems and user requirements here we are going to introduce a newfangled data backup for all your information by providing unlimited data storage so one can store data undoubtedly whether it’s personal documents, office files, company details or your employees details, videos, music and much more it meant that every important issue or data which reflects your every sphere of movement in your life. Mypcbackup encrypts all your data like your credit card and debit card information with 256 bit encryption, My pcbackup is 100% percent automated backup it meant that you need not to do anything while process is going on so that the user feel free, and the most precious thing is that mypcbackup gives unlimited space to save your data to keep simple, safe and secure, your data would be saved and protected effectively.
Sorry to hear about how much money you’ve lost with DVDs… but kids will be kids!
I don’t know it at all, but it appears in my computer suddenly.” If you have the same question, you have to remove the MyPC Backup as soon as possible.
It allows you to back up all kinds of files in your computer; therefore, MyPC Backup is not a malicious program at first. I suggest you to get RegCure Pro downloaded and installed to optimize your computer system.
If you are confused how to do the above steps, you can just download Spyhunters and remove MyPC Backup.exe from your computer easily. Then, you definitely need a more specific, accurate and customized solution toward your specific issue in your specific computer system. If it is at your convenience, we would be more than happy if you would like to help us share and spread our webpages with information about solutions and tutorials on fixing PC problems or removing latest threats.
If you are using the free version of Malwarebytes you will be prompted to update the database, make sure to do so.
Our in-depth quality check has found that many of the features found through MyPCBackup exceeded our expectations. If the download does not start immediately, then you will be able to view a starting video telling you how the service works and what to do next.
At this point you can choose “Backup My Files Folder” or “Custom Selection.” It is recommended that you use the “Backup My Files Folder” during your trial period, unless you know exactly what you want from your online storage service. Scheduling a backup time is recommended for the evening and you should disable backups during the work day to save bandwidth usage during your busy hours.
The default is automatically set at 1MB, so any file larger than that will not be automatically backed up. This service only allows you to backup up files on one computer, but you can sync those files with any number of computers. The Business plan is designed for larger companies and offers more file space that allows the company to control more of its files storage capabilities, as well as how many computers it wants to share these backed up files with.
The prices range from $6 to $13, but if you use the Reseller plan, you will have to pay more monthly, but receive commissions off of your clients, which you can choose the price you charge each of these clients. It does have to cons, such as the additional cost of custom business features, but you will not be dissatisfied with this service if you choose to use it. The Reseller plan is for individuals or businesses that want to make extra money through MyPCBackup by becoming an affiliate online storage provider using this service’s software and controls. To clean up this MyPC Backup.exe and other threats from your computer, you can choose to deal with it via Spyhunters. This is considered an unethical practice or scam that may entrap victims to terms they would never agree with if presented in a proper manner. This gives you a chance to use this provider and see if it will fit all your backup file storage needs. Once installed, you will get a warning message of MyPC Backup in the bottom right corner stating that “you computer is not backed up, backup your files online today”. You will be given an opportunity to upgrade your account, but you do not need to do this during the free trial period. Please do not ignore such pop-ups because the installation of MyPC Backup is dangerous to your computer. It penetrates into your computer with other unwanted programs and infections such as Trojans, browser hijackers, worms and so on. In another words, if you have MyPC Backup.exe in your computer, other malicious programs or viruses have installed in your PC.

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