Our offsite backup reseller program includes our backup client completely branded to your company. We help you create top of mind with your clients while providing support, software upgrades, and a secure and 100% Canadian data center.
Software completely branded and customized with your name and logo with nothing pointing back to Backup Cloud Canada.
Dougles Chan provides selective individual mentoring in business related to marketing, branding, digital marketing, viral marketing and recruitment.

Private mentoring is available via Skype, one-on-one session in different countries, if you are not in Singapore, please contact to check the availability in specific country mentoring session. Countries already serving are Singapore, South Korea, USA, Mexico, Australia, UK, UAE, Canada, Spain, Ukraine, China, Ireland, South Africa, Vietnam and India.
We help you select the right cloud computing solution for your business - AND WE CAN SAVE YOU MONEY!
Bold Beaver Communications is a 100% Canadian owned company headquartered in Ottawa, Canada.

Whether you are currently an individual or business owner who needs a private mentor to scale up your business, marketing & branding, organisational transformation, talk to us. Run your applications on the best hardware and only pay for what you need - when you need it.

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