Verizon Wireless has released VZ Transfer into the App Store, allowing Verizon iPhone users to restore contact information from Verizon's Backup Assistant service to their newly purchased iPhone 4. Transferring contacts can often be a pain, so it's good to see Verizon putting out something that will make it a little easier for Verizon iPhone users to get their device up and running with all of their contacts in place. I have a Mac so syncing my contacts will happen either thru iTunes or right from my gmail account, so I won't be using the transfer program. Just performed Backup Assistant to IPhone 4, all transferred, but old phone had last name first -- transfer was alphabetized by SECOND word, which in my case was their first name. Mac newbie - John Olesen "has contacts with Apple ID and Google-since Google Sync works with iOS devices as well". Just as expected, mobile phone carrier Verizon Wireless has started the deployment of a new software update for the high-end DROID X by Motorola smartphone on its airwaves, none other than the Android 2.2 OS upgrade many have been already expecting for a long time. Those who haven't got a notification on the availability of the new OS flavor should check for it manually on their devices, or wait for the wireless carrier to send it over for them too. As reported, the new OS flavor comes with a wide range of enhancements, including the pre-installed Adobe Flash Player 10.1 for Android, which should offer users the possibility to browse more websites over the Internet.
Other improvements included in the update would be the possibility to rotate the screen 270 degrees, enabling applications work in more directions.

The release notes for the firmware update also showed a preloaded VZ Navigator application, with visual and audible directions, as well as improvements in Google Maps performance on the Droid X. Visual Voice Mail was updated too, now featuring a simplified setup, along with improved notifications, and with updated display features.
On top of that, the connectivity options on DROID X have been enhanced too, as well as the 3G Mobile Hotspot application the mobile phone comes to the market with. As stated above, DROID X users out there should either manually check for the update on their devices, or wait for Verizon to notify them on its availability. The Galaxy Nexus is a pure Google phone, free of bloatware and designed to run Android exactly as Google envisions it. Although the Verizon Galaxy Nexus will run a mostly unmodified version of Android 4.0, codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich, the carrier will block Google Wallet, which lets you pay at some retailers by swiping your phone in front of a payment terminal, Computerworld reports.
Verizon hasn’t confirmed a release date or price for the Galaxy Nexus yet, but unnamed sources tell the Wall Street Journal that the phone will launch this month for $300, and a rumor from Droid Life says the phone will launch on December 9.
Ya don't want to touch this stuff until a couple years have gone by and the major holes have been plugged. Download the free application to transfer your contacts from your Backup Assistant device to your new device.

Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T are working on their own payment system called Isis, and Google Wallet, backed by Sprint, would be a threat. Isis isn’t launching until next year, though, so Verizon Galaxy Nexus users won’t be able to use NFC payments at all.
The former is somewhat understandable, as it lets Verizon customers pay and manage their bills, but the latter is redundant given that Google also backs up your contacts automatically (and makes them available on other, non-Verizon devices).
Add a line to your account in a few taps.Check your phone to see if it’s ready to travel with you abroad with International Ready Check.
Fortunately, Android Ice Cream Sandwich has a bloatware removal tool to prevent unwanted software from gobbling up system resources. See your data usage on your Apple Watch or Android Wear.And you can expect even more new and improved features in early September.

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