If you want to transfer photos, music and videos from BlackBerry to iPhone, you may need to enable “mass storage mode” on your Blackberry device and toggle the checkbox next to “Files saved on my built-in media storage” in the “Back Up Options” window.
Select the BlackBerry backup file that you want to extract the contacts from on the left and select the iPhone as “Destination” in the drop-down list on the right. If you want to transfer other data such as text messages from Blackberry to iPhone, select the types of files in the center according to your needs. Upon the identification of the BlackBerry device by the software, switch to “Organizer” tab on the left sidebar.
Plug in the BlackBerry 10 device to the computer with the USB cable that you use to charge your device. In the “Back Up & Restore” windows, select the “Full Backup” option under “Backup type”. Connect the iPhone to the computer using the Lightning to USB cable or 30-pin to USB cable came with the phone. The software will extract the contacts and text messages data, you can select the content for restoring.
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Krasimir is an avid marketing aficionado and a tech-support specialist in charge of the English-speaking market. Syncing your Blackberry contacts to your computer with Outlook is pretty neat and easy, especially if you have piles of contacts, both work and personal and you need to find your way through info you have gathered throughout the years. In this case, I will select to merge BlackBerry contacts to Outlook, to avoid my phone being flooded by work contacts. Click "Sync Organizer" and the Desktop Software will sync your BlackBerry and Outlook manager in just a few minutes! If you are using a BlackBerry Exchange Server, make sure you check that wireless sync is NOT activated.
As always, make sure to have a BlackBerry backup handy in case something goes wrong with your device.
If you have extracted your contacts from a BlackBerry backup, you can always import the CSV file to Outlook in a few easy steps.

This article all about how to backup and restore Blackberry Bold 9700 messages and contacts. Before you start with the backup and restore Blackberry procedure, it is a must that you ensure that your handset’s battery charge is at least at 75% to avoid any problems in the end and doing the procedure all over again.
Disclaimer: The author of this article will not be held liable on whatever will be the end result of your actions. So basically, that’s all you have to do if you want to backup all the data from your Blackberry Bold 9700.
Now, in the event where you want to restore the information back into your Blackberry Bold 9700. Please feel free to comment or share your ideas if the procedure on how to backup and restore Blackberry devices above was helpful and addressed your needs. Arsie also known as RC, professionally, is a Software Test Engineer (STE) from an outsourcing company based here in the Philippines. Many people love iPhone due to various reasons: its thinness, lightness, sleek designs, retina HD display, powerful camera, intuitive user interfaces, millions of apps, easy to use, high performance, wonderful game experience, long battery life, high security, high tech, innovations, hardware and software function in perfect unison and many more. If you only need to transfer BlackBerry contacts to iPhone, you can also choose “Quick Backup” or “Custom Backup” basing on your needs. If you have followed all the steps in the tutorial, but still fail to transfer contacts from BlackBerry to iPhone, or you have questions about the steps, please feel free to contact us or just comment below. Mobile Phone Transfer provides an efficient way to copy all your contacts to iPhone from BlackBerry backup file.
Install and run the BlackBerry Desktop Software, then click Back up now button to backup BlackBerry data to your computer. This is where CopyTrans Contacts comes in handy as the program is designed to transfer contacts from PC to the iPhone. He grew up in Bulgaria and on the island of Mauritius where he became passionate about windsurfing and photography.
If you are using a different Blackberry model, don’t be so wary because the steps here are also applicable on almost all of the Blackberry smartphones. And you will be needing a desktop computer and the Blackberry USB cable to accomplish the job.

After you clicked the Back up now button, the application will now trigger to back up all of your Blackberry’s data which will include all your contacts, SMS messages, email, photos, audio files, and settings.
Just let and leave your device does the backup and once it is done, the Blackberry Desktop Manager will prompt you that the backup has been completed. You just need to plug your device into your computer and open the Blackberry Desktop Manager software. The next thing that is going to happen is that the Blackberry Desktop Manager software will now start to restore everything back to your handset – just wait until it is done and DO NOT remove or unplug it from your computer. Once you see the image below, it means that you have successfully completed the restoration of data and settings on your Blackberry Bold 9700. In addition, if you have any other good solutions of transferring BlackBerry contacts to iPhone, please let me know also, I’ll share your ideas with all my visitors. How to use MPT, Install & Uninstall MPT software, Sitemap, License, Privacy, Terms of service, Contact us. If the wireless sync option is not available on the BlackBerry, consult this troubleshooting article.
I updated to BB 7.1 Bundle 2705 and somehow lost 2,500 of my 3,000 contacts in the process.
But I do assure you that the steps will be successful unless you do something out of the procedure. Also, you have the option whether you wanted to restore all data or select only which you think or feel that you need – you can do a full restoration by selecting All device data and settings or Select device date and settings. I used your service to extract my contacts and used links that you provided in order to upload them into Outlook and then import them back onto my phone. Or maybe like any desktop computers and other smartphones, you wanted to give your handset a total flush out. I am exhausted from this weeklong experience - and very frustrated with BB, overall, right now - but really grateful for your service.

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